July 30, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 4

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????The Maid????
????Episode 04????
Where is Adria? It’s almost two hours as l glance at my watch.
Reporters and photogragraphers were taking pics of me.lts not obvious since I’m one of the richest guy in the country.
Girls were just approaching to me after all I’m a man.
I saw Tara sipping her juice.
Wait …. who even invited her here. I moved close to her.
“Leave now!”,I commanded.
“I’m not going anywhere…Your mom invited me and I’m not going anywhere ”
“Okay… this is my party and I want you to leave… “,I yelled to her face.
“She isn’t going anywhere Justin”,my mom yelled at my face.
“She is…”
“I said she isn’t leaving. if she leaves you won’t be my son anymore”
“Wait… are you choosing her over me”
“Just one move Justin and I will do what I had to”
I was so angry as I left. I don’t know what my mom has seen in Tara.
She is been worrying me to marry her for months now and when I deny her that.. all she had to do is to make my life miserable.
l was just welcoming my new guests when a car approaches and oh my God,l was so shock to see her.She is so beautiful and suddenly all photographers were taking pictures of her.She is very gorgeous and l’m very nervous now.
She was standing there as my bro brought her to our table.
I just wished it was me. Damn him.
“You look so beautiful”,l said.
“Don’t you think it will be nice if Adriana give the speech”,my mom said.
I know my mom is doing this on purpose.She knew Adria is uneducated.
l guess she wanted the whole world to know how horrible she is. I just have to stop this bullshit. She wants to take control over me just like she did to my dad.
I just hate what’s my mom is doing right now.
“l……..”,she trailed off nervously.
“Come on Adria..”,my mom gave her that pretending smile.
“Mom…she won’t”,Chris and I cut her off.
My mom went to the platform and then introduce Adria as our guest of honour and also ask her to give a speech on a microphone infront of everyone.
“Mom…you went to far”,l yelled.
“Mom… I can’t believe you did this”,Chris yelled as I saw Tara walking towards us.
“lts okay”,Adria assured to Christian and i.
l watched her as she walked on the platform. I was very nervous as if I was the one who wanted to give that..speech.
I hope she found a way out of this mess..
She stood in front of us.. her smile widens.
Chris and I looked at eachother then we look back at her.
“Hello ladies and gentlemen,my name is Adriana Styles.
lt’s a great honour to stand here to give a speech. Actually the truth is I wasn’t prepared for this speech but all I want to say is happy birthday to this handsome guy on my left…He deserve all the happiness in the world..”.
Yea my happiness lies with you Adria.
After that all I heard was applauds for her as Chris and I stood by her as we all climbed down.Chris gave me a hard stare and I rolled my eyes.
What’s the matter with him.
l was in the middle of them as Justin held my waist while Chris held my hand.I looked at them and l know they are both in love with me but the truth is l love both of them. Yea I know what am saying is insane but that’s what I feel and for now I don’t want to lose any of them and now that l see their mom hates me,l have stay away from them.
“Baby…”,Tara said softly and kissed Justin as photographers gave a shot.
I just feel like crying.. Does him love her?
No he doesn’t. But I saw how he held her in his arms.
Christian was behind me as I felt ashamed to look at him. Tears were in my eyes.
“Excuse me..”,I said as I ran to the bathroom. I wiped my tears and looked at myself in the mirror. it’s worthless crying over a womanizer like him. i put on a light make up to lighten up.
The moment I opened the door he’s in front of me, lifting me into his arms. Caught completely off guard, I gasp. Christian. His free hand in my long hair and pulls my head back, claiming my mouth. My fingers grab the fabric of his shirt and try to pull him closer. I feel like my whole body has just come alive and I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m twenty and I’ve never been kissed like this before. But this doesn’t feel like any kiss I’ve ever imagined. It feels like he’s devouring my body with his mouth, his teeth, his tongue. It feels like Christian is ravishing my soul.
“Tell me you want.. .me”,he whispered against my lips.
“Please just say the word.. please”
I kissed him deeply, “I want you..Chris”
He held me tightly, “Do you love my brother?
“Christian please…”
“Answer me..”,he said between kisses.
“I have to go…”,I pushed him but he was powerful against me.
“Please Christian let me go..”,I plead.
“Okay…”,as he kissed my forehead. I moved to the party as everyone was dancing.
“Dance with me”,Justin whispered in my ears. My heart pounded.
“l will…birthday boy”.
The song started as we waltz around and all l could to to look him in the eye.
“Where were you..?”,he asked.
“I was just around since you were with your girlfriend”
“She is my ex”
“I don’t give a damn”
“let get out of here..”,as we walked hand in hand to somewhere full of roses.He then stretched his hand
“My birthday gift…”
“Oh l forgot to get u one. Didn’t your girlfriend get you one..”
“Come on… just stop please”
“Okay fine..”
“So my gift”, He said as l removed one of my earrings.
“Happy birthday” and l place it in his hand.
“Thank you it’s means a lot to me” as he laughed.
“Thank you” and l laughed because in my entire life no woman has given me earings as a gift.its cheap but its valuable to me. i really want her. l moved close to her.
“l remember you said u want more ”
“Yes…” she reply as my arms are on her waist.
“Then l guess l have no problem doing it now” as l kissed her. it was slow as I pulled her tighter to taste her more.
“Can you take me to your home tommorow”
“Just say yes please. “,l begged.
We chatted the whole night and my love for her grew more.
“Hey wake up…” as l felt someone pulling the sheet on me.Elena l knew it.
“Elena l’m not ready to eat breakfast”
“lts not that…,take a look” as l wake sleepily to cheek what she’s up to.What!
l took the magazine and watched properly.
lts Adriana and l kissing in the magazine.lts hot from the way l see it.lts titled “Has The Playboy Found Love”.l smiled and l like it.
l went to the kitchen to check on Adria.l saw her washing the dishes as l wrap my hand from behind as she leaned against me and I inhaled her scent and kissed her neck.
“Good morning”
“Morning” she replied.
“Have you heard it”
“Heard what?”
“Never mind.Come on let go to ur house” as l pulled her.

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