August 2, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 1

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????The Maid????
????Episode  01????
“Today,my sons are coming back home,so l need u to prepare their special meal.”,Mrs Gina said.
“Yes….”,as we all exclaimed.
“Do u know their sons”,l asked.
“And who doesn’t know the famous Willson family and their industries.They are ruthless,arrogant and one of them love women.Not just women but beautiful women like you
..”,Elle answered.Elle is a maid.
“Wow!…. Really”
I can’t wait to meet them,I thought.
My name is Adriana.l have a beautiful name but am just a poor girl who lives deep in the forest with my grandpa but I’m  happy since it has waterfalls,rivers and fruits.l have no parents and l don’t know what happened to them.l work in the Willson’s family house.
l am smart,intelligent and l am somehow a herbalist buh l have one secret gift which no one knows and that taming wild animals and l have been thinking if l could try on humans.
it’s actually my secret.. please don’t tell anyone or else I will use it on you.
ln the evening,l heard giggles and l knew their sons was back.l have only an hour to go home.My grandpa must be worried.
“Adriana you will serve them tonight”,the older maid said.
“What! but I’m late”
“l don’t care.Now go serve them with the donuts”
l was really nervous as l went to the sitting room,they were all staring at me.l cleared my throat and served them.
“Adriana,can u serve us with a bottle of champagne..”,Mr Gina said.
“Okay…”as l went in.
The moment l was l was serving them,l almost fell as one of their son held me.
“Are you.. alright”
l looked at him because he was too beautiful.
My mouth went dry and I clenched my thi;-ghs together. Why am I wet for him.
I could look at him all day without getting tired. His smile was beautiful and his eyes were bright with with happiness. His lips were tempting and he smells of him, sweat an him.
“Yea…”,as l finished serving them.
l was done serving,now l need to go home then suddenly l slip and almost fell but he caught me and unfortunately we both fell.
“This is the second time I’m saving you”
“l think you were created as my saviour..”,as we both smiled.
“My name is Justin Willson and you…”
“Erm…,l don’t have a name”,as l stood up and left.
l was running so fast,l don’t want my grandpa to get worried suddenly l heard a sound.
l moved closer to the sound that’s  where l saw a tigeress growling in pain.Even though in pain,its still wild.The more l moved close to it the more it roared. I became nervous about this animal. But then I had an idea. The only way was to wrap my body to her to just earn trust. it’s was a dangerous idea but I didn’t care so I tried and to my surprise she didn’t bite.
I knelt in front of her As I remove the stick from its feet. it roared and licked my fingers.
I pat it’s head and played a little with it and went home.
When I reached home my grandpa was asleep.
“Hey,wait…”,as l rushed to reach her buh she was already gone.l returned back to the kitchen and saw Elle  cleaning the dishes.
“Who is she?”,l asked.
“The young maid”
“And where does she live?”
“No one knows where she lives”
“Okay…”,l looked at her curiously.
“Don’t tell me you think about f her already”
l smiled and said,  “No,she isn’t my type”
Suddenly my phone rings,lts Vicky.l ignore it besides she’s too extravagant. I met her at one of my hotels and boom we made lust but I never cared for her anyway.
I don’t do relationship or love. it’s doesn’t exist in my world. I only adore s+*X and nothing else.
Just seeing a beautiful woman and I’m ready to f.
A lot of woman like me because of my money and because I was so good in bed. I could f them till they can’t walk but after seeing her today . I want to f my maid too. She is so beautiful and too innocent for me.
And then my phone rings again.
“F..!”, I cursed. it’s Tera.
l answered and told her to come to my house besides am in the mood to f her.
l went to meet my older bro,Christian…He is two years older.l went to chat him a little while l was waiting for Tera.
“Hi bro….”,l called out.
“Hey…”, I said.
“What’s up…”,
“How are your girls….or dates I guess”,he smirk
“They are fine…”
“I was wondering when you would get serious with one of them.”
“it’s never happening…”
“Oh you never changed ….”
“Nope…. I’m still the same…”
“F off…”
“Go to h-*ll.. “,l laughed.

The Maid. Episode 2
He Bought Me. Episode 35

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