August 6, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 93

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Venessar High School.

Episode 93

^Professor Lucas^

I was at a special room at the station for investigation of the recent attack of Kimberly and Sean.

“Professor , sorry for keeping you stranded ” A petite lady said and came to sit before me.

She scribbled something to a book and another man appeared and sat beside her.

They were both sitting before me.

“For the last three to four years that you have being in prison, Kimberly and Sean had being living a peaceful life. They had never being attacked once. As soon as you get released from cell , they got attack. Doesn’t that speak volume?” The man said.

“I do not know what you are talking about , Mr. I’m just getting myself together and recovering the wasted years at the cell and you insinuating what! ” I said.

“Professor Lucas, information reaching us made us know that you want to bring the 6S Band to life together and since Sean is your greatest asset , you need him back. ” The lady said.

“I do not need anyone. If I do, I know the right way to get better singers ”

“Which way?” The man asked.

“Audition of course. That was what I did to bring the 6S band together , so why would I be after one single person when there are thousands out there with better singing gifts ” I said.

“Professor Lucas, who is Kimberly to you?” The lady asked.

“Kimberly, just a random girl who got auditioned and was chosen to be among the SAA band now SAS band, years ago”.

” She lost her memory at a time when you found out that Sean and her are into a relationship” The lady said.

“What sort of accusations is this? Are you saying I’m the reason why she lost her memory?”

“I didn’t say that, sir ” The lady said.

“That’s what you are insinuating , young girl” I yelled on her and she sighed and looked to the face of the man.

“All the men that carried on the work are dead , we couldn’t get a word from any of them. Anyways, we advise that if you are the one , you should stop. Cause if it turns out you are the one against Sean and Kimberly living a peaceful life , you may end up living your life in jail forever , sir ” The man said and stood.

The lady stood and they both walked away.

After few minutes , a junior cop came to tell me that I’m free to go.

I walked angrily out of the cell and called a meeting immediately with my boys.

“Before I even talk of Sean and Kimberly, I need you to kill the two cops that interviewed me before tomorrow ” I said and gave my boys the detail.

How in the world will they speak to me like that? Do they even know who I am in this city.

Following Day!

Kimberly’s POV

I ran from the sitting room to where Sean was , he was at the bedroom resting.

“Sean , Professor Lucas had being carried to the station again for investigation ”

“Why? ”

“It’s just broadcasted now that the two cops that investigated him are dead ”

“Oh my days! He obviously killed them. This man is just so evil” Sean said and I shook my head painfully.

“They will investigate him and still let him go since there is no substantial prove that he is the killer. Sean I’m scared. ” I said and went to sit beside him on the bed.

“You do not have too. Everything will be alright” Sean encouraged.

“What I’m thinking is…If this man can kill this cops this easily , are we safe? Can we just travel out of this country ” I said and Sean thought for a while.

“Please,let’s just go elsewhere to live. Somewhere that professor Lucas would never know of ” I said.

“Fine ” He agreed and I hugged him appreciatively.

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