June 18, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 6

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????The Maid????
????Episode 6????
Justin loves me… I can’t believe this..
After all the the pretence that I was pregnant he still loves me. I love him too.
Yea… I  love him but I lust Christian that’s all.
Whenever I’m angry or jealous about Justin being with another girl that’s when I lust over him.
My head was buried in his chest listening to warm heartbeats. I love Justin.
I can’t believe I just figured it out.
I hugged him back as he played with my hair.
“I’m not pregnant. I just made it up to make you fall for me..”
“I know and I understand you”
“Look at me beautiful”
I then reached up to look at his handsome face.
“I may be a playboy but when it’s comes to matters like this. I don’t joke.
l love you so much and I’m not going to let you go..”,He continued as his hands brushed my bottom lips.
“please kiss me already..”,I begged as I felt his lips on mine. it’s was slow and sensual but I still want more. Our tongues battled together as my hands raked in hair.
I m0aned when I felt him pulled me into his arms.
“I love you more Justin”,I whispered against his lips and kissed him more.
“Tell me you are mine..”,he whispered.
“I’m yours alone Justin..”,
“Stay with me tonight please..”
“I will…”,I smiled at him.
“I mean I have an apartment… make sure by 6pm you are there”,as he hand me the card.
“I love you ..”
“l love you more Justin”,as I ran to the kitchen.
I kept smiling at myself as I prepared the meal for the family.
After I was done I just board a taxi to Justin’s home.
I was excited to see him. I just press on the door waiting for him to open.
“Hello baby..”,he said softly as I entered. The room was decorated with roses.
“Wow… nice place”
“Thanks…”,he smiled.
“I have prepared something for both of us”
I looked at him surprisingly.
“Hmm… what will Mr billionaire prepare”
“Nothing… just noodles”
“okay… let’s see how good you are in the kitchen. I sat down on the chair as he serve me.
“Won’t you have some..”
“I just prepare it for you..”
“okay..”,as I took a mussle of the food.
He is so good but then there is no salt.
l liked it anyway.
He stared at me as I finished my meal.
I was really shy and embarrassed.
After eating.. he held to the bedroom.
“Justin you are acting wierd”
“All this is new to me and I just don’t know how to make you happy”
“Just do it your own way Justin… be yourself”
He puts his hand on the back of my head and teases my lips, gently coaxing me to respond. I move closer and kiss him back, inviting him. My heartbeat speeds up when he traces my lips with his tongue and nibbles on my bottom lip. God, I miss this. His lips feel so good.
I open my mouth for him and I almost fall apart as he sweeps inside and claims my mouth with his kiss. His hard, forceful, insistent kiss.
I haven’t been kissed like this in a long time. A really long time. The more I allow myself to be carried away by these delicious sensations, the more I realize how long it has been and how much I miss this.
I kiss him back with all the passion that has been quietly growing inside me for months. He groans into my mouth and kisses me harder, more insistently. His hand on the back of my head grips my hair.
When he pulls away, I’m fighting to catch my breath and my hands are gripping his chiseled arms through his blue shirt. It feels great to run my hands up and down his upper arms through the fabric.
Justin pulls me by the hand until I collapse on top of him on the bed, our limbs tangled together. The air around us is electric. Every cell in my body is pulsating.
Our breaths grow frantic. When he pushes me onto my back and gets on top of me, I remember the lonely nights I spent missing the weight of a man’s body on top of me. I savor the warmth of his skin, the scent of his neck.
He pauses to look at me, his eyes full of concern. There’s no way he can fake that. Justin really does have genuine feelings about me. He’s been honest and truthful. I suppose it’s okay to give this a go. Who knows? Maybe this will really turn into something meaningful.
I smile, giving him permission to continue. I want his skin all over mine. I want to be enveloped by his masculine body. I want this, I tell him with my eyes. I want you.
Justin undoes the buttons of my maid dress. He maintains an eye contact contact as he travels down my throat, trailing light kisses to my b*. I arch my body with pleasure, offering more of me up to his mouth. He slips his hand underneath my body, unhooking b* and caressing my bare back.
Taking both my blouse and my b* off, Cole tosses them aside, letting them fall onto the carpeted floor. He stares at my exposed upper body, his gaze traveling from my navel up to the hardened tips of my b* and landing on my face. Without blinking, he takes it all in. I blush under his intense scrutiny. The hunger in his eyes makes me ache between my legs.
“My turn,” I say as I reach up and unbutton his business shirt. My fingers trace the lines of the muscles on his chest and abs.
His body is hard, sculpted, masculine.
He takes off his shirt. I can feel his c* pressed against my thigh, growing thick and hard in his p@nts. I reach my hand down and follow the little happy trail of hair on his abs down until I reach the waist of his pants. I look up into his eyes.
His hands touched my cheeks.
“You aren’t ready for this… “,as he wrapped his shirt around me.
Disappointment filled me.
“You don’t want me…”
“No baby… I badly want to f* you but I want to be better for you. You aren’t ready for this Adria but I can still make you come”.
He buttoned the shirt around me but left three buttons to expose my b”.
“You are so hot like this”,he says.
As he slips his hand inside my p@*, I shiver all over on the soft white sheets of his bed. His fingers dance over my wet folds, making me tremble with need. In this moment, there’s only one thing I want.
With a low growl, Justin pushes my shirt until it bunches up around my waist. He yanks my pa@nties off and pushes inside me with one fin-Ger, and then another one. I m0-an as he fills me up.
“Are you okay?”
“Yea… “,l m0-aned.
He f!ngered me slowly till I came undone.
After our mess,he pulled me into his arms.
“I love you Adria…”
“I love you more”,i replied as I felt his lips on my forehead.
The next morning I felt kisses on my cheeks as I smiled.
“What’s says the time?”
“seven thirty am”,he replied sucking my neck.
“oh shit…”,I got up and wore my maid attaire.
He was on the bed staring at me.
“I have to go now… my grandpa must be worried”
l kissed him.
“Promise me you will come tonight…”
“Justin…”,I whined and pulled me into his arms kissing my shoulder blades.
“I will try…”
“Say yes… please”
“Hmm… how can i refuse if you keep on kissing my neck.. yes”
“okay goodbye..”
“Bye.. .”,l kissed him And i ran as fast as possible to reach home.
On my way home realised that all the wild animals I used to meet were no longer there including my friend the tigress.
This weird.
I walked till I reached home. it wasn’t home.
My home was burnt into ashes.
“Grandpa….”,I shouted looking around the burnt area.
“Grandpa…”,and there I saw his previous clothes and his body lying there burnt.
I touched his face as I cried loudly.
“Grandpa please wake up … please”
“I have no one  please…”,I framed his face.
“Who could do this… what have I done to this..”,I shout
And right there I saw a ring on the floor. I have seen this ring some where. But where?
Mrs Gina… This is Mrs Gina.
Did she do this…. Oh God I can’t believe this.
How wicked of her. Why does she have to kill my Grandpa if she hates me.
I screamed once again. What am I going to do now.
I can’t tell Justin.He won’t believe me.
I hid the ring in my pocket as i went to work.
I tried my best to hide my tears but I couldn’t.
I moved to the mansion as I saw Mrs Gina and Tara.
“Adria follow me…”,as She stood along with Tara.
I follow them till we reached one of the guest rooms..
Tara pushed me as Mrs Gina took a gun at me.
“I told you to stay away from my sons but you refused to listen..”
“Mrs …..”
“Just shut up.. will you”
“Now listen to me carefully. You are going to write a letter to Justin that you don’t want him… write a letter to make him hate you … or else I will shoot you right here and now and after you are done please leave and never.. return”
oh no… I love Justin.
“What’s your decision bitch..”,Tara yelled
“I will write the letter…”,I said softly as they smiled at eachother.

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