June 19, 2021

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My Girl. Episode 1

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My Girl. Episode 2

This is my bonus story????
????My Girl????
????Episode 01????
It was Monday morning.Well we use call Mondays ‘test day’.
Hm… i entered the class as i saw my best friend.
She was sad and beautiful too.
“Hey what’s wrong…”
“I’m nervous…l forgot to learn.How am i going to pass this test?”
I fondled her cheeks,”Don’t worry.We will do this together”.
“Come down,your hands are cold.l guess you are more than nervous…”
“Okay i won’t…”
“Then smile now….”,as she gave me the most beautiful smile.
My name is Jace,one of the famous brilliant boy and I’m also a school’s president in my school which is Milton High.
And my best friend is Eva.The girl every boy dream to have.
I even wonder how we became best friends.
Eva has always being my crush and the girl i will always love.
But she doesn’t she see that way.
She sees me only as a friend and nothing else…. And inside within me… I’m deeply hurt but I would never give go on her.
She is the love of my life and no one can replace her even though see don’t see it.
Shhh…its a secret. Please guys I’m begging you don’t tell anyone.Please..
Come on … don’t smile at me..
I’m really damn serious..
Don’t tell anyone
Promise me….

It was a chemistry test.
Well Eva and i are science students.
Everywhere was quiet as we all started the test.
I wonder how Eva is feeling right now.I was at the back staring at her and all she could just do is chew her pen.
She looks sexy when she does that.
Within 30mins i finished my work and rewrote them on a piece of paper..
I stood up as all eyes were on me.
As reached near Eva, I began to cough as I dropped on her dress.
I then look at her and gave a wink as she smiled at me and I have my test to the lecturer as I left the class.
I was at the cafeteria having some sandwich when from nowhere,Eva punched me playfully and she gave me kiss on my cheek which made me blush…
I know you would say you haven’t seen a boy blushing before but I bet we always do…
“Thank you….Jace”,she kiss me again.
“For what?”
“Come on,you know what you did?”
“I don’t remember”, I smirk.
“Pretend all you want but thanks…”
“Do you want sandwich”, I asked
“Yeah… I’m so hungry”
She took a mussle of the food and right there , Eric gave a kiss on Eva’s cheeks.Her boyfriend.
I don’t get along with her boyfriend and she know it bit she is so stubborn.
“Hey….baby,i miss u”,he said smiling.
Annoying Bastard!
“Me too….love”.
“I want us to have dinner alone tomorow”, He suggested.
“Is that a date?”
“Then i will be there Eric”,as he kiss her neck,suddenly l felt pain in my chest..
I think the pain in my chest made me realize how jealous i feel right now.
Their noses touched.I hope they aren’t going to kiss infront of me because i can’t stand it.
I have to do something to stop them.
I intentionally pushed my glass juice as it poured on him.
“Oh l’m sorry dude….”,I tried to act apologetic.
“Its okay….”as he stood up and left with a frown face..
“l guess you just drove my love away”, He said with a sad tone…
“Hmm..you think so…”,l said as she nod
Suddenly,l felt a watery kiss on my cheek.
It was Jane.She had always proposed to me but I’m not interested.
She has a big eyes and crouchy teeth and always had a messy hair.
She always call me Jacey which i find it annoying.
“Hi Jacey sweetie “as she hugged me.
“Jane,I’m talking to Eva.Can we chat later”
“We will chat later,please…”
“Okay….”as she pouts and left.
“That girl is really is a pain in a neck”as Eva burst out laughing.
“But she is head over heels inlove with u.Can’t you accept herJacey sweetie….”she teased.
“Seriously, Eva.Do you want me to get a heart attack when i accept her..”.
“But she loves you Jacey sweetie…”
I groaned…” Will you stop calling me Jacey sweetie…”
She continued laughing.
Its was the most lovely sound…
“You know its been a one and half year since we became besties and you never had a girlfriend.Why?,”
“Its because i don’t need one…”
“But have you dated before”
“Never? So u mean u’ve never been kissed before by a girl…”
I have never kissed a girl before. So what? I know it’s a shame that an 19 years old boy who can’t kiss…
it’s embarrassing…
She gasp in surprise.
“What?”, I asked.
“Nothing its just you are so cute to never recieve a kiss.So that’s your secret”
No Eva it’s isn’t.. .. I thought.
“Okay…. i have to go.Meet you at prep”
Prep simply means hours of learning… and this occurs very evening..
It was helpful for everyone but torturous for me since Eva studied with me together
She used to wear shorts which displays her thighs and a strapless top
She sits close to me and our skin touching each other
And those touches tingle my skin my skin too which always me get hard for her so this makes me unable to concentrate on my books…
She always drives me insane and she doesn’t know it ..
The next morning at dawn,l woke up to have a walk to refresh my mind.
There i saw Eva having an exercise around the park.
She was wearing a tracksuit with it with a short tube.
I stood up looking at her.I was lost in thought looking at her.
She was covered with swear and how I wished I stop and kissed her till she can’t breathe.
Oh Eva…. what you do to me ..
Suddenly i didnt realize when she left the park.
During class lessons,she came to the class with the same attire.Everyone was staring at her while some boys whistles. There is no denial that she was hot but Ella was a type of girl who never cared about her skin..or make up is her thing but she was one if the most beautiful girl on campus.
“Hey bestie,I’m going on camping”
“Really how many days”
“l think two or three”,she winked at me.
“Take care….”,as she left.
Two days has passed and Eva hasn’t arrive yet.i missed her presence and her plump lips giggling along with her smiles.
Two days without her and I’m already a mess.
I don’t even go to the cafeteria anymore…. neither go to preps.
I just need her.
I was in my class studying when my heart pounded.
I know that feeling so well.Something must be wrong with Eva..

My Girl. Episode 2

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