August 4, 2021

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My Boss. Chapter 4

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❤❤MY BOSS ❤❤

Sub tittle:First day at work

By Author Jenny

????Not Edited ????

Chapter 4


“Julia wake up or you will get late for work”i heard sofia yelled

I almost forgot that am now working which was a total surprise to sofia and her boyfriend

I rushed into the bathroom ,took my bath and other stuff

Luckily for me i stopped at the small boutique on my way back from the interview and bought a dress

I wouldnt want mr chris insult me again ,,I wore my clothes that suite me perfectly and brushed my blonde hair down

Am not the make up kind of lady so i just let my face be

It was 7:30 already and i need to be to be there before 8:00

I rushed and got a cab who i kept yelling at to drive fast

i kept checking my time and it was five minutes before mr chris arrives

I walked through the lobby were i was the secetary ,,she was really shocked to see me

I wanted to scream”in your face blondie”but i have other things to worry about

I took the elevator and rushed to my office and settled in

I did some stuffs before mr chris walked in

i quickly ran to the lobby and got his coffee,,but the problem is how many cubes of sugar

I just have to trust my instinct ,,i took two cubes of sugar and put it in

I knocked on his door ,before his husky voice invited me in

i dropped the coffee on his desk while he took a sip of the coffee and i watched his reaction

“Next time put three cubes of sugar”he said coldly and i nodded

“Get out”he said and i nodded and left

The landline rang and i picked up immediately

“Parker’s co operation” i said

“In my office miss daniels”i heard his cold voice

I quickly ran to his office and knocked before entering

“What are my schedules for today”he asked operating his computer

I took my small notepad and read out all his schedules for the day

“Arrange this files accordingly and bring them back in the next five minutes”he said

I starreda at the files he asked me to arrange and i almost screamed my lungs out ,,how can i do all this in just five minutes

I packed all the files to my office amd began arranging as fast as i could

soon i was done i hurried and took them back to his office

He couldnt even say thank you instead he ordered me out of his office without sparing me a glance

Right now am going to remind him about the meeting he has in the next thirty minutes and as my job implies i have to be there to write down the necessary things

The boring meeting ended after two hours and i couldnt be more happy ,,it was only mr chris voice that was heard ,,nobody dared talk back at him or even speak

This guy is worst than i thought

It was lunch time ,i rushed to the stark resturant close to the company and bought his lunch

“Here is your lunch sir”i said

“You are five minutes late throw the food away”he ordered

“You cant be serious ,,do you know how i ran and suffered just to get this food ”

That was what i wanted to yell but i wont dare try that

“Check out those files and make sure they are correct “he said

“But sir its my lunch break” i replied gently

He raised his head up and i was lost in his ocean blue eyes and handsome face

But the stare he was giving me was deadly and am here drolling

“I will do… that right …away sir” i replied ,,i picked up everything including the lunch he rejected and headed back to my office

My stomach kept making noise but mr chris didnt even give me break ,i have been working nonestop and am really exhausted

“Miss Daniels in my office now”he yelled

Oh no i think this one is going to be bad

“Sir you called “i said

He threw the files i suffered to arrange at me

“are you that lazy you cant work on a simple file “he yelled and i flinched in fear

“Am sorry sir”i managed to say

“Sorry for yourself”he replied angrily

“We are having dinner with the Santos,book one of the most expensive resturant and make sure there is on one there”he ordered and i nodded

I picked the files up and went back to my office

It six already i board a cab to the resturant were the dinner meeting will be held because mr chris refused to allow me in his car ,,saying i was going to get the placed messed up with my dirty body and cheap perfume


Not like i have an option ,i arrived and sat down at the resturant and mr chris is not yet there

i waited and had no idea that i slept off if not for the waiter woke me up and told me mr chris did his meeting and left already
“he is sure going to fire you”the waiter said and walked away


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