July 30, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 6

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???????? Hidden Beauty ????????

( moving on)

Episode 6


I stood still unable to move, I can’t explain what I was feeling at this moment it felt as if I was dying I’m sure this feeling is worse than death, my heart hurts so much

Everyone where throwing stuffs at me, everyone where laughing at me, can’t they see I was dying? Can’t they see they were hurting me really bad

I had cried all the tears out from my eyes but still my heart was very heavy and my head was beginning to hurt really bad but yet I still didn’t have the strength to lift my legs and walk away from that spot

I stared at Williamson hoping he would see how bad he had hurt me, hoping he would apologize to me hoping he would embrace and tell me he didn’t mean to hurt me

and I would have forgiven him because I still love him that’s why it hurts so much…. but the only thing he give to me was his mean stare, that sized me up with so much disgust

“ it’s starting to stinks in here ” he said referring to me as the course of the bad smell

Of course I smelled, what does he expect I have been completely bath in all sorts of rubbish

I have always know I was ugly but today Williamson didn’t remind me that I was ugly he also made me feel dirty and a complete worthless

My eyes started licking tears once again, the tears where flowing freely again as soon as I heard Williamson’s voice

“ didn’t you get the memo? Uh ” he said staring at me as if I was stupid

“ you have over stayed your welcome, you are no longer needed here so carry your ugly and dirty self out of my party ” he yelled angrily at me

I was scared but still I didn’t have the will to move from that spot where I was rooted in like a tree

and I could see Williamson face becoming more animated when he thought I was defiling his order on purpose and he walked up to me

Williamson’s POV

I told this ugly bitch to leave my party yet she stood disobeying my orders! I’m going to teach this ugly bitch a lesson she would never forget….

I walked to meet her, grabbing hold of her by her stinking arm, I dragged and pushed her to the floor

“ I said get you stinking ugly ass out of my party! ” I yelled at her again

But yet the stupid bitch was fucking stubborn, first she refused to leave when she was standing now on the floor she still defile me! refusing to get up on her feet and fucking leave my party

That’s when I have to do something more nastier before I can get this ugly bitch out of my party, she isn’t funny anymore, she is only making the whole place stinks bad, like vomit

Goshhhhhh she smells really bad I had to cover my nose with my hand

I have to get this bitch out of here really fast I mean now, so I scanned around for something, anything…. Maybe like a long stick or something that I can use and poke her out of here

I spotted a mob by a corner,that would do; I said then walked to where it was and picked it up then walked back to meet her I was about poking her ugly ass out of my party when I heard a familiar voice….

it was a voice I know pretty well, my number one foe, joy elder brother Feathers

“ don’t you dare touch my sister with that ” He said his voice raging but his voice is no way reflect the anger that was written all over his face

If he had a gun with him I bet he would have gun me and every single one at the party down

If I said I wasn’t scared when he marched towards me then I would be a fucking liar, I was damn scared but I stood my ground maintaining eyes contact with him trying to look tough and in control

He came to me as if he was about hitting me, his hand had formed a fist but then he stopped before he got close to me or rather he was stopped

I glanced down and the ugly duckling was holding her brother legs preventing him from coming closer to me, stopping him from hitting me

Her actions confused me really, why would she do that? Why will she stop her brother from hitting me after all I had done to her?….

Well I guess she is just plain stupid, I shouldn’t care what she does….

“ how can you do this to a fellow human, how can you treat a human being this way ” her brother Feathers kept blabbing and I could tell he wanted to hit me really bad but his sister kept holding his leg tight

I laughed scornfully “ did you say human being? I think you are mistaken, she is more of a monster than a human ” I said and everyone backed me up with a loud laugher

“ really? She is the monster…Really?
What haven’t you done to her?… You have humiliate her, you have

completely disgrace her, you have even assaulted her, but still the so called monster is the one preventing me from smashing your pretty face ” he said and for a moment I lost my words

He turned facing everyone his stares spearing each one making them hide there faces from him “ you all enjoy this don’t you, victimizing her, you love the fact that the joke was on her and not on you, yet you forget no one is perfect, You all have your flaws many flaws even, because you have a pretty face doesn’t make you more human than anyone

I know for sure a human, I mean human with a beating heart won’t sit back and enjoy someone being humiliated and treated worse than an animal

I know my sister Joy wouldn’t do such if the tables was turned, because she has a beautiful heart and a wonderful soul but you all are the monster and I hope you all can live with yourself after all the terrible things you have done

to an innocent girl who only crime was that she wanted to have a normal life like everyone else, just because she doesn’t fit your description of a beautiful person doesn’t mean you should treat her like dirt

Ask yourself who gave you the right to judge anyone!

I’m so disgusted at all of you ” he said then turned his attention towards me and at this time there was total silence

“ you said something was smelling and you are right, something is actually smelling and what is smelling is your heart

because it is ugly and full of all sorts of disgusting and worthless things and I pity you really because this is the worst kind of ugliest ” he said

and although I acted cool and in control his words really affected me in ways I couldn’t speak and literally I couldn’t say anything not even a word

I just watched as he picked up his sister from the floor and both of them left the bar holding each other …..


Feathers took me home without saying a thing to me, i know is angry right now

What was that joy, what were you thinking when you went to his party
I know that there was something off about you this evening; he said in an angry tone

I kept quite Without saying anything

You see what you brought upon yourself, you got humiliated all because of the stupid crush you claim to have for that Williamson;he said and angrily went to his room

I slowly walk to my room with tears in my eyes, the boy i claim to love have coursed me so much pain

I brought out my drawing book, all his pictures, with tears in my eyes

I walk out of my room, to the backyard, i sluggishly brought out the four corner iron bucket we use in burning stuff

I threw the drawing book and pictures into the bucket and sent it ablaze

From today onwards, am not gonna cry because of williamson, the love i once had for him has turned into hatred

I won’t cry when i got humiliated
Am gonna stand up for myself

Am gonna get over this feelings they called love



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