August 3, 2021

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Beautiful Mistake. Episode 16 and 17

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 16
Karen’s POV cont.
After eating I laid down on the bed to rest and I drifted to dreamland almost immediately.
I was woken up by the cold I started to feel. I opened my eyes slowly and the mattress was wet. I looked up to meet Andrew who had an evil grin on his face.
‘That’s what you get for disobeying my orders. I need that mattress dry or you will sleep on the floor tonight,’ he said and left.
I wonder if this man is really human or a monster in human form.
How will it dry and its already 4:00pm and the sun isn’t that hot?
With all the energy left in me I pulled the mattress through that back door. It is the shortest way outside. The maids were staring and mumbling at me and I felt embarrassed.
I sighed relief when I got outside and sat next to it.
I wish I had a dad maybe he could have loved me. I stayed with Cindy’s dad for a few years and he loved us both. Her mom at least had a heart of a mother unlike mine who is heartless.
‘Go to the market and buy those things,’ that familiar shout snapped me from my thoughts.
I didn’t have the strength to shout so I just stood up.
‘One more thing I think its better if you just trek,’ he said and left.
How on earth will I trek when my legs are in pain?

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 17
Karen’s POV cont.
Sometimes I wish I should just die and run away from all this. It took almost forever to get to the market even though I used the short cut. I was walking slowly heading home when a car drove past me and stopped. As the lady got down I recognized her.
‘Karen,’ she called walking towards me and from the look she was surprised of how I looked.
‘Myve,’ I called back.
She is Cindy’s friend.
‘What are you doing here?’ She asked.
‘I had gone to pick some stuffs in the market,’ I said pointing backwards.
‘Aren’t you working?’
‘Long story,’
‘Am going to a party that will be held tonight. But this is my card, give me a call. I know you are still a good person no matter what bad things you have done,’ she said with a smile.
I felt warm tears down my chicks and I wiped them away quickly.
‘Thank you, I will get going now,’
‘I can give you a ride. We are going in the same direction.’
I nodded and entered the car.
‘Where do you stay?’ She asked starting the car.
‘Am married and it’s not far from here,’ I said trying hard to fight the tears.
‘To whom?’
‘His name is Andrew. Which party are you going to attend?’ I asked changing the topic.
‘Alex invited me to a party that’s why I came back to the country,’
‘That’s good,’
‘What happened to your job?’
‘I resigned before I got married to Alex,’
‘Congratulations you are pregnant,’
‘I don’t think its actually good news,’
‘It is, a lot of women desire to carry their own kids but can’t,’
‘It’s father rejected us,’
‘But you are still married to him?’
‘The one am married to is not the father,’
‘Were you married three times within six months?’
I nodded facing down actually it is not something am proud of.

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Beautiful Mistake. Episode 14 and 15.

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