June 12, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 4

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Hidden Beauty

Written by KAS ADMIN’S

Episode 4
(The Invitation)

Joy’s POV
My alarm startled me from my morning sleep.
“Damn!” I cursed sliding down from my bed. I freshened up in the bathroom and got dressed for school.
‘I have another miserable day ahead of me’ I thought as I slid into my uniform. Why does life has to be so unfair to me? Now I should be prepared to face what school has in store for me today. Can’t my life get any better?
I sluggishly picked my books from my study table and inserted them in my bag. I headed to the door but stopped dead on my tracks when a big yawn escaped from my mouth. How bad I wanted to sleep. What’s there if I just forget about school and sleep? What’s good and sweet about the school anyways? I flung my bag on the floor and slumped back on the bed still in my uniform. Almost immediately, I slept off.
“Joy!!!” I heard someone shouted in my sleep.
“What?” I mumbled not loud enough for someone to hear.
“Joy!!!” I heard again then the creaking of my door.
I jerked up from the sleep and sat up rubbing my eyes sleepily.
Mum came in with her hands folded across her chest. She was tapping her feet on the floor.
“Aren’t you going to school?” she asked.
“I… ummm…” I stuttered.
“Now get up and come down for breakfast” she said and simply walked out. I grumbled and slid down from the bed frowning. I picked my bag and headed downstairs for breakfast.
“Don’t you want to go to school anymore Joy?” mum asked during breakfast.
“I don’t want to mum, but I have to” I answered.
“What’s the problem?”
“Mum don’t you get it?! My school life is miserable! I’ve got no friends, no one likes me, no one talks to me, everybody hates me, they insult me, they mock me, they bully me, just because of this” I cried pointing to my face.
“I’m sorry Joy” she said pitifully and bowed her head staring at her food.
“Bye mum” I said standing up.
“But you haven’t finished your breakfast” she said looking up at me.
“I don’t have the appetite anymore”
“But Joy…”
“Bye mum” I interrupted her and walked out with a heavy heart.
I hailed a cab and drove off to school.

I hurried to class because I was already late. Immediately I stepped my feet into the class, a girl shouted
“The ugly duckling has arrived!” and everyone turned to my direction. I wished the ground will open up and swallow me. The next second, the class erupted into series of mocking laughter. So the teacher wasn’t in class yet.
I felt tears welled up in my eyes. I ran to my seat but someone put his leg on my way and I landed on the floor in a thud. The class erupted into another set of laughter. Slowly, I got up on my feet and setled my butt on my seat. Tears were already gushing out of my eyes. I eye scanned the class but I didn’t sight Williamson. I bet it would be worse if he was here.
I rested my head on the table and let the tears fall freely.
All this is just because of my face. I don’t blame them, I truly am an ugly duckling. Have you seen my face?!

“Hey Joy” someone called softly and I raised my head.
My heart skipped a bit when I saw Williamson standing in front of me.
“Why are you crying?” he asked again softly.
I couldn’t believe my ears. Williamson is talking to me like he cares about me. Has he changed his ways or what? I hope he has change.
I stared at him and sniffed.
“Here” he said handing me a handkerchief he brought out from his pocket. I continued staring at him in shock.
“Here” he said again and I hesitated before collecting the handkerchief.
I raised it to wipe my tears. The sweet scent of the handkerchief my nose. It smelt nice and sweet just like him. I wish Williamson has a nice and sweet character just like the smell of his handkerchief.
“You don’t look good when you cry, stop crying okay” he said and I froze. I can’t believe Williamson is changing his ways. I just hope he is not playing tricks on me.
“Okay?” he asked again staring at me in anticipation.
I nodded slowly trying to comprehend what was happening. He looked sincere.
“Alright take care” he said and sauntered off.
Just then, the teacher walked in and started doing his job. I paid less attention to him. My mind was on what happened earlier between Williamson and I. I still can’t believe. I’m speechless.
During lunch break, I sat alone on a table at the cafeteria as usual. I ate hungrily because I didn’t eat well during breakfast. Still, I couldn’t get my mind off Williamson. He just changed his attitude towards me overnight. I’m confused as hell but at the same time, I’m glad. I wish things will change permanently. I wish it will continue like this between Williamson and I. He looked extra cute when he was talking to me. And his handkerchief smelt too good.
I brought it out from my pocket and glanced around the cafeteria. When I made sure no one was looking, I quickly sniffed the handkerchief and put it back in my pocket. The scent melted my heart away and a smile crept it’s way upon my lips. How I wish Williamson will be mine.
“Attention everyone” Someone yelled hitting a glass cup and everyone’s attention turned to him. I looked up and saw Williamson and beside him was his friend and Partner in crime and bully, Prosper.
“Who’s up for a party tonight?” he asked.
“Me!” the students yelled and chorused.
“There’s one at Open gate bar, starting from 8:00pm” he announced and they cheered.
“And guess what? Everyone is invited!!” Prosper added yelling and everyone cheered more excluding me.
I know I’m never invited to such parties. They’re for people with pretty faces not me.
School was over. I hung my bag and walked out of the school. I was still wondering. Williamson didn’t bully me at all today. He was being nice and caring. I hope he’s turning into a new leaf.
Just then, someone called my name from behind.
I turned and sighted Williamson jogging towards my direction.
“Hey” he said standing in front of me and I gulped.
He frightens the hell outta me.
“You are also invited to the party Joy” he said softly.
I stared at him with wide eyes. I was never invited to their parties.
“Please do come Joy” he pleaded softly and I slowly nodded.
“I’ll be expecting you dear” he added and walked away.
I froze on my spot still not believing what happened. He just made me speechless.
I arrived home and got in happily.
“Why are you all smiles Joy?” my mum asked.
“Mum, my name is Joy” I said sarcastically and she rolled her eyes.
“I guess something good happened to you then”
“Well yeah, maybe” I shrugged.
“I told you Joy, no condition is permanent in this life. And I’ll always tell you this, you are beautiful”
“Whatever mum, that’s what you always say while truly, it’s just the opposite”
“Don’t say that sweetie, you are very very beautiful”
“Whatever mum” I said and headed to my room.
I dumped my bag and went to freshen up in the bathroom.
The day passed by in a blur. I was all smiles and it was because of what happened in school. Williamson personally invited me to the party. He even pleaded with me. Should I go or what? I don’t even know.
But I think I’ll go since the whole mighty Williamson pleaded with me. And he looked sincere and serious. He might have changed his attitude. Maybe God has touched his soul and sent away the devil.


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