June 18, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 5

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????The Maid????
????Episode 5????
“Wait…Are we going with your car?”,l asked.
“Yea why”
“We don’t need a car but we need to walk”
“Okay” as he walked hand in hand chatting romantically till we reached the forest.
“Adria where….” he trailed off as l placed strawberry in his mouth.
“Hm..it delicious like ur lips”
“So want to taste my lips too”
“Yea please”
l closed my eyes waiting for him to kiss him.
“Adria…” he said but l didnt mind him.
“kiss me already…”
“Adria…” and it was almost like a yell
“What?”, I yelled back.
“Please…look..down” he said shakely.
And l did and guess what it was a snake wrapped around his legs
“Oh that….lts doesn’t bite” as l removed it and wrap it around my neck.
“See l told u it doesnt bite”
“Adria!”,he warned
“Ok fine”, as l removed the snake around my neck.
A few mins we started talking again but l realised he was a little scared due to how he was looking around.
“Adria how many miles to reached ur home?”
“l don’t know but we need to cross the tigeress cave before we reached home”,l said as his eyes widen.
“lsn’t there any other way apart from that way”
“No and besides she is my friend”
“How can that wild thing be your friend”.
“It doesn’t bite okay… unless you harm it..”
“Adria… it’s a tigress”
“I know…”,i said as he walked passed me. I was behind him as I pluck leaves just playing with them.
We finally reached the waterfalls as I stood to look at it. I slowly tiptoed as I entered inside the water.
“isn’t it beautiful Adria”,he turned but I dive down so he couldn’t see me.
“Adria….”, he shouted.
“The water is really amazing ..”,i said as he frown.
“Adria please get out now”
“Nope… join me.”,l smiled.
“You are insane who knows what’s in there”
“Nothing is here..”
“I’m leaving..”,he frown as he turned.
“Help Justin…”,I shout pretending I was drowning.
“I’m not falling for your games Adria…”
I pretend to splash the water more to make him scared and slowly I sink down waiting for him to get in.
And finally he jumped in and he reached for me.
“Adria are you okay…”,he asked as I laughed.
“Seriously Adria… you thought this was a game. I was lost when you drown and you are seriously laughing…”,he said in a sad tone.
“I’m sorry but I thought…..”
“That I was joking too…. I nearly died when u drown..”,He moved close as he pushed the hair from my face.
“I’m sorry… really sorry”
“I……”,he trailed off
“You what?”,
“Never mind…”,he said as he moved more closer.
“Tell me you are not interested in my brother ”
“Justin…. ”
“Please just say the truth”,he begged.
I moved close to him,he pulled my legs to wrapped around his waist.
Slowly moving my eyes back to his face, I see his jaw is hard from clenching it. He’s so handsome. His eyes lock on mine, and they’re so green they almost look like colored contact lenses. Those blazing emeralds snap away and do a head to toe sweep of my body. My breath catches in my throat at the look he gives me.
My hands on his cheeks and slowly I kissed him.
His hands were in my hair as he captured my lips,slowly consuming me.
“Tell me you are mine… Adria”,he trailed kisses down my neck as I moaned.
“I can’t….”,i whispered.
“You can’t wait…”
“I can’t say them”,I blurt out as he let go of me.
He swam back to the shore as he wore his shirt.. What have I done.
I moved close to him, “I’m sorry Justin”
“You don’t have to be.. it’s okay”,as he tried to put a force smile.
“Okay… come on let’s go…”,as we walked but none of us talked. I know he is pissed at me right now.
We reached the tigeress cave… She was lying on the ground with her cubs around her. They were actually sucking her breasts and right there l felt Justin holding my hands tightly.
I thought he said he was kissed off but now why is he touching me.
The moved close as Justin held me tighter.
“Would you relax…its calm.”
I knelt in front of it as my hands brushed it fur.. .it’s then lie down on the floor as I played with its fur.
Justin was standing there looking at me with wide eyes.
“Come on touch it… it’s won’t bite you”,I say and slowly he knelt beside me as I pulled his hand to the animal guiding him on how to play with his fur.
“Wow… Adria you are amazing…”,He said kissing my cheeks.
“Thank you.”
We played with it for a while before we reached home.
“Well… this is my home”, I said embarrassed. it just a wooden structure and I personally decorated our home with flowers to make it more beautiful.
“Wow.. it’s pretty “,he states.
“Are you teasing me”
“No… I’m serious”
“Lets go inside…”,as I opened the door and he leads.
My grandpa was in the other room….
“Let me introduce you to my grandpa”,I said and he nodded.
We moved as I saw my grandpa having a juice,.
“Adria my dear you are back early..”
“Yea… meet Justin Willson. He owns where I work.”
“Nice meeting u young man”,my grandpa smiled as he shaked me..
“Nice meeting u too sir”,he replied.
“Dear I will leave you two. I have to see an old friend”
“okay grandpa take care..”,I said behind him as he slowly left us.
Justin made me gasps as he pulled me in his arms. His breaths tingling my neck.
“Today is my first time I had a girl scared the hell out of me..”, He whispered and I smiled.
I woke up feeling good. Last night was amazing with Adria. She drives me insane and I really enjoyed how she looked at me with lust in her eyes.
The way she kissed me was too consuming and I won’t forget that beautiful kiss.
I brushed my teeth as I moved to the kitchen for my breakfast.
I saw Elena busily washing the plates..
“Good morning Christian”,he said.
“Good morning Elena. Where is Adria..”
“She left with Justin this morning”
Anger started boiling in my chest. He just want to use her like the way he uses other girls and I won’t allow that.
I smash the glass on the wall as Elena gasp.
I left as I moved to the garden waiting for them patiently.
Three hours later I saw her with him … they were both laughing.
Justin’s hands on Adria hands…
“Get your hands off her”,I yelled at him.
“I won’t ..”,he yelled back.
Adria was just looking at me with confusion.
“She is mine…”,I growl
“She is mine too Christian so you have to back off..”
“I know you want to use and that’s it..”
“it’s true I used girls but Adria is different from all of them”
And with anger I punched him on his cheek.
“Asshole.. don’t ever lie like that again..”
“I have had enough… “,and he pushed me too.
He has the guts. I moved to him as Adria moved inbetween us and unfortunately she was punched by me. She spit blood on the ground as we both froze.
“I have had enough too..”,as She slapped me and then slapped Justin.
“I’m not yours…”,as She looked at both of us.
“I’m someone else’s… I’m sorry guys but l don’t you both so don’t get your hopes up.”,as she moved away but I held her wrists..
“What do you mean?”
“I’m sorry guys but I’m pregnant for some one else…”,she said and slowly I released her wrists.
“Tell me.. it isn’t true..”
“It is… I’m sorry guys and I’m in love with someone else..”
She moved away as I stared at Justin..
He was very shocked.
She moved into the house as we followed her.
The moment we entered we heard a sound and we rushed.
“Stay away from my son.. Justin”, she yelled at her as she held her right cheek. she was slapped by me.
“Then warn your sons to stay away from me…”
“What are they going to do with a low life like you..”
“Mom…”,I said softly as Adria left us.
I don’t believe Adria is pregnant. Maybe she is making this up to stop stay away from us… I understand her though.
Handling two guys is too difficult for her.
I went back to the kitchen..
“Sir do u want anything?”, Elena said
“Yea… does Adria has a boyfriend”
“No… she doesn’t have one..”
“Are you sure?”
“Why are you asking?”
“I just want to date her”
“You can go ahead because she doesn’t have any guy in her life right now.. “, she smiled and I smiled back.
I now understand this… she just made it all up..
I won’t leave her alone.
Adria pregnant? I can’t fucking believe it. I love her and she opened her legs for some stupid Bastard.
Damn her. How could she do this .
I had to speak to her..
I looked around but I couldn’t find her till I looked in the garden to find her.
She was in the garden sobbing.
“Adria…”,I said softly
“Please go away..”
“I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here”
“Just say whatever you have to say and leave please..”
“I don’t care whether you are pregnant or not Adria. I still want you and I love you”
She wiped her nose, “Huh?”
“I love you Adria…”,I looked in her eyes.
“I’m not playing games.. I need you”,and slowly I hugged her in my arms.. as she buried her face in my chest.

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