July 31, 2021

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Never Knew She Is Beautiful. Episode 22

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful

Episode 22


At night!

I had dressed my best and was sitting alone at the club waiting for the boss. My sister didn’t follow me this time since I’ve got a date with another.

He finally arrived and walked gorgeously to where I sat.

“Oh! I’m sorry for keeping you waiting ” He apologized.

“It’s alright”

“You look so beautiful miss ” He said and I blushed.

“You are not bad!” I said and he checked himself. He smiled at himself happily but suddenly touch his head as his face turned sour.

“Sorry for this question, we will still dance and have fun but I needed to ask you this first. I had being disturbed since morning and no one is ready to tell me the truth” He paused and swallowed.

“Please tell me the truth ,I’m ready to take it. Is my head big?” He asked and I expressed my utmost surprise at his question.

“Head! Big! ” I repeated those words and examined his head very well.

“Not that big ,but bigger than normal. It’s bigger that your body actually. Like , bigger than a basketball ” I said and I saw fear written all over his face.

“The first time I saw you, I thought you were abnormal since abnormal people are the ones with big head. Sincerely , I feel so sorry for you” I said and he lowered his head sadly.

He began to cry while I just laughed on the inside of me.

“I wish my head is not like this ” He said amidst tears. “Thanks for telling me the truth ”

“I will go for surgical operation as soon as possible. What would you like to eat?”

“Erm…surgical operation! For your head right?”

“Yes of course ” He replied still sad.

“Simple thing. I can actually help you reduce it ” I said and he’s face suddenly became brightened.

“Seriously, like you have the solution to my problem with you?”


“Wow! Please tell me?” I asked.

“Erm… , not so easily. It’s a pill. I will order it for you from a country that sells it ”

“Oh , please order it already ” He pleaded.

“Not so soon, it is very exorbitant ” I replied.

“Money is not my problem ,his much is it?”

“Just 50 thousand dollar ” I stated my three months salary and he thought for a while.

“Okay , then. I’ll forward it tomorrow ” He said and I smiled.

“Alright, order for any food , I will eat gladly ” I said.

“Thanks baby ” He said and ordered for food.

We finally began to eat

“You haven’t given me the car your promised. ”

“I will do that for you tomorrow. Erm…I think I just need to tell you this. I really like you” He said and I smiled.

“I’m scared of men ” I said expecting him to be persistent.

“Okay” He said and continued eating.

What the hell! Not even romantic. How can he just reply with okay?

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