August 3, 2021

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 93

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????chapter ✏93✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By #moreexperience ????
(6zney )


” hello Salvador

” Miranda I told you I wanted you to model those imported bikinis for me
” and I never said no

” you have not been in the gym for 3 days
You missed yoga classes
No exercise
You have not even been jogging
Or at least runing
Or even ballet.
How can you ignore you fitness like this, need I remind you that you are a super model, what have you been doing.

” well i have been doing some home workout, don’t worry I didn’t add weight

” check your email, that’s the fitness I need from you next month work towards it.

Miranda looked at we email

” my waist can’t go dat down 19 jeez do you want me to loose my life

Secondly my hips are normal, I am a runway model .

you are not the only person I work for, I can’t just work on widening my hips, the last time I worked on my hips because of you I had issues fitting into my costume at fashion week

” Miranda the imported bikini goes aside this Is bigger , calvin just released a new sports outfit.
It is already the talk of the industry and it is a face off concept which means more money and u can lure him into making you his b.a…. so just widen your hips but 4 just 4 …..and get this contract this is a boom for your career. And secondly if u get the look I need u might also model right skin.

On hearing ” right skin ” Miranda smiled widely

” of course

Salvador dropped the call.

Omg can I be salvadors model for
” right skin”

that’s the dream of every model
Omg I cant wait. She said to herself while laughing widely

Miranda stood up and walked to her weight tracker She stood on top of it.

Omg I added weight, I added one pound aarrgh I hope its only in my hip.
She ran and took her tape she measured her waist

Then she measured her hip

Too bad my waist added its now 22
What have I been eating here
I am finished

I need to go home and start my diet I have a runway show In just two weeks Vera cruise will kill me

She started packing up her bag.

celine who was done cleaning

Her ulcer had increased badly
She was glad she was done

Her stomach pained giving her a serious head ache

She almost ate the dusts she swept out

She ran to the door and tried opening it but it was Locked

She pushed the door but no avail

She shouted but no one heard, her distance from the house was like the middle of the ocean.

She finally gave up, She sat flat on the ground shedding tears.

Her stomach was burning and she had A very bad gastric ulcer resulting from hunger and poverty in the village.


miranda who ran into Mrs hoffman in the parlour

” leaving already
” ciara you didn’t tell me I added weight
” its not visible you are still okay
” I am a model my fitness is written in people books I can never add Weight

” well just hit the gym and start your diet

” that’s why I am going home, I hope to hear good news Soon

” about

” that CEline left

” thats for sure, I wonder were she is

” I saw her sneaking up to the 7th buiding with that Ethan boy their passion of ecstasy was so much they almost tore each other’s cloths off I forgot to tell you, He even washed her cloths for her yesterday night

” I am not surprised, I always knew that girl was a slut, she is free to continue her romance with the pool boy he is her level, She should just leave my son

” what ever am out.

She walked out of the house

Celine village

Dana was trying to wake junior up

Hes fever already spinned out of control

Dana had spent all her money on him and celines mother who lay flat on her wrapper shivering in cold they slept outside again

” junior I bought you drugs, stand up and take it now, Stephanie your wife is watching oh

Junior didn’t move

Dana pushed him

The little boy seemed dead

Dana ran to Celines mother who lay quietly

Dana ran to Celines mother who lay quietly

” ma Junior is not moving .
Celine mum couldn’t even see well again her blood pressure had risen in line with her sugar and this blinded her eye

” Dana I can’t see my head is to heavy to lift I don’t think I will last the morning pls bring him into my arms

Dana carried chimezie into his mother’s arms

The boy was long gone he’s mother just held him tight hoping that he will move

Dana ran into the streets but no body wanted to help the kidnapper family

Her mobile phone was switched off

She fell to the floor and shouted

Celine, where are you, come back, come back, before this cruel world turns you into an orphan

She sat on the floor and cried like a baby

CELIne come home, CELIne come home you have no one left all your aunties and uncles are in jail

Your little brother is dead
Your mother is blind and she is dying

Where are you Celine!! She shouted

Celine suddenly felt her heart beat very strong in that room

She coughed and coughed out blood
She wiped the blood
She tried pushing the door again

When she fell to a deep slumber

And in her sleep she saw her brother waving good bye at her she tried catching him but she woke up

What’s going on, She asked herself

She coughed the more and more blood streamed out

Hunger was her biggest pain
She just let sleep over take her.

next day

rachel called danny on phone

” sweet heart
Rachel chuckled
” am sorry I was so tired from all the stress you put me through I forgot to call you
” I know
” ave you arrived home
” really?, that will be at night
” ok
” i will call you
” better do

Danny dropped the call.


Celine opened her eye the room was bright she knew it was morning.

She pushed the door again that was when emily noticed it

She ran towards celine in a haste

” celine
” why cant the door open
” its been locked
” where is the key
” i dunno it has only one key.

Celine sat back on the floor

Emily sneaked into mr hoffmans room and stole his spare key

She opened the door and celine came out

Emily saw blood all over her

” where did all this blood come from
Celine didn’t talk
Just then Mildred came To them

” Celine I have been looking for you all morning Mrs hoffman is calling you.

Celine nodded

She placed her hands on her tummy and rushed into the living room

Mrs hoffman just dropped a call.

” madam
” with Mirandas help I have done everything I can to make you leave but Celine you still proved stubborn.

” madam

” I realized that hurting you won’t work so I have decided to face those you care about

” I don’t understand

Just then Mrs hoffman picked her call

” have you arrived
” yes
” give someone the phone

Mrs hoffman gave Celine the phone

” I believe you missed your family why not speak to them

Celine took the phone she heard danas voice

And in detail dana told her everything

Mrs hoffman watched Celine

As she stood with her mouth open
Tears rushing down her eye
Next thing she fell down
Still in tears

She tried holding the pain
She didn’t even know when she dropped the phone

She stood up

” why did you do all this, why did you go this far!!! She shouted

Mrs hoffman tried slapping her but CEliine held her hands and pushed it down.

” I want you to leave my son alone
” why, why do you hate me so much
” because you are poor and classless

” i promise you ciara, one day I will also became classy and i will became all you want and you will beg me to be with your son.

” that’s impossible
Even in the next one million years you will still be a maid you can never be somebody in life, I said it

CELinE shed tears

” it is pretty simple, will you choose Danny and your little love game over your family.

” let my family be, I will leave your son for you, I will go far away from Danny, but just let my family be.

” it takes only one call from me and all their problems will be solved, but I will only make that call when you leave

” I will leave, am going , so just let them be but I must stay in this house until Daniel returns and I will leave after he’s back.

” you have until morning till your brother finally dies, I give you till midnight Celine, be with your Daniel when he comes back. But just know if i see you in my house after midnight I will do my worst and my worst will start with “murder ”

” you love Miranda so much right fine lets have a bet, one day I will become wealthier than Miranda

” in your dreams

” what if it happens

” I will go on my kneels and beg you to marry my son.

She walked away.

Celine ran into the maids room in tears

She started packing

Danny I tried but the pushed me hardest

Emma is right
Mrs hoffman will never accept a commoner

I wish I listened to Emma

Now look at me

My pretty skin is now ugly

Even Salvador won’t accept me now.

I just love Danny so Much

So much that the truth was in front of me and I couldn’t accept it

Now am going back to my real world
Danny was just my fantasy

In real life I am a nobody
My family are the poorest in the village
We barely eat
My father’s shop rarely gets customers
My mother is jobless
My brother rarely attends school because of school fees

Our family house is about to fall
The rain falls on us at night

being with Danny made me forget who I really am

I am a pauper
Who had only 5 cloths
Until I met Daniel
I forgot everything
But now
Am going back

We might be poor
But we are happy.

She thought to herself.

Emily : am glad you are going
Mary : me too the pain is much

They helped her pack her stuffs soon they saw salvadors card which Celine threw under the table

Emily put it in her purse

Soon they were done packing


Gretel and her dad were in another plane

” but why did Danny leave first
” well he was in a haste
” ok dad

She texted keila back. And keila replied her

Mmmm it must have been painful She said

Gretel smiled cunningly

No it wasn’t Gretel replied her.

you are deceiving your bestie. Keila sent

Gretel smiled and replied her

Why will I deceive you I love you

Gretel logged out keila smiled.

She turned to Ryan on the bed

” did your Bestie arrive safely
” no she is still in the plane but this arrived

She turned to Ryan on the bed and rose on top of him

” miss William’s
” mr ogostine, wont you make love to me.
Ryan smiled

He slipped her top out of her body She kissed him .

hours around night.
It was 10 :30

Celine sat in the bed thinking about her parents when Emily rushed to her

” Danny is back

Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 95
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 92

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