July 31, 2021

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My Secrete Angel. Episode 19

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???? Episode 19 ????
???? By Jennifer Owens ????

⏮️ Kim’s POV continues ⏭️

I stopped to catch my breath when I reached the station.
Everywhere was crowded that I had to forcefully get through.
I went towards the train going to Seoul and it was damn crowded.
I looked at my watch and in the next 2 mins the train will leave.
How do I find Tyler in the midst of all this crowd in just two minutes ?
I started running, crying and calling Tyler’s name.
I searched almost everywhere but no sign of Tyler.
I watched as my watch ticked 5 4 3 2 1 and the train started.
I watched with tears streaming down my cheeks as the train left.
I bent down and cried with my hands covering my face.
I lost my angel again.
I don’t even know where he’s going in Seoul.
I sluggishly stood up with tears still pouring down like rain and walked away not knowing where I was headed to.
I turned to go out through the exit but I stopped on my track when I saw a guy.
The same hair as Tyler.
His back was facing me.
I walked towards him and I could see he was crying, cursing and tearing his ticket.
“Tyler ” I called almost in a whisper.
He turned to face me and stood up.
“kim” he called with tears still rushing down his cheeks.
“Tyler ” I called and ran to him.
He picked me up so that my legs were crossed around his waist and I buried my face on his neck.
We sobbed quietly for a while on each other ‘s arm.
“Tyler biané ” I said calmly and he held me tighter.
He caressed my hair and slowly dropped me on my feet.
He cupped my cheek with his hands and used his thumbs to wipe away my tears.
I cupped his cheek too and wiped his tears with my thumb.
We looked at each other straight in the eyes and he slowly brought his head towards mine then his soft lip landed on my gently.
I deepened the kiss and ran my hands through his hair and he pulled me tighter against him.
He pulled away from the kiss and gently rubbed my cheek.
“I love you” he said and I smiled.
“I love you Kim Sertori ” he said again and I hugged him tight.
I felt him kiss my neck and I giggled.
We walked home hand in hand.
“so Tyler, tell me why didn’t you leave ” I asked.
“because I couldn’t find it in me to leave you ” he said and I smiled
“biané ” I said softly and he rubbed my head.
We got in the house and Cleo and dad sprung up seeing us.
“Kim ” dad said almost in tears and wrapped his arms around me.
We had a little get together and that’s when Tyler asked.
“but Kim, I don’t still get it, what were you doing at that deserted area ” he asked and everyone’s gaze turned to ME.
“I didn’t go there myself, I was taken there ” I said and they were more curious.
“I was coming to the school to meet you but then I was abducted ” I said and dad and Tyler sprung up and yelled “what ”
I nodded and continued.
“Tyler’s car was entering and the car I was in was leaving, they took me to that deserted area and pushed me off the cliff ” I said and dad yelled.
“who could have done such a thing ” Cleo asked.
“Christina ” I said and Tyler’s face turned red.
He looked at me all flared up and I nodded positively.
He sprung up and headed to the door but I was fast to stop him.
“Tyler don’t, we need evidence ” I said and he smirked.
“I don’t need any evidence to strangle Christina with my bare hands ” he smirked.
“no Tyler, you will be arrested and I can’t afford to loose you, not again ” I said softly and he nodded gently.
“how do we get evidence cuz I’m ready to expose to my dad and the press who Christina Perri the daughter of the minister of education really is” Cleo said.
“and then she will be locked up behind bars and her dad will loose his position as the minister of education ” Tyler said and smiled wryly.
“I’m still somehow grateful they pushed me off that cliff and that was how I got to meet and know Cleo and her dad” I said dreamily and rested my head on the couch.
I sprung my head up immediately I noticed dad and Tyler glaring at me with red eye like they were gonna strangle me with their eyes.
“aiish that’s not what I meant ” I said and laughed, scratching my head.
“but how do we get evidence to use against Christina ” Cleo asked
“yeah how do we” dad asked too and I nodded.
“I know how ” Tyler said and smiled cunningly.


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