July 26, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 94

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Venessar High School

Episode 94

Professor Lucas POV

I walked out of the station after several hours of thorough investigation.

I know they knew deep down in them that I killed those folks that investigated me rudely but since they do not have any substantial prove , they had to let me go.

I need everyone at Texas here to know I rule this place. I might have spend four years there at the cell but that was cause of a silly mistake by my side.

I’m not going back to that cell again , I will build a scary empire that will scare the government and everyone.

I smiled at myself proudly and entered my car. My driver drove me home and on getting home , I saw my boys lined up waiting for me already.

“Welcome boss ” They all said and I nodded as I find my way to the center of the room

“I’ve loosed many of my men to Autumn. Who is Autumn?” I yelled painfully.

“I say who is this Autumn that had being un-killable for many years. ” I lamented in anger.

“An ordinary girl is what my boys have not being able to handle. Who is this forsaken Autumn? ” I smirked and think of how I would make sure I shoot her forehead by myself.

“I’m done and dusted with the cops now ,let’s focus on Kimberly , Sean and Autumn. I feel disappointed at the boys I sent that they couldn’t even make ordinary Sean and Kim loose their memory. Okay , whenever you see Autumn , shoot her dead ” I commanded.

“Yes boss ” They replied and I finally sat.

“Any update about those young couple?” I asked referring to Sean and Kimberly.

“An envoy at the embassy told us yesterday that they are both planning to travel to Russia ” One of my boys said and I bursted into laughter.

“Ha ha ha ha”. I paused my laughter ” for real? Like seriously ”

I laughed again.

“They really think they can leave my shell. Let’s pretend like we did not know. The cops will still be protecting them now. We are attacking them in the very day they going to the airport. Have you get to know the date?”

“Yes boss. April 5”

“Oh! Good. Attack their car on the way. Inject them and make them loose their memory. Kill Kimberly if she tries sh!t and bring Sean to me. ” I commanded.

“Yes boss. “

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