August 3, 2021

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My Girl. Episode 2

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My Girl. Episode 3
My Girl. Episode 1

????My Girl????
????Episode 02 ????
????Jace ????
These past two days i just don’t feel happy since Eva isn’t around.
“Hi Jacey sweetie…”,l heard Jane shouted.
Oh God not again.I hid under the table as my friend Lex burst out laughing.She walked to the class.
“Where is my Jacey sweetie”,she asked.
“He is under table”,lex said.
Right there l came out of the table.
“Hi Jane..”
“Jacey sweetie…why are you hiding from me”
“Um…l wasn’t hiding.I was taking my pen”,l lied as lex continue laughing.
“Can we take a walk Jacey sweetie”
“He will”,lex said as I rolled my eyes at him..
Well l have no choice but to walk with her.
We were both in the school garden.She was talking but i pay no attention suddenly i saw our school drove in.
Then l saw one guy carrying Eva on his shoulders.I think she passed out.
My heart pounded.
I decided to follow them but Jane caught my wrist.
“Jacey sweetie,don’t leave…”,
“I need to go…”
“Is she that important?”,she frowned.
“We are talking about my best friend.I need to see her.If you are not comfortable then leave”,as i released her grip…
I went to the school clinic to ask about what was going on.
“She was bitten by a snake”,one guy said.
“What!”as l run to her ward.
She was pale and helpless as l touched her.
She was cold then l knew she was on the death line.
She was so weak and yet so beautiful.The nurses inform me to go out as they check on her.
But l havent seen Eric the whole day but am glad he isn’t around.
I just knew that guy wasn’t serious for her.
In the evening l came back to pay her a visit since she’s is now out of danger.
“Hey…”as l held her hand in mine.
“Its been two days without you and l feel lost but when l heard you were bitten by a snake,l wanted to die”.
l stared at her for a while as i kiss her hands.
“Eva l miss you,please wake up…well i got to leave.Goodnight Eva”as i kissed her cheek but l was tempted by her lips and all l could think is to have a taste of her lips.
l moved closer to her lips as my lips brushed hers.
“What the hell are you doing to my girlfriend..”,Eric yelled.
“l wasn’t doing anything”
“I just saw you.You were about to kiss her”
“Get out before l smash you.You called yourself her bestfriend and yet you were about to kiss her”… as he pushed me out of the clinic.
Its been three days since l have visited Eva but l learnt she has been transferred to the main hospital in the community.
l missed her a lot and rumors has spread that Eric has been visiting her everyday so l decided to ask the health of Eva from him.
ln the evening,l went to the dorm but l couldn’t find him so l went to the school’s cafetaria.
When l reached there,what l saw was unbelievable.
There was girl sitting on his laps kissing him deeply.
“What are you guys doing?”as they both got startled by my question.
“Jace….”,he stummers
“Jace what? Don’t try explaining things to me.Eva must hear this”
“Don’t you dare try to tell her about it or else”
“Or else what?”
“You know what l can do”
“And I’m not scared of what you do…”
“l have gang,Jace.Are u trying to challenge me?”
“And l’m the school president. Do you want to expelled.”
“Hmm..lets see who wins,boy”,he gave an evily smile and l nodded as l stared at them especially the girl on him.
“And you,aren’t you ashamed of yourself.How could you make yourself so cheap to have him yet you claim you are call expensive”.
“Excuse me?”,she rolled her eyes.
“Just get out …”,and She obeyed immediately.
I punched Eric on the cheek , “This for cheating on Eva..”
And I was shocked none of his guys attack me but it feels good to punch him..
The next day,after school,l was in the class alone thinking about how to write a report on my school.
l was writing when l felt two hands covered my eyes.l knew it was Jane.
“Jane,l know its you so you better stop”,l said as she release my eyes.When l turned l was wrong,lt was Eva.
“Eva..”,l said excitedly as l hugged her.
“l miss you,Jace”,l heard her say as she sat close to me.She has lost weight.
“How everything”,she asked
“fine and how are u?”
“I’m better….Have you seen Eric?”
“No l haven’t”
“Hm..where could he be?”,she said.I think l need to tell her truth and it has to be now .
“Eric..”,l paused
“what happen to him,?”,she panicked…
“He cheated on you,two days ago with one of the Arts girls….”
“What! l don’t believe it…”
“Believe me,Eva…”
“My boyfriend can never do that”
“That’s enough,Jace.l don’t want to hear any word from you”
“listen to me..”
“Stop meddling with my love life and get a girlfriend rather stop acting like a kid.This your last warning Jace!
Don’t say I didn’t warn you”,she yelled at me.
l felt hurt by her words.l still wanted to explain things to her.
“Eva..”as l tried to touch her
“Don’t you dare touch me.You have always been jealous of him”
“What! you don’t know what you are talking about”
“l know exactly what I’m talking about.The truth is Eric is far better than you are.and you can’t stand him”
“What! where do get all this from”
“U think l don’t know.Stay away from my boyfriend!”as she left me the room.
How could she trust him that much.
it’s love Dude, She is in love and it has blinded her so try to understand.
l sat down still surprised at what just happened besides this our first argument .
The next morning at the school’s cafetaria,l bought juice and biscuits as l saw her sitting on our favourite seat.
I walked to her and sat by her but then she took her meal and got up and went to sit by some couple of girls next to me.
I guess she is still angry.Hmm l need to apologise to her for for what l did.I was still there when a light skinned girl came to sit by me.
“Hi,can you solve this for me”.Its was maths so within mins i was done.She was excited as she peck me while Eva saw us.
I thought she will even distract me by talking to me about her pecking me but she didnt even bother to look at me.
It been one month since she hasn’t talk to me.l never knew she will take this serious.
I miss her and I’m shattered inside me.
Well today is Friday and Lex my friend has been preparing for entertainment for the night.
Why should l go since my bestfriend isn’t with me?
Its been evening and l was alone in the dorm and all l could her was the heavy sound from the hall.
it was bashing in there but who cares.
Suddenly l started imagining Eric and Eva kissing and the more l think about it,the more my stomach rumbles.
l decided to take a walk on the garden
“Jace”,l heard a soft cry.l turned searching for the person.
“Jace….”as Eva ran and hugged me.She had been crying.
“Eva,whats wrong?”
“You are right”
“About what?”
“He cheated on me…”,as she continue crying.
“oh..l’m so sorry,Eva…”
“And the worse part is he said I’m a whore”
“So where is he now?”
“He is at the party with her”.l released her from my arms as l allowed her to sit on the lovers bench.l then kissed her temple.
“wait here….”,l said.
No one messed with my girl… if she cries I’m angry.

My Girl. Episode 3
My Girl. Episode 1

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