June 12, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Synopsis and Episode 1

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 2

????????Hidden Beauty ????????

Written and Produced by KAS Admins

Extract from the story!

Having to take lunch in school as big as mine all alone sucks but it sucks even more when you have to listen to your crush make jest of you with all his friends, laughing and pointing fingers at you ????


I wish I can hate Williamson as much as he seems to hate me, but I seem not able to…. Damn it! ????


why does he have to look so perfect , so handsome , so alluring , just so cute ????

Although he is sitting at another table away from me , I can hear all his conversations with his friends I know he was speaking this loud on purpose, he wants me to hear their horrible conversation about me ????

I heard him calling me a crocodile poo ????

I don’t even know how that looks like

“Oh my… I’m so dumb , so dumb , I’m just so dumb”I said repeatedly , hitting my head with my palm while feeling so sad

Oh my!

why am I created this ugly ?


” like seriously…so this is the girl I’d always treated bad. Gosh! Such an angel. I Love what I’m seeing…

But she will reject me ????

She won’t forgive me ????

She won’t accept me ????

Shall we commence the story?


????????????Hidden Beauty ????????

Written by KAS ADMIN.

Episode 1

Joy’s POV

I’d dressed well in my school fitted uniform. My mum who was cleaning the dinning table noticed that I’m ready to go to school

“Joy! ” She called and I turned at her sadly

“You look sad , I noticed you were sad when you arrived yesterday too, is anything wrong?” My mum asked

“Yes mum , see me , just take a look at my face , why in the world am I so ugly? Why? Why do I have to? I look so ugly mum? Everyone at school scorns me , no one associates themselves with me just because I’ve got an ugly face ” I lamented painfully

My mum lowered her head then looked into my face

“To me , you are beautiful , I want you to shut your ears to all their sayings , just know that I’m always here for you ” my mum encouraged and I nodded and walked out

The pain of being neglected by my classmates is stuck in my heart , I do not like to check myself in the mirror cus I disgust myself

I’ve gat a very ugly face

I finally arrived at school and entered my class. I sat down gently , after all , I’ve got no friends to greet , I’ve got no one to greet

I was getting myself ready for the first lecture when I heard some laughter behind me , I turned and my face dropped in gloom

Williamson and Prosper who bullies me always had come again to have me bullied .

Williamson walked closer to me and shot me a disgusting look

“Guys, she’s got such a disgusting face ” Williamson announced to the class and the class laughed scornfully

” Hey friends , ya’all know all students in this school are handsome and beautiful or at least, averagely handsome and averagely beautiful but someone is just so , I mean …so ugly like a demon ” Williamson said and the whole class bursted into a mockery laughter

“Guess the ugly ass hole?” He asked the class

“Who else … Joy of course …it’s joy …she looks so disgusting ….” Many students said

My ears were filled with bad rumours about me that I feel really disgusting and worthless

The mockery I go through in class everyday adds to my sorrow , why must I be born this ugly ?

Williamson suddenly snatched the pen I was holding and threw it to Prosper his friend

I stood up hurriedly to ask him for my pen but he shot me a look that made me look stupid

“Your pen isn’t with me dumb ass, get it from Prosper ” Williamson said and I walked to Prosper to ask but before I could get to where he is , he threw the pen back to Williamson

I was going to and fro, from Williamson to Prosper in a quest to get my pen but I wasn’t able too

The class keep watching and giggling mockingly at me

I was tired , I stopped and cried .

I turned to my sit hopelessly , it simply means I won’t be able to write for today

I do not know why Williamson takes pleasure in punishing me so much. He’s being my crush from the very first day at school, I guess he didn’t know

I’d always loved him so much but he takes pleasure in bullying me

I wish I can be beautiful too, perhaps , we would have being in a relationship by now but my ugly face will never make anyone want to be friend with me

I watched as Williamson and Prosper walked to their place with my pen in Williamson’s hand

I bowed my head pathetically and accepted my terrible fate for the day.


Hidden Beauty. Episode 2

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