August 3, 2021

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Her Personal Taste. Chapter 5

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Her Personal Taste. Chapter 4

???????? Her Personal Taste????????

Love Triangle ❤

????????Written by Authoress Jenny????????

????Not edited????

Chapter 5

Dedicated to chimma ugwu and peace Atuokwu(thanks for your amazing comment)

Kyle pov

I went downstairs after refreshing only to see jenny holding a bunch of red rose

“Albert brought me flowers”she said smiling

“Nice “i replied

Why would albert bring her flowers,no wonder he was all over her the other day

I never believed that albert will ever be my competiton

I think i need to step up my game ,but no matter how i step it up am never going to win her heart completely because she thinks am just a robot

their movie shoot is in few days,i need to do something
But the problem is what am i going to do ,right now i am as confused as hell

Jenny pov

My phone started ringing and it was from an unknown number

“Hello pretty”the person said and i recognised the voice immediately

” how are you albert”i replied

“Am fine ,do you love the flowers”he asked

“yeah i do”i replied and i could feel him smiling

“So i was thinking if we could hang out later today ,i want to show you something alone”he said

“Alright see you later then”i said

“Thanks Jenny”he said and i ended the call

Whats up with the guy and kyle ,the other day if said “so you brought him”and today he is saying he wants to see me alone

And why is he being all nice to me ,hope he isnt developing feelings for me because that will be a total waste of his time

Guys are jerk ,well except from my handsome kyle because his a robot and cant hurt me

(This story is written by Author jenny )

My phone started ringing again and i smiled when i saw the callers name

????Hey bestie “i yelled and she began screaming almost blocking my ears

????Guess what “she said and i rolled my eyes

????C’mon you know am not good at guessing

????Oh yeah thats true ,well i will be coming back tomorrow”she screamed happily

????Omg are you serious”i asked and she laughed

????Ohh ,i cant wait to see you”i replied excitedly

????me too ,and make sure you come pick me from the airport i dont care if you are a celebrity or not”she said and i chuckled

????I will”i replied

????And dont forget keep alot of food ,drinks and gist ,i want to know everything that has been going on and who is the handsome dude servicing your p**sy
She said and laughed

????Jeez ,,,penny,,, get off my phone you spoilt brat “i half yelled and she laughed

????Bye best “she said and ended the call

Gosh i really have a crazy girl as bestfriend and shes so spoilt but i cant wait to see her

Penny and i have been best friend since childhood before she left for new zealand to continue in her fashion school and its been two years i cant wait to see her

I ran down stairs to tell kyle the good news

i knoced on his door before entering and saw him seated on the bed

“Hey “i said and sat close to him

“My bestfriend is coming tomorrow”i said smiling

“Wow nice ,i cant wait to see her”kyle replied and i smiled

“Me too” i said

“are you not bored “i asked him

“Am use to it “he replied and i nodded

soon there was an awkward silence in the room while my eyes kept roaming about the room till it landed on his body and he starred at the celing as if there was something written there

My eyes went to his lips and i tried to remove my eyes but i cant ,gosh i cant believe i kissed those

Why dose he have to be a robot huh

He turned over and faced me as we starred into each others eyes ,soon we were moving close to each other and in a blink our lips met ,we kissed each other passionately before breaking the kiss and i left the room

What am i doing seriously,how can i fall for a robot and to worsen it all this is the second time am kissing him ,and i feel really guilty because i dont want to be using him ,i wonder if he feels same way since his a robot am not sure he is

But right now i need to get rid of every feelings i have for kyle


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