August 3, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 90

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He and her V

Episode 90

^Camilla’s POV^

I was really fighting tears to pour from my eyes. I do not even know who to blame , if it is Grace who had successful seduced Tucker or Tucker who had yielded easily to her plot.

I was almost lowering my head to cry when I suddenly remembered the advice of the marriage counsellor I went to meet.

The woman advised that I should fight for my marriage.

I stood boldly and walked to where Grace stood n@ked. I pushed her away from Tucker and she staggered back.

“Tucked , what has come upon you?”

He blinked his face like he didn’t even know what he was doing. He lowered his head sadly and shook his head.

“Camila ,I’m so sorry” He pleaded and raised his head at me slightly.

I looked away from him angrily and exchanged a terrible look with Grace.

Grace smirked like someone thinking of how she will get me. She picked up her gown and walked away.

“Camilla , please for…”

“Just leave ” I yelled before he could complete his statement.

“Camilla!” He called my name again and I walked away from him angrily and sat on my bed backing him.

I could fell him walking towards me , he tried to touch me but I flinched

“Tucker ,please leave ” I said sternly and he obliged sullenly.

If it was another woman that tried to seduce him in such way , would he
have fallen so easily. Plus it was even right before me. Gosh!

It’s so painful seeing how weak and helpless he is before Grace.

I forced myself into sleep.

I woke after many hours as a result of someone rubbing my laps.

I tried to open my eye to understand what was really happening.

I noticed that the light in the room had being off. I couldn’t even see his face.

He kept rubbing my laps and finally placed his hand on my b##st. I flinched his hand away and struggled to stand but the stronger hand pulled me back to the bed.

“Who in the world is this?”I yelled.

He didn’t speak and with the scent , I know it’s not Tucker.

” Walter , save me , someone is hurting me ” I yelled but the man tore my cloth in the process.

Jeez! Am I about to get r@ped. How in the world did this man enter?

And where is Walter by the way.

“Tucker! Walter! ” I yelled but no one was listening and the man about to r@pe me isn’t even making any sound.

I finally feel him bringing his hand towards my v@g!n@

Oh my days! This must not happen.

I need to do something quick to help myself but this man seems very stronger than I am.

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