August 1, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 2

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????The Maid????
????Episode 02????

????Justin ????
lts late now,l guess Tera won’t come so l went into my bedroom to change.
l went into the bathrooom.
lts been a tiring day.l got out while to my surprise,l saw Tera naked on my bed.
“Come here baby”,she said as l looked at her fascinating body.She then opened her legs and gave me a wink as she massaged her breasts.
Without any second thought,l grabbed her by my arms and started kissing her roughly suddenly the thought of Adriana came into my mind.
That girl is a real beauty.All l could think was her lips and her body.
What’s happening to me?
“Tera,l cant”
“No… you can”,as she tried kissing me but l ignored.
“Tera no! Get dressed and leave”
“You can’t deny me like this..”
“l already did just leave!”,as she took her clothes angrily and left.
Oh my I can’t believe I just sacked her. What am I doing to myself.. it’s like I’m  being charmed by her.
This is just tearing me out.
When l woke up the next morning,all the maids had their day off expect Adriana.She was in the kitchen making breakfast for Christian and l.
I watched dress as it’s hugged her mid thighs. Her hair lose and her lips plump like she just had a c* in her mouth and her eyes bright and beautiful…
Oh Gosh I just feel like bending her over the counter and rip her clothes  and f her brains out…its will be so nice to hear her m0an and beg.
“Hi Adriana….”,I smiled
“Can you serve me here?”
“And me too…”,Chris said. She served us nicely as she continue with washing the dishes.
“Wow,she is beautiful…”,Chris whispered
l then ignored him , “Would mind if you join us…?”
“No,sir… not necessary”
“Just call me Justin…”
“Adriana,l have some books on my bed,would you mind if you put it somewhere.See you later,bro…”,as he pat my shoulder and left.
l keep staring at her, “You are beautiful”
“ls that even necessary?”
“Yea…,it is”
“l hate that look…”,she frowned.
“What look?”
“That l-wanna-f-u-look and l bet you Mr Willson,that won’t work on me”.
l was speechless. I’m glad she can see through me and she knows what I want.
Wow,l never knew she was so smart.l want her.
l like her and l can’t wait to make friends with her.
l want to know more about her.
Hm,l will follow her tonite to her home to surprise her.
l can’t wait to see her shocked face when she sees me.
lt was lunch and l saw her packing some foods.l think she is going to give to someone so l decided to follow her to find out who dat person was.
By the way why is she heading the forest way.
it’s dangerous there.
Does she leave there.
Ouch! as l screamed and saw the snake, it bit my leg.l became weak as l sat on the ground.l saw Adria rushing to see me.
“Oh sir,what happened to you”
l couldn’t speak but she looked at my leg and saw the mark.
“Help”,she screamed as she tore her cloth then I felt her lips on the spot Where the snake bite. it was very soothing and I like the warm of her lips on my legs. She sUcked the poison out of my legs and spit it then she sucked my leg again and tie the piece of cloth around.Where we were wasn’t far from our home.Suddenly Justin arrived,
“What is wrong with him”.
“He was bitten by a snake”.
He then carried me and sent me home.
l have brought my bro home but l can’t find Adriana.Where is she? .l tried to call the ambulance but my phone is dead.Suddenly l saw Adria with herbs.She rub the herbs on her hand and squeeze its water on his leg.He then groaned in pain as she bandage his leg.
“He will be well by tomorrow”,as she left me.
it was left with my bro and I alone.
“You see what womanizing has lead you bro.. I just wish it bit your d”,I burst out laughing as he tossed the pillow on my face.
The next morning,l was anxiously waiting for Adria so l could thank her for saving my bro.l was sipping my juice when Tara coming towards me…Not again.
“Hello baby”
“What do you  want.l remember perfectly well that the last time l saw u was when l sacked you from my room”
“l came to pay you a visit and l don’t give a damn whether you are done with me”,she said angrily as l saw Adria walking towards our home.
“Hey,stupid biT-ch come here”,she yell at Adria and I was pissed but I kept quiet.
“What did you just call me?”she asked frowning.
“Stupid bitch…”
“Okay Miss..,what can l get u”
“Get me a cold juice”,as l watched Adria left our sight.
“U shouldn’t have done that,Tara”,I yelled at her.
“But she is just a maid and a nobody”
“That maid is far better than u because do you know why? Because she just doesn’t open your legs to men like you do.. You’ve just made everyone realised how cheap you are…”I said as tears wailed up in her eyes. She was hurt by my words and i knew but I just don’t regret a thing I did…
She slapped me hard as my tongue move to my left cheek easing the pain.
“How dare you?”,she sobbed
l kept quiet as l saw Adria bringing the juice.
“Here is your juice,miss” as Adria poured the juice one.
“How dare you?”
“I dare anything”and she slapped her on Tara’s cheek and all l could see after that was both of them rolling on the floor.

The Maid. Episode 3
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