July 27, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 3

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He Bought Me. Episode 36
The Maid. Episode 2

????The Maid????
????Episode 03????
l separate them and realized that Tara was really beaten. l mean really beaten but then it wasn’t enough for Tara so she decided to jump on Adria.
“Stop it both of you.Thats enough”,as Adria left angrily.l then turned to Tara.
“l guess its time for you to leave now”
“We are done anyway…Just leave Tara”
l left her looking for Adria.l was heading to the kitchen when l heard her say:
“l should have rip her eyes out!”.
“I should have rip her too…”,she shouted at herself.
“Are you talking to yourself”, i said smiling at her.
She looked at me as if she wanted to say something but she close her lips as l move close to her.
l then took cottonas l clean the blood from her lower lip.l just want to kiss her.She was staring at me angrily as l stared back and smiled.
“You are angry at me and l know that.lf l were to be you l would have smiled”
“Why would l do that”
“Because you are strong and a good fighter.l like the way u beat her up though and you were right.You should have rip her hair”,l smiled at her and she laughed her ass out.
“You are such a terrible boyfriend to her”
“We are done anyway”
“I’m sorry sir. I shouldn’t have fought her then. Please get her back..”
“No it’s not because of fight…”
“I’m sorry for her harsh behaviour”
“lts okay….”
I moved more closer as my lips brushed hers…
Her breathing changed.I’m glad i had effect on her.
“What are you doing…”,she whispered
“What does it’s look like I’m doing?”
“Shh… I’m attracted to you”,I say as her eyes went wide. She was pulling close but I held her tight to me.
“Please Sir… don’t do this”
“But why? Do you how hungry you get me when I see you..”
“Let not do this…” ,she said as I kissed her. it was a soft one.
She pushed me as she ran off.
What have I done… I have fucked up.
. .
l moved to Chris’ room.He was really healthy and happy.
“How are you doing Chris”.
“l’m good.Thanks for saving me.l really like you and l want us to be friends” as he decided to shake me.
l giggled and he laughed.
“l want to know u more” he said
“Me too”
“Um..l have been thinking if l could be your tutor since you lack education”
“l would love that…”
l then shook him as he pulled me and we both land on the bed.His weight on mine.
He was handsome too and I was breathless looking at him. His hands pushed my hair from my face.
“Christian I…..”
“Shh.. you are beautiful and you don’t how insane that makes me. I like you a lot Adria..”
I remain utterly still, staring at him for a long moment. Restless or perhaps embarrassed by my intimate scrutiny, i shifts but he pinned me down with his body.
His lips crushed on mine and I remain still for a while but then I responded. His kiss was roughand I couldn’t deny him.
My hands moved to his hair as I kissed him with such passion.
What am I doing. I just kiss two handsome brothers today..I’m acting like a whore..
“I’m sorry…”,he apologised.
“it’s okay…”,as I pushed him away from me.
Days passed and l started falling for her but l can’t tell her about that since l promise to be her friend.
She is beautiful and so addictive and I can’t wait to have her on my bed. I love her and it’s just driving me insane.
Tutoring her was a difficult task for her because of the way her lips moved and her body is so attractive.
lt was evening and l escort her to where we meet. She thank me for our first lesson then she headed home.
I just wish I knew her home to be visiting her always.
This is the second time I falling in love.
The first love was my Vera… she died in a plane crash because she was paying a surprise visit to see me..
that’s was a long time ago..
l went into my room as l saw Justin sitting on the bed.
“Whats up..,bro”
“Nothing much…”
“Do you like her”,he ask.
“Yea a lot…. We even kissed today and I just love how she responded”
“What.. .?”
“How could you bro…you just took advantage of her..”
“Don’t tell me about it… I like her and I’m ready to have a serious relationship with her and not mess around with her like you do..”
“Don’t you dare?”
“Dare what Justin..”,I asked as he left angrily.
What’s his problem anyway?
????Justin ????
How can he like her? l like her too infact I’m inlove with her.
I know i don’t do relationship but I seriously wants to see her in my bed everyday.
I like women and I know no one will believe me when I say I’m in love with her and nothing else is going to stop me.
I want her and that’s it.
l always see them together and l feel so jealous.l cant belive a playboy like me can be in love with a maid. This is so insane.
This is so serious.My bro and l falling for one girl and I feel so stupid for getting jealous of him.
I feel so sad to start a fight with my bro just because of a girl.
I don’t know what to do but I’m not ready to give up on her.
The next morning l saw her doing some dance moves.l think she was trying to waltz. Her hair swinging from one to another and she was smiling. I moved close and l touched her as she screamed.
She touch her chest trying hard to breath. Her lips parted and her eyes wide. Why is it that everything she does is so sexy?
“Don’t ever do that again…”,she warned.
“l’m sorry but what were u …..”
“That isn’t part of your business”,as she was trying to leave but l caught her arm ,place my hands around her waist and started to waltz with her.
“See,l just want to help.Nothing else”,as she place her head on my shoulder.l then tightened my grip.
“Whats between u and my bro”
“He’s my teacher and also a great friend.Why ask?”
“Hope you aren’t jealous?”
“l am”
“Hmm…l have to go”
“No,you are not going anywhere”
“But why?”
“Because l want to kiss you and don’t say l didn’t warn you”
“l…” as my lips crushed with her.She was trying to fight me but l pushed her to the tree as l deepened the kiss and she was shy to respond.
She moaned as her arms were on my cheek.l guess she has give in and and not ready to stop kissing her luscious lips. My hands cupped her breastscas she gasps and my lips moved to her neck sucking and giving little bites and slowly I moved back to her lips.
I parted my lips from hers as she close her eyes to feel the sensation.
“Why did you stop?”,she asked breathlessly.
“You want more?” as she nodded.
“Then I’m inviting u to my birthday party”,as l place my credit card in her hand.
“This is too much sir? l won’t accept”
“Please do and don’t call me,sir”
“Okay Justin..”
“l will be waiting for you.Don’t miss” and l left.
Did we just…or did l just kiss him? Oh my l cant belive I’m feeling something for him. I wish he kissed me again.
l hid the card as Elena and l worked all day buh then l told her about it.
At 6pm we went to the botique.l have changed more than 10 times but l can’t find…wait a minute.This dress has been hanging here for a long time and l didn’t take notice.l bought the gown as Elena helped me with the make up.
lts time for me to go.l’m already late.l was walking on the street looking for cab when posh car was infront of me.A man got out
“Your car is waiting,..miss”
“Who sent you”
“The young master,Sir Justin Willson”
“l guess am cinderella tonite” l whispered as l entered inside the car.
I smiled at myself but I was nervous too. How is the party going to be like…
Hmm…. I’m so excited.

He Bought Me. Episode 36
The Maid. Episode 2

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