June 9, 2021

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My Girl. Episode 4

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My Girl. Episode 3

????My girl????
????Episode 4????
“Come on…you know we both want it besides you the most naughty boy”
“I’m glad u know…Are you done”
“Maybe…”,she left
“Then leave.l don’t need an already used girl”,l said as she angrily left me.
“Jace!”,l heard Eva screamed as she ran to hug me.Everyone was staring at us.
“Never knew you would miss me that much…”
“Of course l did.l missed you so much” as we both sat down.
“You know,l want to tell you something…”
“Don’t tell me its about you and that guy on the magazine”
“You’ve heard it too…”
“Everyone on campus knows that you spent the night with him”
“l didn’t spend the night.We just met…”
“And we talked and besides he is nice”
“Don’t tell me,you’ve fall for him already”
“No,l haven’t”, she snort…
We were both silent as Rose came to us.
“Hey… the library president said l should hand this to you…”as she hand the letter to Eva.
“Okay thanks…”
“l wonder who it might be from?”
“Why don’t you take a look…”
“Okay….lts says, to the most beautiful girl i spent the night with..”
“Okay….lets see what’s in here.Do you want me to read to your hearing”,she asked me.
“lf u want to”,l replied.
⚘The Letter⚘
l really enjoy spending time with you even if we’re just going to be sitting around and talking about nothing.
There are a million things l love about you.
Like your nose or the way you smile,the way you look at me in the eye too and l just get the greatest feeling that when l make you laugh,l feel as if my company makes you happy.
And when l see u laugh at my clumsy ways,lt makes me want to spend the rest of my life with you so l can see the smile on your face.
Spending time with you is so precious and l love every minute that we are together.l wanna see you again.

“Wow! This guy really likes u”
“Hmm….”, She smiled
“So tell me,will you meet him”
“l can’t wait.You know what l’ll be right back”.as she left me looking at the letter again.
Now guys l want to share my secret with you guys and promise me you won’t tell her.
l was the one who spend the night with her and l owned West high.
-Don’t tell her.
Its been 3days since l recieved that letter and l can’t stop tinking about it.
One evening l was done with my studies when l started browsing on social media suddenly l saw a friendly request and it was Jade Cruise.
l then accepted then realised its was my crush,l mean the guy l met at the party.
As days passed l started falling for him but l had one problem and that was sleeping in class during class lessons and Jace will not shut up but rather tease me all day or sometimes tickle me with his breath or pen.
l can’t stand him anymore but he is my bestie anyway.
lt been a boring afternoon and all l want to do is sleep suddenly,the school siren brought me back to realisation.
We all gathered waiting for what the Principal had for us.
“Good afternoon students..”,she said as we all responded.Jace was next to her as l pout my lips at him and he gave me a wink.
“Well we have a lot of activities ahead of us and we are competing with West High which means they’ll be coming here”,she said as my heart pounded.
l cant belive West High is coming to my school tomorrow.
l cant wait to see Jade but the most happiest thing is that we chat all night and l ask him to see his face and he said when he comes to my school tomorrow,l will be the first person l see tomorrow.
The next morning,l was at the cafetaria with Jace when l heard that West High has arrived then l became excited.
“What’s with you,Eva…”
“l just want to meet Jade…”
“l wonder what that guy did to u”
“l think l’m madly inlove with him.l have to go”.
lts been 10mins and l can’t find him.l was in the library when he texted me that he was in the garden.Within a few mins,l was there,his back was turned to me.He was dressed in West High tracksuit.
“Hey beauty,l miss you”
“Me too.Please turn l want to see ur face”
“Jade,please turn…”
“lts difficult”
“Whats difficult ….of turning your face to me”
“Because l’m scared”
“Of what Jade?”
“Of what you might say”
“Come on….l wont,please turn”
“Okay”as he turned and my heard pounded
“Jace”,it’s was nearly a whisper
“Jace”,she said as tears pricked her eyes.
“Eva,l…..”, I stammered. I just couldn’t speak…
“You were him all this while and l fell for you and you still hid the truth.”
“Eva l’m sorry but l was so scared to tell you the truth”.
“U were scared? But you weren’t scared when you started with your lies and and I was a fool,l keep telling you about what l feel for Jade not realizing,it was you all this time”
“l’m sorry….Eva”
“l thought you were my bestfriend”,she was almost sobbing.
“Yes l am and l will always be..”.
“No you are not..l don’t want anything to do with you,Jace.Our friendship is over….”,as she ran out of my sight.
l knew this day would come and l would pay dearly for it.
At night,l texted her through out but she didn’t reply my messages.l have no other choice but to send a song for her to listen to how sorry l am.
I’m so desperate right now and thanks to those who kept my secrets but l don’t know what to do and l don’t know how to win her back.

My Girl. Episode 3

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