July 30, 2021

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Last Love. Chapter 26 and 27

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Last Love. Chapter 30 and 31

Chapter 26
I obliged though not immediately. He placed his lips on mine and I was tempted to open my eyes. His eyes were also closed; I closed mine and enjoyed the moment. It felt really great with strawberry flavor. I was really enjoying but he stopped and I opened my eyes. He checked the door, maybe to confirm if it was truly locked. He pulled me to himself and wrapped his hands around my waist. I tried my best not to touch him but I couldn’t, I found myself wrapping my hands around his shoulders.
I felt him unzipping my dress and I released a little gasp. I tried to pulling myself away but he didn’t let me. I pulled myself from the kiss and he looked at me. My breath had become hard and fast.
His lips were already red and wet. He looked into my eyes for a while and went for my lips again. This time kissing me more passionately. I closed my eyes and felt him bite my tongue and a gasp escaped my mouth.
He turned around and gently pushed me making me fall on the bed behind me, with him on top. He paused and rested his head on my chest. He then rose and pulled the dress down to my waist. I folded my hands around my chest and he chuckled.
Am not even sure of what am doing; its like I can’t find my tongue to could stop him, but I just can’t, it seems impossible. I just watch him speechless as he pulled the dress off. I felt like disappearing from his presence. My eyes were wide open but I can’t see anything, the whole room is blank as well as my mind. I was still enjoying the kiss when I felt a sharp pain, like a razorblade cut. I couldn’t scream due to the kiss, the tears dropped.
I cant even explain how i feel and am not even sure if he loves me. I tried standing but I was still feeling the pain.
‘Am sorry,’ he said.
I feel disgusting right now, why couldn’t I have rejected. I started walking towards the door, but his words stopped me.
‘Use my bathroom, before you go out,’
I needed a shower but not here. I don’t want to spend anothet minute in this room.
‘Open the door I want to go,’
He stood up and carried me to the bathtub. Here comes another problem, I have my clothes on. How on earth will I leave here all wet.
‘I don’t have clothes to change,’
‘I will give you mine,’ he said and left.
What is wrong with him, hasn’t he done enough already and leave me alone. After the shower I tied the towel around me and left the bathroom. He was busy operating his phone.
‘You are through,’
I can’t explain if that was a question or a statement.
‘Let me get a clothe for you from your room,’
He left and came back with another dress.
‘This is the one I loved,’
‘Unfortunately in this house we don’t wear as to what people love but what your mum wants. Or do you want me to be accused of seducing you?’
‘You already did. Wear it then go and change,’
‘You can leave I want to change,’
‘There is nothing I haven’t seen and touched on your body. Do it faster because you are quiting the Job here,’
‘What! Where do you expect me to go?’ I said in tears.
He just used me and he wants me to quite working here.

Chapter 27
He came closer but I moved away. He wanted to wipe the tears but I refused.
‘Don’t touch me,’ I yelled at him.
‘For crying out loud, you don’t expect my girlfriend to work as a maid. I got a house for you. If Ivy finds out now she will kill you and I can’t allow that. I want to protect you as I deal with Ivy. I will talk to my mom and I have asked the agency for a new houselp,’
I felt joy in my heart. I wiped the tears and smiled.
‘Are you happy now?’ He asked and I nodded shyly.
‘Do that faster we are leaving now,’
The house was so big and beautiful. If my mom was still in the country I would have stayed with her but she already left.
‘Everything you need is here. I will be visiting you daily. Call me if you need anything else,’ he said and I smiled.
‘Thank you so much,’ I said and hugged him.
‘Just a hug? You would have added a kiss,’
I wish I could but am not yet free around him. I disengaged from the hug and ran upstairs. I opened the first room, laid on the bed, covered myself and pretended to be asleep. He came to the bed and covered himself too with the same duvet. He started kissing me again and I reciprocated. I could feel his hands move again.
‘Not again am still hurting,’ I pleaded.
‘Am sorry, its only that you didn’t tell me earlier, it wouldn’t have hurt so much,’
‘As if you asked,’ I said angrily and backed him.
Allen’s POV
I just started dating a crazy girl. She is angry with me because I made her feel pain.
‘You look ugly,’
‘Me, ugly,’ She turned around and faced me.
‘Who said you are handsome?’
‘Why did you accept me then?’
She stood up angrily and left the room. I didn’t say anything wrong to make her angry. I followed her and she was seated on the floor.
‘You will catch cold from there,’
‘You said am ugly,’
‘No, I said you look ugly when sad,’
She smiled and stood.
‘Can we go back,’
She nodded and followed behind.
Kendra’s POV
I fell asleep in his arms and woke up earlier than him.
‘Your mom was to come back yesterday. She must be worried,’ I said after waking him up.
‘I even forgot,’
‘I will be downstairs preparing breakfast,’
I left the room and went to the kitchen. I hadn’t known he ordered for his clothes until the delivery man arrived.

Last Love. Chapter 30 and 31

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