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Ceine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 90

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 91
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 89

????chapter ✏90✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By moreexperience ????
(6zney )

Miranda was about pouring the acid Celine when 4 men in suite walked in

Just then she heard keilas voice

” omg why does the house seem like a grave yard

Before keila could walk In Miranda hastily dropped the acid In the maids room with one hand then she removed the guards hands from Celines body

Keila ran In, She saw Celine on the floor

She ran close to her

” Gretels friend right

” yea sure, sorry for bringing my guards in I was just scared the house was too quiet

She turned to celine

” lina whats wrong, how come you are half naked don’t you feel cold in this weather, and why are these Men here looking at your naked skin don’t they have respect.

Mildred smiled

Keila turned to the guards

” get lost, all of you, do you know that this is Daniels girlfriend you were staring at how dare you.

” sorry madam .

” and you Lina why are you half naked

All the guards left

” she was getting a tattoo of Danny on her body, we were waiting for it dry.
Keila looked at the tattoo

” its cool, all right lina you might catch a cold

She turned to the Emily

” help her stand

Emily lifted CEline to her leg

Keila noticed she was limping

” hey Lina are you limping

” yes she can’t stand straight because she slipped on the stairs

” oh that’s bad, am really sorry
Come on

She helped Celine into Gretels room she brought out the key from her bag and opened the door for Celine

Celine sat on the bed just then she saw the letter Gretel left on her bed addressed to her

CELIne smiled.

” Gretel left her key for you I forgot to bring it.

” its all right

” she also left her credit card for you she Said Danny’s card is in her drawer he also left it for you.

CELIne took the card from her although it was useless to her money wasn’t her problem at the moment.

” thanks

” i think Mrs hoffman is back, Am coming I will greet her.

Keila rushed out

CELIne lay on the bed while reading Gretels letter she wished keila won’t ever go home.

Keira ran into Mrs hoffman in the parlour and hugged her

“how are you
” am fine you
” good as new.

Keila smiled

” how is your mom
” great

” ok have fun but dont leave too late

” I won’t I will just steal a few of Gretels stuffs

Mrs Hoffman’s smiled

” she gave you her keys, who am I to say no.

Keila chuckeled.

Meanwhile the door to Gretels room opened CEline thought it was keila but it was miranda.

” are you not the luckiest person on earth

CELIne didn’t talk

” I hope you don’t plan on telling keila the truth we both know she will tell Gretel nd Gretel will tell Danny

” well isn’t that better.

” you are so dumb Celine Mrs hoffman already hates you do you want Mr hoffman to hate you too

” what do you mean

” If Danny finds out about your pain he will come back home and leave the important business deal he is unto with his father, do you think mr hoffman will be glad when that happens, do you think he will forgive you when he loses millions because of you

CEline didn’t talk

” its just an advice, you are still free to tell keila Celine I don’t care but just know

If Mr hoffman could lock up his only daughter Gretel because he lost a presidential contract

What more will he do to a mere maid who made him loose an international contract with the United nations

CELIne looked up at Miranda

” don’t mind me am just saying secondly I can’t wait for keila to leave so I can continue from where I stopped.

She walked out just then keila walked in.

” lina I have to go my boyfriend is waiting outside, you are fine right?

” can you go tomorrow

” oh why not, She brought out her phone

” i will just text Ryan and my mum
She removed her top and sat with Celine on the bed she texted them and dropped her phone then she faced CEline

” how are they treating you

” great, I just asked you to stay because I missed you

Keila smiled

” I missed you too, but your chain is missing too

CELIne chuckled

” you knew about that too

Keila nodded

CELIne instantly covered her face with the bed sheet keila started dragging it to open them

” tell me about It already
CELIne laughed
” we will talk when you are older
Keila laughed

” was it Daniel
” shhhhh

” argh stop thinking am a kid, I already slept with Ryan.

CELIne uncovered her face

” what!!!

” you see you finally uncovered your face

CELIne smiled

” I was just kidding

CELIne pecked her and covered her face again

Keila laughed as she dragged the bed cover with Celine

The sound of their laughter made Miranda sleepless and annoyed.

Next day

Keila already left for her house.

Celine felt much stronger after she took a bath

She sat back on the bed.

Life without lenses. How will I survive, i don’t want the maids to find out about the lenses, they will be too bothered.

Just then the maids rushed into the room.

” celine here’s your phone you asked for
” thank you
CELIne tried taking the phone from her hands Emily noticed CELIne touched around her first before reaching the phone

” you lost your lenses
” no I didn’t
” I think you did
” no I didn’t
” ok return the phone to me
” ok take
CELIne tried dropping the phone in Emily’s hands but instead she dropped it on the floor
” you see
” ok fine you win I lost them in the pool
” how are you going to survive now
” you guys bother a lot that’s why I didn’t want to tell you, I can manage come on
” ok if you say so just be careful
CELIne smiled
” i will

danny was on phone with doctor Jude

” 3 right

” yes my girlfriend is very troublesome and I don’t like it when she loses her lenses it makes her helpless and I feel bad

” how are you sure she lost it

” well i just want her to have a spare

” I am not comfortable here right now until I clear the chances of her loosing her lenses from my mind, so please just give them to her

” no problem my assistant will move out soon

Danny smiled

” thank you.

He dropped the call.

Mrs Hoffman called Celine

She she came out to meet her.

” madam
” I ordered some stuffs in the near by store go and get them Celine
” ok madam no problem.

CELIne walked out and headed to the store.

Miranda walked out and sat facing Mrs hoffman.

” where did you send Celine

” to her doom

Miranda chuckled

” don’t tell me you uploaded them

” the aim is to make Celine go
” the girl is strong hearted

” after this she will surely leave.

” I hope so.

Celine got to the store after taking the stuffs she turned just then a girl tapped her friend

Girl 1 : that’s the girl
Girl 2 : how could she do that do our Danny

girl 3; She is sooo wicked

Girl 4 : we can’t ignore this

Before Celine could take a step from where she stood someone from nowhere stonned an egg at her

Celine turned to look more poeple threw eggs at her

Celine didnt know what was going on

Next thing thousands of sachet water landed at her

Celine couldnt run because she no longer saw well

Almost everyone sorrounded her the crowd was mostly young girls

Celine wondered what she did to their Danny

Another person poured a can of Palm oil at her

The other person poured a bucket of paint on her

CELIne fell to the floor
The paints filled her eye
She was finally blinded

All she heared was
She is a witch
She deserves more

People dropped more stuffs on her
Thousands of eggs filled her body
Celine couldn’t stop crying, what kind of life is this

She kept shouting

I didn’t do anything to Daniel
What did i do wrong.

They didn’t listen to her

They even poured hot water at her
Celine finally gave up
She just lay quietly without a word
Still they didn’t stop.

The only thing I did to Danny was fall in love with him ,I didn’t do anything to Danny .
She said in her mind.

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