June 19, 2021

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Her Personal Taste. Chapter 6

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???????????? Her Personal Taste????????????

Love Triangle‚̧

???????? Authoress Jenny????????

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Chapter 6


I knew i have decided to stop every feelings i have for kyle but this guy right infront of me is smoking hot ,,his dress sence is something else ,i wonder if he was programmed to dress that way too

“Am not human ,,but i knew when someone is drolling”kyle said and i blushed

Jeez did i just blush ,,,arrrh first he caught me checking him out and now i blushed

We are on our way to go pick penny from the airport and am really exicted

Soon we arrived at the airport ,,lets just say we were ten minutes last

i felt someone jumped on me exictedly and i knew it was penny and i huged her back

“You look amazing “i said breaking the hug

“You too” she replied with a goofy smile

And that was when she noticed kyle’s presences

“Omg who is this insanely cute guy standing right beside you”she said and i rolled my eyes and smiled like a teenager

“ohh dont tell me”she said giggling exictedly

“Hi am kyle her boyfriend “kyle said sweetly

“Omg hold me jenny ,,i think am going to faint ,,he sounds like an angel “she said and started going to the floor while i quickly grabbed her

“Its okay drama queen lets go home ,the crowd is getting much”i said and she looked arround

“i totally forgot that you are a celebrity now ,,am they are even taking pictures ,,,oh no is my make up okay”she said touching her face while laughed along kyle

“Its not funny ,,i dont want to be seen on tv looking like a moron ,i want to look good so my mr right can located me” penny blurted out

We kept laughing out ass out till we reached home

thats why i say my bestfriend is the best you will never go bored with her arround

sometimes i caught her stealing glances at kyle ,who would’nt ?

No offence but i still feel jealous anytime shes looking at him ,,if only she new that his not human

But the problem now is should i tell her the truth?

come to think of it what kind of friend will i be keeping such a secret away from her

I need to tell her the truth considering the fact that she will be staying with us for a while
(written by author jenny)
After refreshing and eating i was alone now with penny in my room

“Penny i need to tell you something “i said drawing her attention

“Oh i cant wait to hear it”she said smiling

“So tell me did you guys do it the pool or back seat of the car ,,ohh i heard it more sweet in the pool”she said and i starred at her unbelievably

“Ewwww penny”i half yelled

“What there to ewwww about”she said mimicking the ewwww

“I know you enjoyed it ,so tell me “she said poking my cheeks

“Thats not what i wanted to tell you,be serious penny”i said with a frown on my face

“Ok am serious now”she said and starred at me blankly

“Kyle isnt human “i said and she started laughing turning red

“wait you are being serious”she asked and i nodded and her laugh sized immediately

“Okay is this a prank or what,how can you say kyle isnt human ,,then what is he a ghost”she said

“A robot”i replied and her mood changed instantly

And that was it penny passed out

After hours she regained her self and starred at me

“oh thank God its all a dream “she blurted out immediately

“kyle is a robot “i replied

“Oh no its not a dream ,i think am going to faint again “penny said and i starred at her angrily

“but why is he here since his a robot ,how did all this come about” she asked

“Well i was tired of guys breaking my heart so i needed to take a break but my career wont let me so i decided to purchase a robot and luckily i found kyle a very advanced robot ,who is posing as my boyfriend “i replied

“No wonder his soo handsome “she said and i nodded sadly

“Dont worry bestie you did the right thing” she said and hugged me

“Wait dose that me you guys havent done anything”she asked and i rolled my eyes

Shes one hell of a crazy person but also the best

(written by author jenny)


I woke up and as usual decided to prepare breakfast for jenny when i heard noises on the pouch

I decided to go check it out

I opened the door and saw a box of chocolate and some red roses on the floor

I picked it up and read the tag it was from Albert

out of anger i took them to the dustbin and disposed them

Dont blame me guys what would you suggest i do ?

Her Personal Taste. Chapter 7
Her Personal Taste. Chapter 5

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