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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 87

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????chapter ✏87✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
BY moreexperience ????
(6zney )

Back stage of the live show

The stage was already blind dark
That was Dannys signal to enter so no one would know when he enters

Danny took his small white phone from Mr king and walked into the stage

People only saw a white garment walking in they did not see who it was

Danny walked until he arrived on stage

The white curtain opened

Like millions of people already filled the hall shouting and chanting Danny’s name

Meanwhile celine was being made up

She was really pressed but she Waited for the make up artist to complete his work.

Meanwhile her stage trainer was just taliking too much.

” do you understand celine

” yes

” you have seen models in music videos right

” yes

” this is harder because you have to display all that live no edditing

” ok

” so the white table is your own stage, make sure you smile, pose and just make it real.

” ok sir.

” also dance and play AROund with the curtain.

” ok sir.

He walked out

Celine waited for the make up artist to finish touching up her face and once she was done celine ran into the ladies and locked the door, she felt someone locking the door from outside but she thought it was her imagination so she ignored the action

Meanwhile Danny sat down facing his piano which was designed and decorate into a big white table with red roses on it

The white curtain surrounded the area of the stage.

Danny sat down facing the piano which was in the lower layer of the table

All that his fans saw was the big c shaped table which covered Danny half. And the white curtain which made the stage look like a room

Just then the lights darkened again that was the signal for the model to walk in.

Mr king ran into the dressing room he met Celines make up

” where is the model
” I dunno she just rushed out
” someone check the toilet

Just then the girl who locked Celine in replied Mr king

” I checked it she’s not there

Mr king instantly texted Danny

*Danny save time *

Danny then looked into his Mic and spoke up

That was when the lights were bright on his face

He smiled

Then he spoke

The last time we gathered to hear this song

I didn’t show up on stage

All my fans Waited and left

I didn’t show up because something was missing

Something very important was missing.

Just like a journey of a thousand miles

I wrote this song but I couldn’t sing it.

But becaues of someone I was able to finish this journey and take it again

Because of someone I am able to finish this song and sing it again

Maybe because I have found my only one.

Every one here is lucky because this song won’t be published anywhere

It’s not just a song
Its a message to someone, someone that matters.

Everybody clapped

Just then a voice in the background spoke

“Danny Hoffman releasing “only you”

Meanwhile Sandra was looking for Celine when she ran into Miranda.

” what’s going on Every one is expecting the model

Mr king walked in

” I dunno where she is and her Time to come out has reached

” we need a replacement while we look for her, Danny Cant spoil this show again.

” which other model is available, am sure Miranda is busy and she can’t just do this out of the blue
Miranda tapped Mr king

” its ok Danny is my friend

” thank God you are dressed all right, all we need is a little touch up on your make up

Miranda walked into the dressing room

Mr king tried texting Danny

” what will you tell him
” that Celine is missing and he should manage Miranda

” you think danny will sing if you tell him that Celine is missing

” well what else, ok maybe her period or something

” they have been together for days what if he knows her period details

” then what do we do

” we should TExt him from celines phone.

They ran into the dressing room Sandra picked the phone and mr king rushed to look for Celine

Louisa had run into the passage she was looking for her necklace which dropped when she came back stage

She heard Celines voice in the last bathroom out of a row of 5 she ran to the door and tried opening it but it was locked

” Celine are you Okay
” no I can’t breath well
” who has the key, who do I call
” Danny

Louisa ran out Celine held her heart, She never liked being Locked up in a small space.

Louisa rushed out and almost ran into Gretel and simeon

” hey
” hy, Celine is Locked up
“what , that’s why she is not out yet
” where is she “, SIM asked

Louisa took them to the toilet

Simeon took Gretels hair pin

“this lock should be easy to pick
He tried opening the door

The stage brightened up
The stage floor was filled with clouds and smoke according to its design

Danny received a text from CEline

***Danny I feel weak I might not come out I don’t wanna stress myself. **

Danny texts her back

Ok, be safe.

Sandra dropped the phone

” ok Miranda can go in now

Mr king helped Miranda stand up she looked beautiful

Meanwhile Louisa was already touching up Celines make up which the heat spoilt

Mr king and Miranda arrived back stage just as Mr king tried opening the curtain of the stage for Miranda to walk in Celine walked out

Mr king rushed to her

” are you okay, what happened to you
” I will tell you later

” Miranda thank you but it has to be Celine, She is the reason why Danny is singing again and he might not sing of he doesn’t see her on stage.

Mr king took celines hands and opens the curtain she walked in.

Danny looked at her and smiled

Danny started playing the intro tune

Before Mr king could turn to look at Miranda she had already drove off.

CELIne sat on the white table facing Danny smiling

Cameras where flashing
People were shouting
Questions where being asked.

Danny spoke into the mic

” this song is dedicated to you celine, only you.

Everyone clapped

Danny pressed the key in his piano and the crowd clapped

Danny sang while Celine played the perfect role of a model she smiled and moved her hair backward on regular intervals

She changed her sitting positions at regular intervals too, She did it perfectly like she was thought.

Danny continued singing :

????It’s only you

????The word “only you ”

????Will be said to you, my love.

Celine moved her hair back and smiled

Danny :

????the air I breath

????The right choice I made

????It’s only you, my love

Celine moved his hair while smilling as she lay down on the piano table

Everybody clapped
Pictures were taking

Celine Stood up and wrapped herself round the white curtain as Danny sang

She did her work better than a top MODEl

Salvador watched her from the floor he was impressed with how celine managed her stage

Her golden stonned gown which exposed her amazing curves made Salvador more attracted to her on stage

Celine sat back on the piano table this time she faced the crowd and smiled seductively.

Reporters were gossiping






Everybody clapped.

Danny pressed the key smiling

????I searched, I searched

????I looked , I looked

????I wanted you, my only one

????My tears my cries

????My pains my scars

????All came, when you left.

He smiled and looked at celine as he repeated the words again

????My only one

????My only one

????That is you.

Celine kissed his cheek Danny smiled

He stopped pressing the piano and stood up with the Mic.

The tune now played in the background

He carried Celine down from the piano table and hugged her from behind as he hugged her he held the Mic up from her shoulders and continued singing as he kissed her neck.

Celine smiled in tears.

Danny :

????Don’t ever turn your back on me

????Don’t ever tell me, baby let me go

????I Am addicted to you.

????I Am drugged by your smile

????Your smile sets me free

????Your tears imprisons me.

CELIne tried rushing out but he dragged her hands back

She ran back to him and hugged him

Danny then knelt down and took her hands while she stood smiling

He sang

????Only you, it’s only you

????The voice that sets me free

????its only you

????The lyrics behind my sound

????its only you

????The cloud behind my rain of joy its you.

He looked in her face and said the the last lyric

????It’s only u I swear

????I cannot leave I swear

????You are my breAth and the reason I live

????Lina I swear…..

He drooped the Mic on the floor Celine dragged him up

Everybody started shouting and clapping

Danny looked in Celines face and wbispered

” I swear.

He kissed her

Everybody shouted, some people cried

Emma watched the video from her phone back in New York

She smiled and dropped the phone

Danny unlocked his lip from Celine and took her hands he dragged forward to the stage light and hugged her

Everybody clapped shouting and making noise

” thank you for coming
” I will always come ” i swear.

Danny hugged her again and they walked out of stage.

The news was every where




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  1. Wawoooh…I love this story. I can’t wait to see the end of that wicked obsessed mirinda…and kudos to the author looking forward to the next episode cos there is still more untold

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