June 9, 2021

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My Girl. Episode 3

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????My Girl????
????Episode 03????
“Wait here”,l said.
“Where are you going”
“To do what l was suppose to do a long time ago…”
“Jace,don’t do anything stupid”
“l won’t….Just stay here”
Finally l reached the party and l saw him with her on his laps again.
l became more angry as l moved close to them.
I pulled the girl from him as l grab him by his shirt and punched him on the nose.
“What the hell is wrong with u”
“No one messes with my best friend not even you..,Eric”as l punched him again but am glad his gang wasn’t around him.
He was on the floor as l grab him by his shirt agn.
“The next time l see you around her,that bleeding nose of yours would be removed”,as l pushed him.
Everywhere was quiet as everyone was staring at me.I then looked at them and shouted.
“Lex,hit the music!”,and he did as I said as everyone continued dancing as l got out of the hall and went to the garden.
“Are you alright?”,she asked.
“Yes l’m fine”,I replied looking at her.
“Thank you….”
“lts nothing…goodnight Eva….”as l sas l started moving towards my dorm….
“Yea….”,I turned
“I’m sorry for everything l said to you”
“it’s okay…”,as l went to my dorm..
I can’t believe after what l did to Jace,he still helped me back. He is good and i really liked him for that but I felt sorry for that… for making him responsible and for blaming him…
I now realised Eric doesn’t deserve me and I don’t need him too..
Life goes on and right now I’m going to live the life the way I want but not the way Eric wants.
My ex boyfriend…
The next morning,l went to the class looking for Jace but l couldn’t find him.
I saw lex with his friends on the compound.
As l walked towards as two guys in the middle started whistling.
“Lex,l want to talk to you….”
“okay….”as he moved from his friends and came close to me.
“What is it?”
“Have you seenJace”
“Oh haven’t you heard,…..He has gone on a trip with the Principal…”
“When will he be back?”
“Why do you care any way? l thought you said he should stay away from you”,He frowns
“l know l said that but we made up lastnight”
“He will be back in a couple of months”, He rolls his eyes.
“No problem”,as he went back to his friend.
Months! thats a very long time.l turned and looked at his empty seat suddenly l saw him as he gave me a wink.
I see him everywhere… Why is this thing happening to me…
I miss him already.
“Eva,can you tell me what l just said”,the madam asked.
“Um..um,madam l didnt get you…I’m sorry”
“You are not in class,what’s wrong”,as everyone was staring at me.
“Nothing is wrong.. ..i’m sorry”.
“lts okay….”as she continued tutoring.
Jace.. .I miss you
At the cafetaria,l went for lunch and sat by my friend Mia.
She started looking around as if she was searching for something.
“What?”,l asked.
“Where is your friend,Jace”
“He’s gone on a trip….”
“Oh how l wish he was here.You know l like your friend a lot”
“Don’t even think about it.You already have three boyfriends….”
“I just want hot sex from him..hot one”,as she licked her lollipop seductively and l roll my eyes.
“Hey,don’t look at me like that”.
“Just back off”,I almost yell
“But l like him….”,she frown
“Just stay away….”
“Good…”,as l sipped my juice.
What with the pissy attitude… it’s like I’m jealous.
Have us my best friend and I will never be jealous of him.
lts been two months and Jace hasn’t arrived.
Since the day he left he hasn’t even called to check up on me…
I called several times but he didn’t pick..
Only God knows if he is ignoring me or not…
Today is Saturday and the Entertainment president,Lex has been selling tickets to the school.
There is an inter-party masquerade at West High.Its noted that, that school has the most Handsome guys and also its a high class school.
And today,lts all different high schools coming to one party and its all about wearing mask and fashion.l can’t wait for evening to come soon besides l have the most latest fashionnable dress.
Hm…..,how l wish Jace would go with me but since he’s on a trip,l have no other choice buh to go alone.
lts was 8:45pm when l arrived at the party.
l never knew West High was too beautiful and all l stood there staring at the place like a mere villager.
l saw Mia and guess what she was busily writing the contacts of the boys around her.
Well there lot of people and there l saw a bunch of my classmates as l walked towards dem.
“Hey guys”,l said
“You are so beautiful”,Rose said as everyone nodded.
“l can’t wait to meet the owner of this amazing school”,Vivian said.
“And why do you want to see him”
“l heard he is way too young and this school was given to him as his birthday gift…..”
“Wow…..no way!”,l said surprisely.
Its been 30mins and the party has been boring since Jace isn’t here so l decided to take a walk around the school.
l was in the garden dat was when a branch caught my dress unfortunately l fell as the mask re removed from my face.
I stood up as l wipe the leaves off my dress.He then took the mask on the floor and hand it to me.
Due to the mask,l couldnt see his face.
“Are you okay?”
“l’m glad,what are u doing here alone”
“l was bored with the party dats why l decided to take a walk”
“But its bashing out there”
“yea l know…”
“You look stunning”
“Thanks….You look nice too”
“Hm..can we take a walk, princess”
“Am not a princess but yes…”
Its hrs since we’ve been talking abt stuffs.Its like l’ve known him for ages buh l just met him today.
He is funny,gentle and moreover romantic.
“Whats says your time?”
“7mins to ten”
“Oh God! My school bus is gone by now.l have to go.See you someday or soon”.
“Wait….”as he grasp my wrist.
“Your name,beautiful..m”
“Eva…”,l nearly whispered as l ran searching for my friends luckily l found my school bus.
lts Monday morning as l entered the class l was a little exhausted.
l took my novel asl started reading but the truth is l was thinking of him.
I wish I could see him again. He was so gentle and by his face he was damn handsome…
Suddenly,Mia pounce on me with a magazine of him.
He wearing the clothes he wore before with the mask on his face.
“l never knew his name..Let see what this picture talks about in page 13”,as she flip the pages and there,
“He owns this school and Eva..thats you..with him….”,
“yea l know….”,as l look at both of us.
l was laughing and he was gazing at me.We were close and our nose were inches ages… His hands on my wrists .. .. What a beautiful intense sight.
“But how?”she said in in surprise….”l have to show dis to everyone”as she ran out of my sight…
What is wrong with her… The guy who talked to me was a Billionaire..
I can’t believe it…. I want to see him again.. ..
Hey guys….you miss me.Yea l know.
I’m really tired from the party two nights before.
lt was nice and bashing.Where is Eva? I miss her already.
“Hey handsome…..”,as she sat close to me.
It was Mia.She always has lollipop in her mouth.
“Just take a look at this..”as she showed me the pic of them.
l then smiled at the picture,she was really happy and gorgeous…
“Well its cool”
“l know but I’m surprised”
“ls that why you came here”
“No,l want you…. ”
“For what?”
“l think you already know” as she licked her lollipop seductively
“Oh l know.Well am not interested and you must be ashamed to ask me that”
..i frowned .

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