July 30, 2021

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Celine and Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 85

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 87
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. ????chapter ✏85✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By moreexperience ????
(6zney )

She closed the door and brought out the dress wow it was awesome.

Celine dressed up quickly, Danny’s designer came in and made her up
She looked awesome

They walked out, Danny was already waiting for her outside

” you look pretty
” thanks

She waked with Danny into his car and Danny’s guard opened the door for her she entered before Danny.

” where are you taking me too
” I will be traveling tomorow so I decided to take you out.

” Jesus, you are travel…
Danny kissed her

” I will try my best to cut this journey short and I will come back for you, just promise to wait for me.

Celine smiled then she kissed him

” I promise

Soon they arrived

A guard opened the door and took celines hands he helped her walk down

CELine saw the big white yacht, wow it was amazing.

Like ten guards stood there. They bowed to Danny ,danny dragged her hand

They both looked at the big white yacht together

” welcome to my lina
” what you named a boat after me
” your name is my new password and signature everywhere. This means you Celine can claim everything I have ,my suite , this yacht ,all my cars , even my position in hoffman group.everything I have is yours Celine . You won’t sweat for anything in life.Am yours.

C+d ❤ forever

Celine smiled

” come

They walked into the boat and the driver rolled them into the ocean

Celine was amazed it was so big inside like a house

She rushed out and looked at the blue water from the balcony of the yacht

Wow the sight was amazing
Danny just looked at her quietly
As she opened her hands wide and smiled happily he hugged her from behind.

” what do you think
” this is heaven

Danny smiled as he left her and stood on the other side of the yacht looking into the ocean

Celine looked at him

His white transparent shirt that danced with the breeze

His long hair flying up and down

His diamond earing which sparkeled in line with his sliver necklace

His spotless skin which seduced her from the half buttoned shirt

His smiles which depicted satisfaction

Danny looked at her and waved

Celine ran to him and hugged him.
Danny touched her hair.

Danny dragged her into the yacht the walked into the bedroom

Celine saw the white bed which was filled with red rose petals

She smiled

As she took a hand full and poured an Danny’s face some of them roses lingered on his hair

Celine laughed at him
” cute trouble maker
CELIne smiled

Danny sat down and Celine sat facing him at the table
Where a glass of wine stood with a candles

Danny took her hands

” you are the most beautiful woman I ever met

Celine smiled

” I have a Wish celine
” tell me
” I want everyone to know that you are mine, so I want to inscript my name on you.
” smiled
” but tattoos are painful
” no those are cheap ones the original one is just like a marker it doesn’t pain but lasts forever , just like me and you.

Danny looked at her with a pleading face

” fine, then I will never try removing it . I promise

Danny smiled as he poured her a drink.

Angela arrived at stanelys house

She was really so scared

Just then two maids rushed out and carried her bag

Mrs Kendrick came out.

” gelai my dear
Angela smiled
” come come my dear

She dragged Angela into the house and dropped her bag in a particular room which was so girly.

” stanely just went out with simeon
” ok
” I always wanted a daughter

Here check this out

She handed her a box of jewelries
” I bought all them thinking I will have a daughter

” oh thanks

” do call me mother, and your shopping as well as your new dress sense is all on me gelai

” thanks mum.

” you are welcome,
So I just took make up classes,…… stay still I wanna try combining these eye shadows colours on your eye……… am coming

She rushed out and returned with her make up kit

” oh this is gonna be fun I finally have a gurl here.

Angela smiled as she painted her face

Just then stanely called Angela

” hey
” did you arrive
” yes
” did you meet your new husband which is my mum
Angela smiled
” get ready, you are in for it
” I know right
” see ya
He dropped the call

Danny lay in the white bed waiting for CELIne

She stepped out wearing only a white pant and bra with her hands wrapped round her stomach

killer stature Danny said in his mind as he smiled while looking at her with his jaw on the pillow

He didn’t say a word, Celine got shy she tried hiding her face

” you look pretty
CELIne smiled
She sat beside him

” am here, paint any part of my body you desire.
” your period ended?
” yes since.

Danny took the tattoo pencil which was already filled with black paint.

Celine lay beside him smiling

He bent towards her with the pen, he turned her to her side then he wrote ❤Danny ❤ from her lower waist down to her pant line he shifted her pant down from the side and drew the the second ❤ love diagram.

He drew this tattoo straight down and it looked pretty.

He took the other pen filled with red paint and painted the love diagram red❤

Then he held the pant for a while while drying it with air from his mouth

Celine laughed at him

” what’s funny…. he asked calmly
” the way you are taking your time to do this

Danny kissed her

” its dried, he covered the diagram with her pant. “don’t ever wipe this off ” he said to her
” I won’t.
” no one else should see this , its between us both , if someone else sees it especially male,I will get mad cos it means someone took of your pant.

” danny you are so jealous ..no wonder you chose that place.

Danny kissed her

” yea to scare them away.
Celine chuckled.

” won’t you take it off
” what?
Celine gently shifted her pant
” its been waiting for you.
” yes today.
Danny smiled.

He stood up and closed the window from which the guards could looked into the room.

He then covered the red curtain, this made the place look dim and romantic

Danny pushed all the rose petals on the bed to the floor then he carried a handful and poured in Celines face.

CELIne smiled at him

” you are sure ur ready
” since yesterday.
Danny chuckled as he rose to her on the bed, .he removed her hair band and freed her hair

he kissed her and gently unlocked the waist chain from her waist, he unlocked his lip from hers and dropped it on the table

CELIne smiled

” lets not defile your mother’s chain

Celine nodded as she held the bedsheet which she wrapped around her chest .

He gently moved to her lips and Celine deepened the kiss his other hand tried removing the bed cover from her chest but celine held it and chuckled gently.

Danny looked down for a while and laughed gently .

” you are not really ready. Celine ” noo not that .

Danny gently lay on her with his head burried to her chest.

” am out of the mood , am sleeping now , til tomorrow. Danny said
Celine smiled and ran her hands through his hair gently and steadily for a while


” am sorry, just wanted to wish for something

Danny looked up to her face .. and pecked her lips.
” tell me.
” I want to be your last Daniel,
” uhhmm what?!!.
” I need to be the last and only woman you will touch ever Danny can u Grant me that wish.
Danny chuckled cunningly .

” ok ,not that I cant grant it but just to be Clear….. is this the criteria for this sex to happeeeen? or is it not the criteria for this sex to happeeeen ? …… though Am just being curious.

Celine chuckled and kissed his lips.

I knew it would be difficult for you to grant . Spoilt child …… She thought to herself.

Celine smiled with satisfaction

” it’s not a criteria danny , when making a prayer to God u don’t hold him down to it you actually just plead.

She removed the bed cover from Her chest .

Exposing the red stonned bra Danny half unhooked before covering her before …

Danny kissed her lips gently and slowly.
Celine wrapped her fingers over him as he kissed her deliciously she closed both her eye.

He kiss her neck and moved her hair as he gently kissed her neck down to her cleavage.

**This tickled her .**

While running his lips down her neck to her cleavage celine wrapped her hands around him. She enjoyed the moment he was as gentle she thought she had gone to heaven.

Just then she felt him unhook the bra from behind .

And as he parted the sides gently he passionately kissed her cleavage .

Celine brushed her fingers all over him and carefully pulled out his singlet.

She brushed her fingers behind him and enjoyed the feel of his touch.

Danny finally dropped the bra and feathered his lips all over her.

Celine felt his chest on her breast she felt needy so she gently unzipped his trouser and Danny dropped it ….

He moved into her and licked her from her neck to her ni**le then be slipped his fingers into her thigh and removed her pant totally. He dropped it

He gently sipped his hands from her tummy down to her v*g*a ..Celine enjoyed his touch she widened her legs a bit as he carressed down there and fondled it. He moved his hands up and down Celine moaned out she good.just then she felt his finger which was tracing her opening she groaned out when he successfully inserted his index finger. It pained a bit as his fingers went deep and clicked all the right buttons…

She felt his finger come in and out gently.
He fingered her gently for a little while. she got more creamy..Celine got to enjoy the act when he removed the index finger. He decided to try his middle finger maybe create more allowance.

It was a little difficult…for only his middle finger..when he tried inserting it he saw pain in her face.

He already got scared , she was just too tight … how would they do it.

After a little effort his middle finger succeeded.He kissed her lips passionately.
He fingered her gently and she got more wet. He finally removed his middle finger.

It was so wet.

Danny spread her legs wide gently , just as wide as she could handle then he rose up to her .

He was already hard and erected but the tightness gave him second thoughts on penetrating

Finally he inserted to the surface but he couldn’t penetrate it was too tight .he was scared to apply pressure he knew it would pain.

Celine felt him insert around the surface but he didn’t apply pressure , it already pained a bit she wondered what would happen when he finally applied pressure .

Danny finally applied a little pressure but Celines face was giving him negative signals she was already showing signs of pains.

he wanted to withdraw but Celine encouraged him with a hot passionate kiss and kept her eyes closed as she wrapped her hands around him forcing him to apply more pressure.

Danny finally applied a little more pressure he didn’t want to penetrate with full force to avoid hurting her , he came in slowly.

Celine felt more pain she tried hiding the pain but her tears betrayed her.

He saw the pain in her face he tried withdrawing but Celine still intensified him with hot kisses , she did everything to to intensify him. She already wrapped his hands round her br**st so they hands won’t get bored ,she wanted him to just do it

” danny just do it.

Danny finally applied little more more pressure and that was when celine knew pain. Celine held him tight, her grip was so tight that she hurt him with her nails. she just inscripted the pain she felt as a mark on his skin with her sharp nails . she was in pain but they where still joking cos the hymen had not broken yet , it was just thicker.

Danny encouraged her with a kiss from her lips to her neck. while at it he used his hands to locate his small face pillow.

Once he got hold of the pillow he
Gently pushed the pillow closer to Celine. Then he slipped the pillow under her hip .


as CELIne lifted her hip to accept the pillow Danny instantly applied full pressure and that was when he sank

SHe felt a snap inside of her like a cut a deep cut.
He already felt her blood so strongly that he felt it in his soul

Danny didn’t want to make another move .he prefered to just withdraw , after all she’s no longer a virgin, they did it already . The hymen was broken already

But Celine wanted to give danny full pleasure . She really wanted to feel him inside of her.

It was pain but it was Danny if Danny was pain then pain should be her daily bread.She kissed him passionately

” Danny Continue

he tried moving but Celine held him tight without letting him go She carefully wrapped her legs around him.

” I want to feel you inside of me even if it’s painful, .. pls

Danny kissed her gently and removed the pillow from under her hip .He dropped it on the floor.

He drew the white bed sheet up to cover them then he came in and out of her

He stroked her gently for a few minutes coming in and out in a perfect rythym.

Celine moaned and Danny held both her hands she looked up at him with tears in her eye and dragged him down into her arms ….She just wrapped her hands behind him.

After a while he finally came out and lay beside her.

He lay on the bed beside her and wrapped his arms around her

He covered her body with the sheet as he kissed her lips


Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 87
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 83 and 84

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