July 30, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 5

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???????? Hidden Beauty ????????

Written by KAS ADMINS

???????? Episode 5????????

( ???? THE PARTY ????)


Lying on my bed suffocating my pillow as I squeezed it tight against my body, with an unusual expression on my face, it was a smile, yes I was actually smiling and I can’t seem able to stop smiling

In my whole life I had never experienced this kind of happiness I was feeling when it finally sunk down to me that my forever crush Williamson actually spoke to me nicely

Yes I repeat nicely

He even invited me to his party, nobody has ever invited me to a party before, everyone avoided me like a plague

I have always hoped and prayed for this day, a day whereby Williamson would finally stop being mean to me and become my friend

To be honest I never thought it possible, it seems so good to be true but at this point my mind wasn’t longer in charge but my heart ???? had taken over and it had always yarn to be loved especially to be loved by Williamson

I had feelings for williamson from the first day I saw him and in my imagination we were meant to be together, I’ve even dreamt of our wedding before

I know, I know you don’t have to remind me

I knew that it was impossible, wishful thinking at its highest degree

How can a handsome boy like Williamson ever fall in love with a troll like me but there is no crime in dreaming after all in my dreams I can be anything and I can do anything

A girl is free to imagine what ever she wants to imagine

But I didn’t stop my imagination only in my head, No I bought a big book and I drew how I imagined my life would be like, I wasn’t the best artist ever but I draw the pictures from my heart….

Sitting down on my bed, legs touching the floor, I opened up my drawing and brought out a big book from it that has a blue cover paper then I rolled back to my bed returning to my lying position I flipped open the book and immediately I giggled excitedly as I saw myself or should I say how I imagined I should look like

I draw myself as a beautiful princess and of course Williamson was my Prince Charming

I don’t know much about princess but I do hear they get trapped in a castle a lot so I guess I should also be trapped in a castle since I was a princess

So in the first pages of the book my Prince Charming williamson came to rescue me from my prison castle riding a white stallion

But it wasn’t a easy task for my Prince Charming as I was kept in the topmost part of the castle and he had to kill a bunch of ugly looking trolls more ugly looking than I’m in real life to get to me…..

I flipped over the pages

My Prince Charming who had killed all the trolls by then exception of one the mighty troll king who was the biggest, ugliest of the bunch and he stinks more than pig poo

After hours of battling the might troll king, my Prince Charming finally defeated the ugly looking creature and carried me away from the castle prison

But before he carried me away he kneeled on one knee and proposed to me which I said a BIG YES of course … Then came the most passionate of kisses and we lived Happily ever after that with lots of mini prince and princess running around our compound…. The End

In the middle of the book was a red rose flower and a picture of Williamson which I stole from the school year book, I smiled as I started at the picture of him before I closed the book and returned it back to the drawer

I know my imaginations where really crazy and can never happen because obviously I’m no princess and my prison castle was this my ugly troll like face…

But Williamson inviting me to his party was the best thing that has ever happened to me, literally it was the best thing ever that has ever happened to me in my whole life…Ever And because of it I have started being optimistic about life, I don’t care if everyone hates me as far my Williamson doesn’t hate me then this smile on my face will never leave my face no matter what the whole world do or say to me….

I glanced over at top right hand corner of my room checking the clock…


I have less than two hours to get prepared and go to the party but I haven’t figured out what to wear….I really don’t have anything to wear since I never do go out, I mean Never

Outings was like looking for trouble

I was about panicking but then I remember that I and mom are of the same height and size

“ mum definitely has lots of clothes ” I said out to myself

Then like as if I was being chased by a hungry dog I jumped down from my bed ran out my room straight to the direction of my mom’s room but I wasn’t watching where I was going to and I bumped into someone hard…..

“ goshhhhh Joy
Don’t you watch where you going to too! ” my elder brother feathers half yelled at me

“ I’m sorry ” I said in a giggle

Staring at me awkwardly “ what’s getting you all excited uh? ” He asked

I hesitated….

My elder brother Feathers who is a student of Beacon High, a senior obviously loves me so much and I also love him the same but he hates Williamson with passion because of the way williamson treats me like a piece of shit

And I can’t really blame him for hating williamson, Williamson can be really mean and evil most of the times but now he has changed and he wants to be my friend now but I know if I tell my brother Feathers that williamson has invited me to his party and I have the intentions of going he would first scold me and definitely won’t permit me going, he wouldn’t understand….

“ I asked you a question joy
What’s getting you all excited? ” feathers asked again bringing me out of my thoughts

“ uh… It’s nothing…nothing at all
I just wanted to show mum something ” I muttered my wordings

His staring eyes where making me uncomfortable so I hid my face away from those eyes of his, I don’t like telling lies to my brother because I know he is only looking after me but I really need to be present in this party I feel it could be the start of something special in my life

“ alright then
Go meet mom, she is in her room ” he said giving way for me to pass

“ thank you ” I said and hurriedly left the scene before he would suspect anything….

I entered into my Mom’s forgetting all my manners as first I didn’t knock on the door before entering and secondly I forgot to greet I just went straight forward in asking the question in my heart

“ mom can I wear one of your dress ???? to a party tonight pleasssssse ”

“ Party?
What party is that Joy? ” she asked and from her facial expression I could tell she looked worried as if I was losing it upstairs

I ran to meet her on the bed she sat on

Hugging her tightly I pleaded with her again “ please mom, can I wear one of your dress ???? to a party tonight, please say yes, please say yes mom, please please pleasssssssse ”

My mom looked confused, I had never never wanted to be around people but now I was the one begging her for a dress to wear for a party which obviously will be crowded by people

“ sure darling…but what party are you talking about? ” she asked again

“ really thanks mom, you are the best, I love you so much ” I said jumping on her body completely ignoring her question

To me all I heard her say was sure darling, the rest I didn’t care to hear

I stood up and immediately opened up my moms wardrobe

“ Wow ” I exclaimed

Mom does has a lot of beautiful dresses and my eyes scanned around and for a moment I couldn’t decide which to pick

Which to pick ????
Which to pick ????
Which to pick ????

“ this one is perfect ” I said bringing a pink gown

It seems more like a princess dress ???? and I want to be a princes when I meet my Prince Charming tonight

“ mom can I wear this dress please ” I said placing the dress on my body for her to see

She smiled “ sure you can, I wore that dress on my first ever date, I bet you will look perfect in it ” she said then her facial expression changed

“ but sweetheart you haven’t yet told me which party you are talking about ” she said….
Time : 8:20PM
Location : Open Gate Bar

Williamson POV

The party had just started but the whole bar was nearly filled up and more people are still flooding in making me think I didn’t pick a larger enough venue for the party

Inside the bar was really loud one could barely hear himself when speaking, as the DJ was giving hot and latest jams non stop and obviously where there is a party there most be liquor even though most of us if not all present at the party where minors and was not suppose to consume alcohol by law but because I and the manager of the establishment where familiars so he permitted it with alittle bit of bribe of course The whole place was almost filled up but yet no sign of the “ special guest ” Joy, she was the main attraction of the event

She was the main reason why the students had come in there numbers because I had earlier sent a text message informing all the students that I had something special installed for Joy that nobody would want to miss out on and what I meant by something special is something very humiliating for her which I’m sure the students all understood that

Of course all the students received this text message except for joy herself…..

“ it’s already past 8 are you sure she will be coming? ” my best friend Prosper asked looking worried

“ take a chill pill bro, there is still much time, I’m definitely sure she would come ” I said sounding confident but I was starting to have doubts joy would show up

“ I’m just saying bro your party won’t be dope without our special entertainment, are you really sure she would come? because if not, I know a lot of people would be disappointed ” he said

“ I…. I don’t know, I mean I was nice to her and all that shit, I invited her myself and I even gave her my handkerchief yuck ” I said squeezing my face in disgust

“ but maybe she didn’t buy my good boy act ” I said now being alittle bit frustrated

“ well I most admit then, she isn’t as dump as we thought she was, not trusting you and not coming to this party was the best decision she could have ever made because she would be totally humiliated if she had come, I guess now we have to find another way not to make your party a disaster ” Prosper said…

“ I will be Damned ” I exclaimed as I sighted someone

“ what’s that? ” Prosper asked

“ look over there ” I said pointing at the door and Prosper immediately turned to where my hand was pointed at….Joy had just arrived at the scene

His expression was priceless “ well I guess I was wrong she is a fool after all ”

“ what do you think, someone that ugly can’t be smart
The party just got started ” I said smiling devilishly…..


I arrived at the party with so much eagerness and expectations but as soon as I stepped foot into the bar it was as if a thousand mocking eyes where gazing into my soul and that feeling of worthlessness came back to me in ten folds and immediately I regretted coming to the party

What was I thinking, coming here? I’m such a fool…. I should leave now

I turned around to leave…. But then someone grabbed hold of my hand firmly but gently at the same time

I turned around to see the most beautiful face ever but the face that has coursed me so much pain and torment in the past

I swallowed hard “ Williamson ” I muttered

“ where are you going? I have been waiting for you ” he said in a mild voice that melted my very soul instantly

I lost control of my reasoning and myself

Still grabbing hold of my hand “ please come with me ” he said and I knew I would go anywhere this blue eyes boy says I should go

So like a sheep to the slaughter I followed him and at that point I didn’t care about the scornful stares and mocking fingers that where aim at me by everyone, Williamson was all that matters….

15 minutes past

The best 15 minutes of my life as Williamson had been in a conversation with me, me! I still couldn’t believe myself

I even had to pinch myself to know if this was real or I was dreaming the whole thing

He was actually being nice to me, asking me about myself and being super cute and I didn’t suspect a thing, I was just full of joy and happiness But I was stupid, I should have known this was too good to be true

“ everyone listen up ” I heard Williamson’s best friend Prosper announced getting everyone attention

“ I’m sure we are all having a great time, all thanks to my best friend Williamson
Can we all please give him a big cheer, yes show some love people ” he said and everyone made a cheering cry for williamson

“ thank you, thank you ” williamson stood waving at everyone with that his beautiful smile then he sat back down staring into my eyes making my cheek red

“ well my man, and best friend Williamson promised all of us something very special tonight, so I will like to call on my man and best friend Williamson to the stand

Come on everyone cheer for the birthday boy once again ” Prosper said full of spirit and everyone once again applauded for Williamson

Williamson stood up and to my surprise stretched a hand out to me

“ take my hand ” he said as if he knew I couldn’t say No

I held his hand and he took me up the stage, taking the mic from his best friend Prosper and at this point I was becoming alittle bit nervy standing center stage but since Williamson was with me I was still very happy and everything was still going well

Stupid me

He stared at me smiling before he addressed his guests

“ hello guys, hope you all are having fun!!! ” he yelled and they all yelled back at him

“ yesssssssssss ”
“ we want moreeeeee”
“ best party everrrrrr ”

“ thank you, thank you
I promise you all a special something, something a special entertainment and I always keep true to my word ” he said and everyone started laughing and staring at me mockingly but yet my stupid self didn’t get that I was the special entertainment

Williamson then let go of my hand and walked a couple of steps forward “ have anyone of you ever wondered what it feels like to be disgusting, I bet non of you have ever felt this way ” he said then glanced at me and that evil smile I knew very well, that smile he always has when he is about doing something awful to me was on his face

That is when I know I had been played for a fool, I knew yet again the prank was on me, I knew Williamson had not changed at all and it was too late for me to leave…

He continued “ well you don’t need to worry because we have someone with us who is the definition of disgust herself, our very own ugly duckling just that this duckling isn’t going to grow up to be a beautiful swan

She is going to forever remain a ugly duckling for the rest of her life and tonight is going to be her coronation yes!

We are making it official, I want to crown ???? her queen of all ugliness and disgust, the crocodile poo, The original ugly duckling

Bring out her crown ” he yelled sounding all excited, he was truly enjoying this, he was enjoying coursing me much pains

The mocking laughter of the many guests which where mostly students from Beacon Hill High increased the more

His best friend and partner in crime came with a disgusting looking thing that they call a crown ???? and he handed it over to williamson and williamson himself walked to meet me

I remained rooted to the spot, I wanted to run away but I couldn’t find the strength to lift my feet up, I was totally embarrassed and heartbroken

I watched in a eyes full of tears as he placed the disgusting crown ???? on my head, but he didn’t stop there I was worn a sash over my shoulder down to the opposite side of my waist and the sash has the imprint on it

The Original Ugly Duckling

“ all hail the Queen! All hail the Queen!
” Williamson yelled

“ All hail the Queen!!
All hail the Queen!!
All hail the Queen ” they all cheered

And then started throwing food and dirty stuffs on me while I just stood in tears, totally humiliated ????????????????????


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