July 30, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 8

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Episode 8

By KAS Admins



I walked out of the bathroom as I picked up my phone. I dialed up Selena’s number and she picked up immediately at the first ring.

“Hi baby” Her voice hit my eardrum
“Morning sweetie”
I said to her as I sat on my king sized bed

“Yeah, morning”
She said
“What about the stuff I asked you about?”
I said to her

“Perfectly planned! Joy wouldn’t want to live any longer after I’m done with her”
She said laughing over the phone
“I’d love that to happen”
I giggled at what she said

“Everything has been complied to just one day, not even a week. She’s not gonna survive if I do that for a week”
She said in a voice of enmity
“I trust you babe”

“I need to go, I’ve to prepare for the great day ahead”

“I’ll see you in school”
With that I hanged up on the call.
Joy is gonna regret ever coming to life. I want her to just commit suicide

Watch out for that Joy!


I buttoned up my shirt and I was about to knot my tie when I heard a knock
“Come in”

Joy came in looking happy. She walked up to me
“Morning feathers”
She said smiling revealing her dimples

“Morning joy, what’s up? You look happy”
I asked her as I stroked my hair with my fingers

“Nothing much, just wanna change. I don’t wanna feel inferior any more”
She said smiling
“That’s nice sis, just have it in mind that only God is greater than you”

She hugged me as I patted her back
“Are you leaving now?”
She asked as I disengaged from the hug
“I’ll meet you, I need to go somewhere first”

“Okay, bye. See you in class”
She walked out of my room
I’m glad Joy is finally getting strong.
I’m happy about that


I walked in through my usual route. I don’t go through the school gate
I’m always in tears each day I pass through there.

I don’t wanna waste a tear today. I already promised feathers that I won’t feel inferior.

I was about to go in through the door when I suddenly felt a hand pulling my bag back.

I looked back as a hand smacked me on my face. I turned back as I saw a girl laughing hard at me

I looked at her in surprise
Who’s she?
She’s in the school uniform too

“Wow..it’s the ugly duckling!!”
I heard a voice behind me as I turned immediately.
Gosh…it was Selena and her gang
Everyone knows her

They were four in number. I was about to say something when the one beside me dragged me down as I hit my knee on a very hard stone.

I looked at Selena as tears formed in my ears
“Oh! Her knee is bleeding, I’m moved”
Selena said walking towards me as she poured a whitish powdery stuff on me

It was flour!!
Oh gosh!
Tears fell free from my ears

“You haven’t seen anything yet Joy, you’re gonna feel like committing suicide when I’m done with you!”
They all laughed at me

I accepted my fate.
I’m just a piece of shit!
I can’t do anything again
They should just kill me

Something stopped my thinking and that was my brother’s last words this morning
“Only God is greater than you!”

It made me feel like I’m God’s deputy or something. I felt some encouragement.

I stood up as my knee throbbed with pain. I was filled with elvish dirt.
Flour and egg has been mixed and poured on me.
I have being beaten and insulted
This has to stop!

Selena walked towards me as she held my shirt. She was about to give me a thunderous slap but I boldly held her hands

I don’t know where this spirit came from but I won’t allow this anymore
She looked at me in bewilderment.

I dragged her hands away from my shirt as I returned a slap to her.
My eyeballs were just like that of a were wolf

I’ve already been frustrated enough!
I moved to her as she walked backwards
“You think you’re great? Huh? You think so right?”
I said to her as she shakes up with fear

“I’m.. I ..”
She stammered with her words

“Go tell the idiot who sent you that the ugly duckling isn’t a fool anymore!”
I said to her as she stared at me in disbelief

“Tell him that I’m strong enough. No matter how everyone tries to break me, I won’t give up . How strong I stand is what makes me!!”

Selena walked away from me as she picked up her belongings
I said to her

She said as she stood transfixed

“Tell him that he shouldn’t try to dare me!”
She walked away with her friends

I can’t just keep behaving like I’m unwanted
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!
I’m ready for anything..


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