July 30, 2021

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 89

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Ceine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 90
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 88

????chapter ✏89✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
BY moreexperience ????
(6zney )


the next day on Celine woke up feeling really weak

She walked into the shower.


danny and his dad were done with the first contract he sat conversing with miss Rachael harts

The daughter of the executive manager of the organization.

” so Daniel I will look into your REquest
Danny smiled

“but why do you want to cut this trip short I mean it will add more stress to you and your dad

” my wife is waiting for me, she’s pregnant and am missing her already.

” awwwn so sweet, ok i will see what I can do about your schedule.

Danny stood up

” thanks, you are a darling .


celine walked to Miranda who stood facing the pool

” I dropped my necklace in the water
” but it must have sinked
” no it can’t its in a pack
” but am not seeing it
” will you search for it or should i call ciara Celine
” I don’t swim my eyes are bad
” who said you should swim with your eye

Before Celine could talk Miranda pushed her into pool

Miranda stood up and walked out

” don’t come out until you find it
She walked in

CELIne didn’t see any pack in the pool
She believed the waved carried it

So she swimmed down the long pool, all the way to the main estate gate
There was no sign of a jewel pack
She looked at the distance she already swimmed

She moved herself to a pavement and started crying
She was feeling really cold

She looked at the long round pool there was no sign of a pack,

She wiped her tears and followed the other route of the pool

Through the back yard, there was still nothing

She looked at Danny’s room glass wall From there she saw Dannys room clearly

She remembered her first day with Danny in the pool

More tears rushed out
Danny where are you Pls come back I swore to you
That you will meet me when you get back No matter what they do
I will surely wait for you.

She wiped her tears and continued searching for the pack.

She wrapped her hands around her bare body because she felt cold since she only wore a singlet top

She turned back into the water and kept searching

Miranda looked at her from her window smiling

Serves you right, you want to drag a man with me, forgetting that you are nothing Miranda said.


Light opens on Gretel and simeon who walked down a snowing lonely road

” am glad you came gret

” well i can’t afford to miss to you and I also want to give you your birthday present

Simeon kissed her and held her hands tight

“have you called keila

” I called her and told her to help me check on celine later

” you really miss Celine
” yes i do so much

” ok i want you to see my family house
Gretel smiled
” lets go

She dragged simeons hands.

hours later

Celine was still in the pool
Her legs where all cramped up
she was not even steady anymore she was shaking and shivering as She coughed in tears

She felt weak

She still didn’t see the necklace

She was tired of swimimg round and round

She knew she couldn’t come out without it

she tried searching again when she saw the white pack.

She Picked it up and opened it but it was empty There was no necklace

Celine pushed herself out of the pool she tried standing up but she fell down

Her legs were cramped up and bleeding
Miranda walked out with the necklace in her hands smilling.

Celine was in tears

” but it’s empty, the pack is empty

Miranda showed her the necklace.
” sorry Celine I forgot, I took the necklace out before I lost the pack

CELIne looked at her for a while.
Miranda laughed at her and tried walking out Celine dragged her long jacket she turned to celine who sat on the floor.

” you are doing this to me because am poor

You are treating me like trash because I have no one

My parents are poor
No one to look for me
No one to punish you for me
No one to shout at you for me

Because you have it all
You are making me suffer

She wiped her tears

You have pushed me Miranda
And I promise you
Danny or no Danny
One day
I will be better than you
I will be richer than you
I will be more known than you
I will hire you to work for me
I will pay you
I will be someone you wished you were

This is your time
Better kill me now
Because the next Celine you will meet
Will be your nightmare
I will be your downfall
I will bring you down even if it’s the last thing i do
Mrs hoffman will one day choose me for her son
It’s not a threat Miranda
It’s a promise
And I swear it
I will do anything I can to make you a failure.

Celine let go off her jacket
Miranda took a deep breath and walked out
Celine tried standing up
Her legs pained so much she fell again

Just then Emily and Mildred came to her aid

The carried her into the room
Celine was so cold
She was shivering.

The mixed a hot bath for her
CELIne bathed
She came out
She was tired to even dress up
She just wore her pant and bra
She lay on the bed
They covered her.

Miranda sat In her room
All she thought of was Celines threat

Such an empty threat
Even in the next 100 years
CELIne will always be below me.

She said to herself
She stood up and headed for the maids room although she wondered why Mrs hoffman was not yet back.

Soon she arrived at the maids room
The sight of the way the maids covered Celine and cared for her irritated Miranda

” what’s going on
” she is feeling cold.

Miranda angrily removed the bed cover from Celine

” what kind of rubbish cold……

She saw some red love diagram Miranda walked closer and shifted the side of her pant down

Miranda saw the inscription clearly


Celine noticed her stare and covered the area with her hands

Miranda removed her hands and dragged her up from the bed

” how dare you incript my Daniel to your disgusting body, how dare you

Miranda shouted crazily
” miranda wait

” what more are you going to do Celine, I will never accept this on your skin never

” but its my skin, why is it paining you

Miranda dragged her out of the room she didn’t even care if Celine was not dressed.

Mildred ran after her

She dropped Celine at the passage
CELInes legs still pained so he fell to the floor

Miranda turned to Mildred

” how can i remove this tattoo


“How can i remove this, Miranda shouts

” madam this tattoo is original it can’t go out unless you use the original cleaner made for it, it’s very expensive and the only one in this house is in Daniels room

” I will never let you wipe this off Miranda, If that is your plan you are just dreaming

Miranda slapped Celine
CELIne smiled

” who needs the tattoo cleaner, that will preserve her skin

No problem I will use acid to clear this stuff once and for all

” you are going to peel her skin madam

Miranda smiled

” that’s even better, now get me acid

” I dunno where it is
” we don’t have one
” seems its missing

” fine I will just look for it in the store room

Miranda ran in and first thing she saw was the can with the big inscription

Beware unpurified acid

She instantly grabbed the can

And rushed back to celine but Celine won’t stay still

CELIne kept kicking around
Miranda was scared that the acid might pour her so she grabbed the landline and called the guards

Soon four guards arrived

CELIne felt really bad
Her body was now something for all eyes to see
Even mere guards

Miranda ordered the guards to hold her still and they did

Two held her legs and two held her hands

Miranda squatted comfortably and uncovered the acid.

Ceine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 90
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 88

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