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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 91

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 92
Ceine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 90

????chapter ✏91✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By moreexperience ????
(6zney )

CEline felt someone lift her up from the ground

It was a male

Her imagination made her believe it was Daniel.

She opened her eye and saw a man in suite.

“Are you okay “, he asked her before CEline could talk he carried her up

“Then a lady turned to the man

“Please take her to the car “, she said

Celine couldn’t see well but the lady sounded and seemed like the nurse who once checked her eye.

Soon the arrived at home
The driver dropped Celine

Miranda as well as Mrs hoffman rushed out

” omg is she okay

” no she was lying in the streets helplessly I don’t know what happened to her “, nurse said

” oh poor maid, I hope she didn’t steal or something for the crowd to treat her like This. “, miranda said

” Emily,Mildred take her inside

The maids took Celine into the house

” so to what do I owe this visit, any message for me

The nurse smiled

” actually I came to meet miss Celine so if you may

She followed the maids into the room

They helped Celine bath

The nurse treated her eye and placed new lenses for her

CELIne didn’t feel better
The humiliation was too much
Can she ever go outside again
She wanted to kill herself.

CELIne wore her gown with tears in her eye then she turned to them

” if you don’t mind I want to be left alone

The nurse gave her the remaining lenses and walked out

CELIne sat with her hands in her heart
She felt really bad
But she forced herself not to cry

Danny I swore to you that I won’t leave untill you come back
But they are pushing me
They are really pushing me Daniel
I just want to call you and tell you everything
But no
I don’t want to distract you from your work.

She lay on the pillow in tears.

miranda and Mrs hoffman sat in the living room

” omg that was the height of it I am Sure she will leave before night fall”, miranda said

” she better do.


danny dragged Rachael into her office and locked the door

” Daniel
” my dad just asked for his schedule
“Danny I said I will think about it I never agreed
” plsssssss
” ok fine, I hardly say no to cute guys any way
Danny smiled
” ok lets start, how many days do you want to cut the one week into

” 3 days or latest four

” your father will kill you resultant to stressing him

” aarrgh am ready to die

” your wife is really lucky.
Danny smiled.

Rachel called her assistant

” text the presidents secretary we are shifting the meeting to Tomorow by 2 right?

She turned to Danny
Danny nodded

Her assistant dropped the call

“:Danny there are a lot of activities e.g. the manager of the headquarter wants to meet in his cruise ship tommorow too and I already fixed the second signing into tommorow how will our parents handle all this stress, the will know we changed their schedule

” no no fix the meeting with sir Travis for today, he’s on vacation right so anytime will be fine by him

” ok i am just texting his secertary

” ok

” she said he is already in his yacht he will be ready to contract in the next 1 hour

Danny checked his time

” its getting late

” ok finally I changed the schedule I fixed everything into four days so u just have two days remaining

Danny smiled

” come on lets meet our parents

They both hastily printed out the new schedule and dropped the older one in the dust bin

They ran to were Mr hotffman and Mr Webster sat.

Light opens on Gretel and simeon on bed in a suite

Gretel was covered with the white sheet which exposed only the upper part of her body.

Simeon kissed her and covered her well he wrapped his arms around her.

She was really tired

The blood stain on the bed gave the white bed a different definition

Gretel finally gave it up.

” this is my actuall birthday gift to you , I can’t be all the girls u dated but I can be better cos I love you more , this means I don’t care about your past someone I just want to be your future.

Simeon hugged her.


celine tried sitting up on the bed but all parts of her body still pained

Just then Miranda walked in

” you are not leaving yet
” really ?

” there are a lot of things to be washed and a maid is sitting here resting.

” its ok lets go

She forced herself to stand up Miranda offloaded her bag of clothing on her

Both clean and unclean

” but these cloths are clean
” wash them
Celine carried the cloth
” hand washing
” but the machine….
” hand washing.

Celine carried the cloth into the yard
She took water from the Tap and sat down facing the cloth

She wiped her tears

Just then she heard voices from inside
Next thing all the in-house maids brought their cloths outside for celine to wash

Emily and Mildred did this with tears in their eye
But they had no choice
Miranda threatened to punish and fire them.

CELIne smiled as she looked at the pile of cloths
She looked up and their stood Miranda smiling and watching her. ***********
Mrs Hoffman was on call

She was on call

” have you done all I asked ?
” yes its been a while I did that, I have been trying to call you but I couldn’t reach you
Mrs hoffman smiled
” thank you

She dropped the call

Since Celine won’t leave no matter what I do to her
It’s time I faced the people she cares about the most. Mrs hoffman said to herself.


danny and Rachel stood behind their father’s

“I must say this schedule is really tight, was it changed “?mr hoffman asked

” am also wondering the same thing, there is too much traffic not even a days break. ?”, mr webstar said

” dad its better, so we can leave earlier

” dont forget you have a meeting with Mr Travis today in his yacht in the next 40 minutes “, Rachel said

” no no I am not in the right state to visit the ocean right now”, mr Hoffman said

” neither am I “, mr webstar said

” well i can represent you dad “, danny said

Rachel chuckled
Danny tapped her

” I can represent you dad “, rachel said

” cool with me the kids can go

” better now let’s talk about that golf course my friend

‘ as I was saying golf helps me relieve stress.

Danny and Rachel walked out

” oh am so relieved thanks chel
Rachel smiled
” get ready we are going to the sea
Danny smiled

The both walked their different ways


celine was still washing
She experienced serious head ache
Her hands peeled
She was in pain.
She suddenly started crying

She covered her face with both hands

Soon she started washing again

Miranda came down and took took the bucket where she dropped the already washed cloths

Celine watched her as she walked into the compound and dropped the cloths on the floor one by one .

CELInes heart siezed
She felt like killing herself

CELIne dropped the cloths she was holding into the water

She looked at Miranda with tears in her eyes

Miranda smiled and ran upstairs

Celine stood up and picked them all up

She returned them into the water and started afresh

Celine village

Her mother sat outside with blood on her fore head and junior sat beside her

Their house was locked
They cloth they wore was the only property the had left

Celines mother had tears in her eye
She was sick junior was worse

No hospital entertained them
The mayor already gave a verdict

No body helped them
No body talked to them
No body sold to them

They became wonderers

Her dad had just been arrested
All the kidnappings in the community was blamed on him.

He was beaten to half death by the villagers
Before he was locked up in prison

Celines mother and her son had not eaten or taken water

But who could they turn to
She didn’t want to disturb Celine
She doesn’t want Celine to bother.

Meanwhile CELIne was finally done
She rushed into the house
Her hands were on fure
Her kneels were burning

She rushed into the maids room
Her eyes were swollen from tears and poor sleep

She sat on the bed
She wanted to rest a while

Just then Emily walked in to Celine with tears in her eye

” Celine
“what is it
” everything you washed, its on the floor.
CELIne instantly wiped her tears and placed both hands by her side on the bed

Tears kept gushing out.


danny just finished conversing with Mr Travis who asked him them to rest before the start business.

He rushed into the room where he was supposed to stay with Rachel

Omg the boat was cold and Danny already felt cold owing to the fact that he naturally has cold.

Mr Travis had only one spare room in his yacht

According to him
He doesn’t have any friends.

Danny Walked into Rachel wearing a long white jacket

On seeing Danny she closed the sides together without tying the rope

The first thing that caught Danny’s eye was four waist chains

Which balanced step by step on her slim waist

Then her white pant and and strapless bra

Which she was in haste to cover up
The fact that she had a beautiful body and skin couldn’t be denied

” am sorry I will just go back

” crazy.. its ok, i was already dressed
Danny smiled and sat on the bed he lifted his face up and balanced on the bed.

” am tired and cold
He smiled

Rachel shouted

” omg no!!

” what

” did you push the door
Danny nodded

” you have Locked us in

Danny laughed

His laugh instantly attracted Danny to her
Her mind started imaging the wrong kind of things

As she still held her jacket.

” am really sorry, don’t mind me.

Rachel smiled as she moved closer to Danny like a kid interested in a story

” but no need to be scared I can unlock this door right away, but first

He removed his from his band from his wrist and banded his hair.

Rachel just looked in Danny’s face with full attraction

He’s well built face
His amazing long hair
And the attractive ear ring which was obvious when he packed his hair
His cute eye
And his seductive laugh
The fringes of his hair that fell on his face was what she found attractive

The only imagination that ran through her head was a night with Danny

She just wanted to kiss those attractive pink lips

” all right lets face that door “, danny said

Danny tried moving out of the bed when Rachel let go of her jacket and held his hands with both her hands

Danny turned to look at her, he tried his best to avoid staring at the gorgeousness she exposed.

” hey what’s….

Rachel kissed Danny…. the kiss lasted the, unexpectedly.

Danny slowly placed both his hands her waist

And then gently.. he pushed her away and unlocked his lips from hers.

” let’s just open the door

She kissed him again Danny withdrew
” I have girlfriend that I don’t have plans of cheating on.

” what’s so wrong Daniel , we are both adults

You have a girlfriend fine I also have a boyfriend
But we are here already so let’s just have fun.

” Rachel

” come on daniel, it’s obvious you find Me attractive

” you are attractive no doubt, but

” so what’s wrong, I mean this is new York the distance is an ocean its not like anyone will know, it’s just btw us.
you are cold daniel and you forgot your sweater

am cold too and we are in the middle of the ocean.

It’s obvious we are both in the mood , why am i talking you into this ? , its making me feel cheap .

She moved closer into his arms and calmly she said.

I did a favour for you today right. She arranged his shirt then she lifted those seductive eyes to his face.

just see this as repaying me and I will make sure you can return home tomorow .

She smiled seductively, then she kissed Danny again without any plans of letting go.

Danny gently removed the jacket off of her

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