July 24, 2021

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My Secrete Angel. Episode 18

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???? Episode 18 ????
???? By Jennifer Owens ????

⏮️ Cleo’s POV ⏭️

It’s been 3 days since Rikki’s I mean Kim’s dad was discharged from the hospital and I’ve been living with them…….. Kinda.
Tyler on the other hand is really suffering, being so close to your love but isn’t even recognized.
It was morning, I got up from my little bed that Kim’s dad offered me.
I freshened up and went downstairs.

⏮️ Kim’s POV ⏭️

It feels so good being complete again.
I have my dad with me and even Cleo stays with us.
I got down from my bed, freshened up and wore a bum short, packed my hair in a ponytail and wore a tight top.
I went down stairs and immediately regretted it.
“Kim what are you wearing ” dad yelled with his eyes wide opened.
“appa I’m a changed girl so let me be”
I sat on the couch and I didn’t realize when a slap landed on my cheek
“appa ” I yelled rubbing my cheek.
He took a rod that was behind the couch and raised it up like he was gonna hit me with it.
I sprung up and ran to my room with super speed.
“dress like Kim for once and not sikki or nikki whatever they named you ” I heard appa shout from downstairs.
That’s right, let me be ME for once.
I off the clothes I wore earlier and put on a long skirt that reached my toe then I put on a top that I tucked in.
I left my hair in a ponytail and went downstairs looking more like Virgin Mary.
“ah this is my kim” my dad said spinning around in circles.
I turned and glared at Cleo that was laughing her ass out.
I didn’t feel like eating breakfast so I decided to go out to take some fresh air.
I turned the door knob and opened the door and that cutie, what’s his name again….. Tyler bumped into me.
“oh sorry ” he said smiling and I could tell there was sadness in his smile.
“it’s OK ” I said and stepped aside for him to enter.
I went in and sat on the couch too.
“um appa ” Tyler called and everyone’s attention was on him.
He looked at me with hurt and then turned to my dad.
“appa I just came to say goodbye ” he said and everyone’s happy mood dropped.
I might not know him but the few days I’ve known him, he’s really nice and caring.
“why what happened ” my dad asked, worried.
“well my mom wants me to go Seoul to finish my last year in school there, she wants me to graduate there and I accepted coz from there I think I’ll be able to forget all the pains and hurts ” he said as a tear slid down his cheek.
“oh Tyler, I’m really gonna miss you ” dad stood up and went to hug him then Cleo hugged him too and he turned to my direction but I just smiled at him.
He nodded and then headed to the door.
“I don’t wanna miss my train so I’ll get going ” he said and took a glance at me then left.
I sighed and rested my head on the couch.
I looked at Cleo and dad and their gaze was on me.
“what ” I asked looking at them simultaneously.
“are you sure you don’t remember anything ” Cleo asked and dad shook his head supporting Cleo’s question.
“ah I don’t and please stop asking me cos the more I try to remember the more I feel like I’m gonna die ” I seethed and rolled my eyes.
I stood up and ran out before my dad could say a word.
I was still running holding the skirt I wore.
I reached Mr kings shop so I stopped running.
There were vases and fragile cups on the floor.
I held my skirt and raised a leg to cross but I froze with one leg in the air when I heard Mr king clearing his throat.
“um I wasn’t planning on breaking anything ” I said with my leg still up.
“oh really then I must say the angel overtook the devil in you” he said and I was pissed off.
Devil in me?
I hit my leg down with anger and it landed on the very light fragile wine glass and it broke.
My mouth hanged open with my eyes widened.
I didn’t take a second look Mr king before I took off.
I was running until I bumped into someone and fell flat on my tummy.
I held my head and looked up to the person and I saw a very angry cute guy.
He was red as a tomato.
I sluggishly stood up with my leg shaking.
“I…. Um.. I ” I didn’t know what to say.
“shut the fuck up ” he yelled and I flinched.
“how dare you bump into me with your dirty body ” he seethed.
Dirty body?
“I’m sorry I can clean it off ” I said, dusting invisible dirt off him but he yanked my hands off him.
“don’t you dare lay your filthy hands on me ” he yelled and I flinched again.
Why does it sound like someone has told me that before.
He glared and turned away.
“um mister I’m very sorry ” I said loudly and he stopped on his track.
He turned and walked closer to me.
“you are not worth calling me mister, coz the mister you are calling me is too special and expensive to be called by you ” he pouted and left.
This rude dude just reminded me of Tyler you know?
“OMG Tyler!! ” I screamed and placed my two hands on my cheek.
Tyler, my angel.
How could I forget my angel.
Christina made me forget my angel.
He must have been in so much pain.
I’m really not gonna spare Christina.
“OMG ty Tyler is leaving today” I yelled and placed my hands on my head.
My angel please wait for me.
I took off my slippers that I wore and ran as fast as I could to the train station.


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