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Hidden Beauty. Episode 7

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Hidden beauty
Episode 7
(The strong me)

Throughout the weekend, my brother avoided me like a plague. He refused to talk to me and it was all because of what happened. He was clearly still mad at me.
When boredom got hold of me, I dragged my feet guiltily to his room and knocked.
“Come in” he said lowly.
I slowly creaked the door open and stepped in. I settled on the bed beside him and he looked away.
“Look Feathers, I’m really very sorry about everything. I didn’t mean to make you mad. I never expected such. I never knew Williamson could be so cunning. He tricked and lured me into coming to that party. He even pleaded with me as if he cared. I was too foolish to realise all that. I was blinded by his stupid love” I explained.
“You should’ve known Joy. You shouldn’t had trusted him” he said calmly.
“Yeah my bad. What had been done had already been done. But I promise you nothing of this sort will ever repeat itself”
“Alright Joy” he exhaled looking straight into my eyes.
He smiled and pulled me into a hug.
“There’s something you don’t know Joy” he said pulling apart from the hug.
“What is that?” I asked curiously.
“You’re very pretty” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“Whatever, that’s what you and mum always say” I said feigning annoyance and he chuckled.
I left the room after having a good time with my brother. Feathers is the best brother ever

Williamson’s POV
Feather’s words really got me. But what got me most was why the girl prevented her brother from beating me up.
Now keep that aside, her brother humiliated me in front of everyone and worst, in my own party. She’ll suffer the consequences.
Immediately I stepped into class the next morning, I sighted the ugly duckling reading some books on her seat. I felt the urge to walk up to her and punch her ugly face but I maintained because her brother Feathers was in class.
“Yo Man” my best friend Prosper called and we did a bro handshake and sat on our seats.
“Why are you being quiet?” Prosper asked.
“I’m thinking of a way to deal with that ugly bitch” I spat.
“Don’t be ridiculous, do you have to think of a way while you’ve got me right here by your side?” he said laughing.
“Say it man” I said paying attention to him. He whispered it in my ears and I let out a big laughter attracting the other students attention.
“Thank you Prosper but this one ain’t gon work” I said and Prosper frowned.
“What do you mean it ain’t gon work?” he asked.
“I mean it ain’t gon work” I repeated again and he frowned more and turned to face his front.
Just then, the teacher walked into the class and started teaching.
“Excuse me Miss” a sweet voice said and everyone’s attention turned to its direction. Ewww! It’s the ugly duckling. She’s got a sweet voice but an ugly face. Haha!
“Yes Joy, what is it?” the teacher, Miss Rose asked.
“May I use the rest room?” she asked and Miss Rose nodded. She stood up and walked out of the class.
As soon as the bell rang, Miss Rose left the class and almost immediately, the ugly duckling walked in.
“Everyone look! The ugly duckling!” a girl announced and all eyes turned to Joy. They all bursted into laughter.
But the most shocking thing happened. Joy shook her head as if nothing happened and walked leisurely to her seat. Everyone stared at her in shock. We all expected her to cry.
I left my seat and walked up to her with everyone staring.
“Look at your face Joy” I said hitting my arms on her table. She stared at me expressionless.
“You’re ugly, you stink, you’re worthless, you’re useless, you’re stupid, you’re dumb. You don’t deserve to be in this school” I spat and everyone laughed.
Joy’s POV
His words stung in my chest but I tried as much as possible to fight back those stupid tears threatening to well up in my eyes, those stupid tears that make me look helpless.
“Williamson!” my brother Feathers warned walking up to him.
“Oh the one and only over protective brother Feathers! What you gon do huh?” he said poking my forehead with his fingers. The class laughed out loud.
“Don’t you dare touch her ag….” Feathers said but I caught him short by raising up my hand.
“Let him touch me Feathers” I said standing up and the class gasped and murmured among themselves.
“Wow! The ugly duckling just got a mouth to talk!” someone shouted and everyone giggled mockingly. I shrugged it off and faced Williamson with a stern face.
“You have grown wings huh?” he asked trying to poke me again on my forehead but I caught his finger and bent it but in such a way that it wouldn’t hurt much. He winced in pain and I released the finger.
Everyone stared in shock. I also couldn’t believe I did that to him. I glanced at Feathers and saw a smirk played on his lips. He gave me a thumbs up and I felt encouraged.
This has to stop! Everything has to stop! The bully has to stop! It’s time to live a free and better life!
“How dare you do that to me?!” Williamson exclaimed in fury and raised his hand to slap me but Feathers caught the hand in the air.
“Who gave you the right to attempt that?” Feathers asked in fury. The rage in Williamson’s eyes was nothing compared to the rage in my brothers eyes. He looked like he’ll murder someone any moment.
The two stared at each in rage.
“Calm down Feathers, allow me” I said stepping in between them. I turned to Williamson.
“You ugly…” He started but I cut him short.
“Ugly duckling huh? You’ve said it many times. It’s my name everyone know that. So what’s the point huh? You call me ugly. I know I’m ugly. So why do you think it’s necessary to bother the ugly duckling?” I said and all of them kept mute. Williamson had murderous and shocked looks on his face. I continued
“Do you know who’s ugly here? All of you guys are!” I said pointing at all of them seated.
“You are the ugliest!” I said pointing at Williamson. He froze.
“Y’all have got dirty minds and ugly souls” I said looking at all of them. They gasped.
“You can call me all you wish, the least I care. But don’t ever cross your boundaries. Because the ugly duckling right in front of you can change overnight and become something you all wouldn’t want to see” I warned.
“Show’s over. Now everybody back to his seat!” Feathers instructed and everyone else scurried away to his seat. Williamson glared at me before walking away. I sat back on my seat and exhaled.
‘You did a good job out there’ my mind praised me and I smiled.
For the first time in months, I’m standing up for my self. Time to become strong. Time to get rid of the dumb, weak and helpless me.
Williamson’s POV
This girl here has grown wings and I’ll show her that she messed up with the wrong person. I mean how dare she humiliate me in front of everyone?! How dare she touch me with her ugly hands?!
During lunch break, I walked up to Selena, one of the baddest bitches in class.
“Yo Willy, what’s up?” she asked chewing bubble gum.
“I want you to do something for me” I said.
“And what do I get in return?” she asked.
“What do you want baby?”
“You know what I always want baby” she smirked.
“Right!” I said and pulled her to a corner and kissed her deeply.
“Now what do you want me to do?” she asked pulling away and running her hands on my bare chest through my shirt.
“Deal with the ugly duckling for me for just a week and I promise I’ll give you all you want within that week. You know I’ll be a bit busy so I won’t get to deal with her herself”
“Consider it down baby” she said and we continued kissing.
Haha! This war has just started Joy! You’ll get what you deserve soon. I’ll deal with Feathers myself while Selena will deal with you. You just got into the right hands!…..

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