July 30, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 21

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful

Episode 21


Just as we walked to his car , he dialed a number and said “excuse me”

He took few steps away from me and my phone start to vibrate in my pocket.

Since he is few distance away from me, I took few more steps away and picked his call.

“Hi pretty ”


“Erm…good afternoon. I’m sorry for not calling you for quiet a while now.”

“It’s nothing. ”

“Erm…I’m thinking , can we meet today? It’s kind of urgent ” He said.

“Why? Anyways since you said it’s urgent,let’s meet by 10PM at night at the same club we met the last time ” I said.

“Wow! Wow! That implies we may be seeing all night ” He exclaimed happily.

“I do not know what you meant by that but see you then ” I said and hung up and hurriedly went to stay in my position.

I watched as he checked his phone to see if the ‘beautiful me’ had hung up or not.

He finally hesitated for few seconds , then came to where I stood.

“I’m happy ” He said as he entered his car.

“Happy , why are you happy sir?” I asked and went to the other side of the car to open the door to sit.

“Hey ,don’t enter. I think I have to stop anything ugly from entering my car. You see that sit you are seeing is specially reserved for someone, a prettier person that you are. Get a cab and leave ” He said.

“But you brought me here sir ” I said.

“So? If I bring you here ,can’t you find your way back home?”

“This is not fair , sir ”

“I don’t care and that reminds me , the money I gave you then was your three months salary, I paid you in advance , so don’t think nonsense that I probably get too happy to give you ugly thing money ”

“Huh! I’ve almost exhausted the money ,you should have told me. I thought it was your act of kindness , sir ” I said.

He smirked and looked at me. He darted his face from my head down to my toe

“Silly ugly thing really thinks I can be kind to her. No! just be reasonable , Even if I’m kind ,I’ll be kind to a pretty lady like the one I’ve scheduled meeting with not with you. Excuse me ” He said and kick started his car.

I do not want to forcefully enter his car so he won’t drive me to a psych hospital like he did the other day, So I just stepped away.

I watched as he drove away.

Oh my days! So he actually paid me my three months salary in advance , this man is so wicked.

I stood feeling pained then I remembered that he won’t even mind spending his whole money on the ‘beautiful me’ , so I just smiled and walked home.

“When we meet , get ready to give the ‘beautiful me’ another three months salary” I mumbled under my breath.

Venessar High School. Episode 93
He Bought Me. Episode 36

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