August 6, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 91

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He and her V.

Episode 91

^Camilla’s POV^

I screamed when I realized that what I had always hated is about to happen to me plus it’s about to happen to me in my husband’s house.

I do not know whose plot this is but I’d rather die than for this to happen to me.

I kept screaming and seriously struggling with the man with all that I had. The man slapped me all of a sudden but I wasn’t moved.

I was expecting the worst. I spit to his face and he let his grip off me to clean his face.

I took advantage of that and picked a small metal on the cupboard beside the bed.

I was about to hit him when he suddenly grab my hand. I let loose the knife and it fell to the bed.

I hurriedly used my second hand to pick it and hit his left eyes with it.

He screamed and shook. Fear engulfed me on seeing blood gushing from his face.

I knew he may do the worst to me now ,he might even kill me. I used the same metal to hit his right eyes and pushed him to the bed.

He fell groaning in pain and tossing in agony.

I switched on the light and searched for Tucker but I couldn’t find him.

I walked swiftly to Tucker’s room and planted a knock on it. It got opened after few seconds.

He was surprise to see me at an hour like that. “Camilla ,Is everything alright?”

“I was almost raped ” I said and he furrowed his brow.

“Rape! Who …how! ”

I walked away from him and he followed me to my room. We finally arrived at my room and he was surprised to see a man on his feet struggling for sight ,holding his two eyes with blood gushing from his eyes.

“Camilla ,what happened ?” he asked and I explained everything to him.

“But this is the robot ?” He looked into my face.

“It’s not. This is a human. Something went wrong somewhere” I said .

Tucker went to the man and opened his stomach and it was that of a human.

“Oh my days!” Tucker expressed his shock.

“So he actually swapped himself with the robot. ”

“I guess that was what happened ” I replied.

“And where is Walter. They must have successfully taken him down …oh my days! So the enemy’s plan is to rape you!” He said and came to me and hugged me gently.

He put a call across to the cops and reported the matter. The cops came after few minutes and arrested the man who was bleeding heavily from his obviously blinded eyes.

Grace walked out to us on hearing that the cops had come around.

She requested from Tucker what happened and he explained.

“Plan failed. ” She mumbled to herself softly and painfully but I heard.

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