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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 88

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 89
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 87

????chapter ✏88✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
by moreexperience ????
(6zney )

After the show Danny left for home with Celine, they were both so tired so they slept off

Early the next morning Celine woke up but she didn’t see Danny on his bed
She sat up just then danny walked out he was already dressed up

He was packing his hair

Danny kissed her

” I didn’t want to wake you, we are about leaving
Celine felt her heart beat rise
She still smiled
” it won’t pass one week right
” it won’t I promise
Celine smiled
” safe journey

Danny kissed her lips and kissed her again then he turned to his mirror

Celine didn’t know why but her heart was clouded in fear.

Danny grabbed his bag and kissed her again that was when he noticed the expression on her face he sat beside her

” are you ok
” yes just missing you
” if I don’t see you when I get back i will take poison so no matter you must wait for me
Celine nodded
” swear it
Celine smiled
” I swear

Danny placed her head on his shoulders and hugged her

They both walked into the living room

Gretel was already dressed she stood by her box which the maids took into the compound

She saw Celine and hugged her
Celine kissed Gretel

” I might die today
” why lina
” the person I can’t live without is living
Before Gretel could talk
She hugged Gretel very tightly

Celine felt very bad because even if she didn’t have Danny Gretel was always enough to secure her and protect her interest even before her own father.

” don’t worry keila will always visit I promise
Celine smiled

She forced herself not to cry because she knew Danny hates seeing her tears he might just stop the journey

So she lifted her face up and her tears dried

Mr Hoffman walked out

” lets go kids

Danny kissed Celine and hugged her then he waved at her and whispered

“Just one week ”

Celine smiled and noded

She wondered where Mrs hoffman went to just then she saw her coming in from outside

” good morning
” oh you now wear make up and use long lashes so you were just pretending to be a saint before

” no actually it was for the live show yesterday

” my family might have accepted you Celine but I never did, because of you I am not in good terms with my best friend that is Emma’s mother

Because of you my friends laugh at me
I don’t have anything against you but i just hate gold diggers

If you can make something use full out of your worth less life I will accept you just like I will accept any other girl

But CEline with the way you are, poor, uneducated, poor background when last did you even call your family or did love blind you and you forgot that your parents are suffering.

CELIne even if you get pregnant for Daniel, I know girls like you that’s your next move

But even if you get pregnant for Daniel
I will still not accept you for my son.

She walked out
CEline held her heart and took a deep breath and walked into the maids room just then Mary rushed in.

” we have a new visitor “MirAnda Milbert” she’s coming to stay for some days

She is using Celines room don’t worry Celine I will carefully bring out all your property

” Celine if Miranda comes here
” your life is hell

Celine a sat up and arranged her things

Meanwhile Miranda arrived she sat with Mrs hoffman In the parlour

” my husband already accepted Celine so we have only THIs one week to chase her out for good

” even if we have to kill her

” am not in support of that if we kill her Danny will never move on it has to be in a way that She leaves him herself

” not bad I look forward to my little holiday

” welcome.

Mrs hoffman dialed the maids room and Emily came out she tried touching Mirandas bag

” no don’t worry please call Celine
” am sorry but Mr hoffman clearly stated that Celine will never do the duties of a Maid again.

” well when my husband is not around i am the next God

” sorry Ma

” Celine will resume her duties as a maid

” I will call her

Minutes later Celine walked out
Miranda noticed her brighter skin
Brighter hair
Better cloths
Better walking style

Hmmm Celine has upgraded just within few days. Miranda said to herself

She came to Miranda and carried her box

” my hand bag too
CELine nodded and took the bag from her
She dropped it in Mirandas new room

” nice I see you Changed
Celine didn’t talk
” dating Danny how does it feel
Celine didn’t talk
” get me coffee

Celine walked out Miranda sat on the bed and looked herself in the mirror

Could Celine be prettier than me she asked herself
I hate her pretty face.

Celine came back with the cofee

” mm nice back on time
Celine didn’t talk
She tried returning the cup to Celine but Celine was lost in thoughts the cup dropped

” sorry Madam

She bent down and picked the pieces

” do you know how much this cup costs
Celine didn’t talk
” with this mark you will always remember you broke something very important

” which mark

Miranda took the glass pieces tried cutting her face Celine held her hands

” you want to fight me, should i call Mrs hoffman

Celine left her and she successfully cut Celines face with the glass

Celine touched her blood and smiled

Tears ran down

” are you done or will you cut my hair too no matter what you do Danny will always choose me

Miranda slapped Celine forgetting she wore a skeleton ring

Celines face bled out the more
” watch what you say to me

Celine didn’t talk

Miranda lifted the mirror to her face

” look your pretty face is full of scars you can’t even MODEl for a mad man in your life

” modeling is not my dream, Danny is my dream so if you will cripple me you are free but just let ME be with Danny.

Celine walked out to the passage and dropped the glass in the bin

She came back and swept the room so Miranda won’t get hurt

After that she wiped her tears and ran out to the backyard where she cleaned the blood on her face and cried

It’s just 1 hour Danny left and am already bleeding she said to herself.

Celine wiped her tears and looked at the pool from the back yard

She looked at Ethans door and it was locked
Everyone that Cared about her was gone

Just then Emily tapped Celine she turned

Emily wiped the blood from her face.

” if it gets out of your control leave before they kill you

Celine hugged her.

Just then Mildred walked out

” Celine Mrs hoffman just assigned you as Mirandas hand maid better go to her

CEline smiled and ran into the house

Miranda was busy searching her bag when
Celine walked in

” I have a date with Salvador Soon I need to look good but I don’t know what to wear unless you iron all of them

” but these cloths are much to iron and its getting late how can I iron all your cloths

” I don’t care I want it done now

” is your date tomorow

” no its still far but I want you to iron them now

Celine nodded

She tried taking the cloth when Danny called her

She tried walking out but Miranda locked the door

She wanted to hear the call to make sure Celine didn’t tell Danny anything

” this plane almost crashed because I missed your voice

Celine smiled

” are you okay
Celine nodded and then said yes

” I miss you I am really trying my best to cut this journey short

” pls do

Danny smiled

” ave you eaten
” yes
” you bathed
” you didn’t loose your lenses right
” no
” ok am glad you are okay
Celine smiled
” I love you
” love you too

Celine dropped the call and looked at Miranda

Who picked a stick of cigarette and sat on the bed

” I DONt like it when my maids make calls
” what
” if you are around me always keep your phone off
Celine nodded
” iron my cloths, if you are not done in time i will give you another scar with the hot iron.

She walked out and Celine packed the cloths.

she stood by the passage and ironed them one by one

Emily and Mildred wanted to help her but Miranda passed by at regular intervals and she threatened to fire any maid who helped Celine

Celine stood straight for one hour 30 minutes

She finished working on all Mirandas cloth she couldn’t even walk well anymore
her legs seized

Celine already decided that she won’t cry
Danny warned her not loose those lenses

She walked into Mirandas room and dropped the cloths on her bed
Miranda looked at them for a while

” redo it
She folded her leg on the bed and watched t. V

” but I did it well
” do you need another scar

Celine carried the cloths out

She arrived at he table again and started afresh when Mrs hoffman passed by

” you didn’t tell me you were ironing Celine I have a lot of cloths that you can iron

Before CElIiNE could talk Mrs hoffman brought out a pile if cloths and dropped it on the table

She then walked into mirandas room where they gossiped

Celine still ironed the cloths all over again

She ironed Mirandas white top she was lost admiring the top she didn’t know when she burnt it

She got so scared

She dropped Mrs Hoffman’s cloths in her room and dropped Mirandas cloth on her bed

Miranda saw the white top

” you just spoilt my favourite top
” I am sorry I didn’t mean too

Miranda slapped her

” do you know how much this top costs

She dragged Celine to the ironing table and plugged the iron

” what are you trying to do
” I am going to spoil your skin just like you spoilt my top
” Miranda

Miranda noticed the iron was hot enough she tried placing it on Celines face when Celine pushed her and slapped her

The iron fell to the floor

” so you want to fight back.
Just then Miranda covered her hands on her face and started shouting

Mrs hoffman came out

” what happened
Miranda showed Mrs hoffman her cloth
” I just asked her why she spoilt my cloth and she slapped me across my eye

Mrs hoffman turned to celine
” but that’s not

Mrs hoffman slapped Celine
Miranda smiled
” but its not really
She slapped Celine again

” how dare you hurt my visitor
” but I didn’t

She slapped Celine again

” dont talk when i talk, can you be like Miranda She is a top model
Are you jealous of her
Do you want to spoil her beauty
You want her to become ugly like you How dare you hit my visitor Celine Are you stupid
You are below Miranda
In your NExt life you will still be under her
You were born a maid
How dare you fight for your right I am warning you Celine Be careful Come on Mira dear
She and Miranda walked out

Celine sat in the floor and cried her eyes out
Emily and Mildred rushed out and hugged her

” its ok Celine
” they will Soon get tired
They both hugged her

Just then Mary came to her

” miranda calls you
” again
Celine wiped her tears and ran into mirandas room

Miranda smiled

” I want to tell you a truth
CEline wiped her tears

Miranda chuckled and clapped her hands together.

” my date is still far very far, I am doing all this on purpose and I will do more unless you leave this house Celine

” I dont understand

” I am doing all this to push you into leaving, so just leave Celine stop making me look wicked.

Celine wiped her tears

” Miranda just stop, I didn’t take Daniel from your hands

“I won’t stop until Danny is mine.

Miranda smiled and lay back on her bed.

Celine walked out she lay back on the bed in the maids room with tears in her eye untill sleep over took her.

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