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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 92

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 93
Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 91

????chapter ✏92✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By moreexperience ????
(6zney )

Danny dropped the jacket on the bed then he kissed Rachel who lay back comfortably on the pillow.

Rachel got caught up in the moment

a succulent kiss she didn’t want to ever come to an end

She felt danny hands slip slowly from her to bra down to her thighs as they kissed each other

Daniel was almost lost when he remembered his promise to Celine
He remembered her words very carefully

“I want to be your last Daniel, I want to be the last woman you will ever touch ”
Danny paused his hands

He remembered his very own reply

“I swear ”

just unexpectedly rachel felt Danny withdraw his lips from hers, the kiss she didint want to ever disengaged from

She felt danny withdraw his hands which had already arrived in the place she was waiting for.

Danny let go of the pretty white pant
He just bowed his face down quietly without saying a word

His hair fell on her face as he looked down for a while

His thoughts questioned him

” danny what are you doing ”

Rachel gently moved his hair that covered his face so she could see his eye
She then looked Danny in the face

That was when Danny finally shifted away from her


Danny flipped his hair backward, Rachel saw how teary his eye looked she decided not to push it anymore.

She just looked at him as he placed both hands on his face
While pushing his hair back with both hands at the same time

He finally looked at her.

” am sorry , I can’t

Rachel smiled she was so embarrassed.

Danny picked her jacket and placed on her chest

Rachel wore it and and this time she tied the rope well.

She was so embarrassed, she couldn’t even talk. she wondered whether she suddenly had bad air or she suddenly had dirty skin , not only was she embarrassed she had already gone half way into the river of ecstasy how was she going to control her emotions now.

After a moment of awkward silence Danny finally spoke up

” I know what I just did but, i didn’t plan this seriously.
You are pretty, you are attractive and I swear you already got me

” But I can’t, my soul is already tied to someone, I am chained to her i cant do it.

He stood up and texted Mr Travis who opened the door and the ent out to discuss business.

celine finally received a little strenght

She walked down to pick her cloths which was was on the floor

When she arrived someone had already picked them

In fact the person was rinsing them

CELIne moved closer and it was Ethan The Same guy
Always there to protect her whenever she needed him most
Always there for her though she didn’t take his feelings serious

What did i ever do to deserve meeting you Ethan
She asked herself as she looked at him.
She then called him

” hey pool boy

Ethan smiled

” hey unrequited love

CELine ran to him and removed the cloth from his hands she dragged him up and hugged him

” you left when I was jailed why
” I couldn’t do anything for you I felt bad so I left.

CELIne let go off him

He Carried the cloths and hanged them

” why did you wash all these cloths the rich boy you are dating where is he

CELIne smiled
” he traveled
” if you know Mrs hoffman hates you this much why didn’t you travel with your boyfriend

” I was blinded by her fakeness

Ethan was done hanging he folded his hands on Celines neck as though she was his fellow guy.

” what do you say mate, lets sneak into my room and I will lock you up there until the rich boy gets back.

CELIne chuckled

” thanks but no thanks

” I don’t have enough power to protect you from Miranda or Mrs hoffman but my house is open from now on come in when ever you want to run away i will always be here no matter the time and I will make sure no one stops you.

” yes thank you.
next day
Hoffman’s house.

Celine was in the 7th building that was the biggest building in the estate

She had cleaned all the mansions in the estate only her

From the first building to the 7th building where she was now

Per Mrs Hoffman’s orders

She was so tired but she was ordered to Clean it till it sparkled

She had not eaten since morning and her ulcer started bitting her tummy and blocking her breath

The dust filled her eye

The house was really big and dirty

Celine continued her work with tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile Ethan had been looking for her all morning.


Salvador sat in big hall with his board of directors, cream production managers, and top workers

” am glad for the successful completion of” right skin “, Salvador said
They all clapped
” the price has been estimated as 7mill for right skin cream only “, the accountant said

” 7mill is good but we just produced the sample “, salvador said

” Yes we can’t use our money for the actual production so we need investors, we need sponsors”, production manager said

” the amount of sponsors we get depends on our model if she’s perfect we can get n.v and Olay “, advert manager said

” I need like 10 sponsors from the beauty world”, Salvador said

” speaking of a model i think Miranda millbert is ok”, advert manager said

” we put too much resources into right skin its different from every cream we made before”, production manager said

” Miranda millbert has been used before to to model p. W
“perfect you ” body cream “, advert manager said as He played her picture on the projector

” also everybody knows that Miranda bleached her skin so how would we know the exact effect of our creation “, production manager said

” Jennifer Williams is good “, advert manager said as She played Jennifer’s picture on the screen

” Jennifer is too white and we used her to model p. W “perfect white “last year “, salvador said

” Paula is the best choice but we are using her right now for “clear skin ” “, marketing manager said He displayed Paulas picture on the screen

” all these models have worked and bleached on their skin, p. W right skin is an organic cream and We put our all into its production so if we must prove the difference to the world we need a virgin”, production manager said

” that’s right we need a virgin model for that cream someone whose skin has not tasted any artificial flavour like p. W before but the skin is still amazing “, salvador said

” well we completed our beauty hunt and we didn’t find any “virgin” so we have to use Miranda after all she is the number one female model right now and she plans on contesting miss universe this is good for promotion “, general manager said
” you are right “, salvador said
” not bad”, production manager said

” give me time to make my decision the meeting will be rescheduled …..

Salvador stood up and as he walked out Celines picture just reflected his mind .

” if only this Celine girl gave in , she is the perfect choice.

Salvador walked into his commercial complex when he ran into Calvin .

” Calvin to what do I owe this visit
Calvin smiled

Calvin looked quite young and handsome his guards walked behind him

” I need a model

Salvador smiled

” I have plenty

They both laughed

The walked into salvadors commercial office

Salvador sat down

” have you seem the new Calvin design?
” pant and bra?
“sports pants and bra .

He pressed the remote on the projector and the pant came out with the half cut bra it was black and unique

” love it , u need a girl with crazy curves and photograph attitude to model this.

” I have created the concept for the magazine cover it has to be a ghost concept

” the models face won’t be seen
” no that’s why her body must be perfect

” if she’s gonna be a ghost model you know the pay is double

” I don’t care

” tell what kind of figure do you want

Calvin picked the marker

He walked down to the board

And wrote the numbers in line after calculating numbers he finally arrived at the numbers he wanted

He wrote them clearly

” what do you think Salvador

” 19 for her waist I think it’s too small at least Mirandas waist is 20 and she is the best body queen

” what about the hip ?

” hmmm that would be Jennifer

” but Jennifer’s waist is 21, I don’t want anything above 20″, Calvin said

” that’s because Jennifer has hip so her waist can’t be that small I trained her waist and maintained it at that level., she can’t change her figure she has dinner gown modeling contract with England.

” the sports bra being modeled is just the sample, production has not started and the fitting is (19 -20 )”, calvin said

” so why not use Miranda then?

” Mirandas upper body is ok but her hip, mmmm I need something a little wider “, calvin said

” this means you need someone perfectly in between Jennifer and Miranda

” yes

” use jewel

” come on salvador , jewel has little boobs

Salvador chuckled

” you want a girl who has nice breasts too?

” yea why not , it’s a bra.

He smiled

” mmmm calvin

” what about Jason?”, calvin asked

” Paula is signed to p. W she only models my skin care products she can’t do it for you “, salvador said

” I will pay double

” are you richer than me

They both laugh

” don’t worry before then I will get you a model or Miranda has to hit the gym.

” trust you man

Salvador shaked him.

He walked out

Salvadors assistant came to him

” I forgot to inform you

” tell me

” Miranda has not visited the gym for 3days now, neither has she been jogging or going to her yoga classes.

” where is she

” no idea

” that girl

He picked his phone.


Miranda walked into the estate Celine was done she was in the last building

Miranda pushed the door open and saw Celine she then locked it up with a key and threw the key into the pool.

She ran up to her room when she saw her Salvadors call.

Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 93
Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 91

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