August 4, 2021

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Beautiful Mistake. Episode 8 and 9

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 8
Alex’s POV
It has been two weeks since she was admitted and she has been responding well to the medication. She will be discharged tomorrow. Am on my way home to finally chase Karen out. Even after all I have been doing to her, she isn’t leaving. I got home and she was busy watching a movie.
‘You are back?’ She asked concerned.
‘No am leaving,’ I replied with an eye roll.
‘I have prepared lunch,’
‘Am not hungry,’
‘Why do you hate me?’
‘Is that meant for me?’
‘Who else is here?’
‘You are a monster. When are you leaving this house?’
‘This is my husband,’
‘Am not your husband and if you don’t want to leave then am leaving,’ I said and ran upstairs.
I just remembered I have several houses so I will leave this for her. I packed and rolled my stuffs downstairs.
‘Please don’t leave, I love you,’ she said kneeling down.
‘Get out of my way before I do something you will regret,’ I shouted at her.
I could see fear in her eyes but she wasn’t moving. I pushed her away and walked out. I was almost driving when I realized I forgot a photo of I and Cindy. I went back inside and found her still crying on the floor. I went to what used to be my room took what I wanted and went back out but she blocked my way.
‘What does she have that I don’t?’
‘She has a heart, dignity, conscience and respect. Now can I go?’ I asked pissed off.
‘I can change for you,’
‘Love isn’t forced and I pray you find someone who will love you unconditionally. You should start changing for him,’ I pushed her away and left.
I went to my other house and told the maids to prepare the rooms. I sighed after unpacking some personal stuffs the rest will be taken care of.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 9
Alex’s POV
We just got home. She was once in this house, maybe she is recalling.
‘The food is ready,’ the maid said.
‘Ok we will be there,’
‘Let’s go am starving,’ she said smiling.
One minute she is happy and the other she is sad. My aunt was already on the table and Cindy served the food.

Two months later
Karen’s POV
I got inside the house to meet a lady in my kitchen.
‘Who are you?’ I asked calmly.
‘Am supposed to ask you that question,’ she replied rudely.
‘What are you doing in my kitchen?’
‘This is my fiancées house and am free to do anything I please.’
I think she is trying to test my patience. This is the house Alex left for me. I have the documents, in return am to leave him in peace. I got married one month ago. We didn’t wed Michael moved in with me when I found out I was pregnant.
‘I don’t care of who you are but just leave my house,’ I said and pushed her towards the door. For the one month I have stayed with Michael my life has been a living hell but this is too much.
‘You are the one to leave,’ she yelled at me.
I picked the glass full of water on the kitchen table and poured on her. She wanted to hit me but I got hold of the hand. I may be pregnant but not sick nor weak.
‘Let me go. You can blackmail Michael with a fake pregnancy but not me,’ she kept on shouting though at last she left.

Beautiful Mistake. Episode 18 and 19
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