June 12, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 9

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❤Hidden beauty????


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Episode 9

Selena’s POV

I kept walking restlessly and was lost in thought.

What gave that ugly duckling the guts to talk back at me? ….

She even speaker fearlessly, when did she become that brave?…. I thought

But I will teach that ugly thing a lesson of her life, a terrible lesson that she will never forget for the rest of her life and once am done with her….(Laughs)

She will never show her ugly face here in this school ever again…. I smirk

Baby! Selena!! I heard my name from behind as i turned around

It was Williamson…

Hi baby! I said as i pecked him softly…

So how was your plan? Hope it worked? Williamson asked as I frowned and faced away.

That crocodile poo ???? have got guts and I wonder what makes her so brave!! I said

What do you mean by that? asked Williamson

You need to see the way she talked back at me and to top it all, she even ceased my hands and told me to my face that she’s fearless of both you and I… I said

What? The cry baby ugly duckling is now brave…. Williamson said

But you don’t have to worry baby, I will surely put her to her place… I laughed mischievously

I trust you baby! Once you get this done with I will reward you handsomely… Williamson said

Consider it done baby! I replied as i quickly picked up my hand bag and walked out.

Williamson’s POV

The nerve of that freak! I blurted and i sat on a bench beside me as i watched Selena disappear out of my sight.

I was still engrossed in my thought when i felt someone touched me.

Hey Liam! What’s up dude? It was Prosper my friend

Nothing! I sighed

Why? So did Selena execute her plans? Prosper asked he secured a seat beside me No she didn’t but I believe she will… I said

So confident? Prosper asked

Don’t worry guy! I know she will definitely teach that stinky junk a bitter lesson that he will never forget… I said

Liam look at the ugly duckling? Prosper said mockingly pointing at Joy, she was heading out of the library.

Hey! Ugly duckling!! I screamed at her making faces at her.

But to my greatest surprise, she only stared at me disgustedly and gave out a loud sigh as she walked away.

Geez! Was all I could say

Joy’s POV

I sat on my bed exhaustedly as i smiled to myself.

I thought of all that happened today and how I was able to stand up for myself, I felt so happy.

“I have to be strong and courageous, I shouldn’t let their mere words take me down or make me feel miserable, Feathers was right after all, “Only God can defeat me”….

I hate Williamson with so much passion and I will never let him get the best of me with his mocking and embarrassment….

I yawned hungrily as I rubbed my eyes tiredly.

I just know that am feeling so sleepy but I have to read my books cos we’ve got tests to write tomorrow.

I unzipped my bag and brought out my text book and a piece of paper fell out of it.

I quickly picked it up and opened it.

It was the paper I drew Williamson as my prince charming…

Damn it! I yelled in displease as i quickly tore the book into pieces and threw it into the trash can.

That is now in the past! I said as i picked up my book flipping the pages softly.


Selena’s POV

I blew my gum noisily as one of my friends handed a piece of paper to me.

Is this the answer script? I asked anxiously

Yes Selena, I stole it from the staff room… She replied

Good! And my plans are slowly falling in place…I laughed

I turned and saw Anna one of my classmate looking at me.
Hey! Scumbag why are you looking at me like that? I yelled at her
Nothing! She said trying to pretend
Shut up! What did you just see? I asked her
Nothing! I saw nothing!! She replied in fear
Better! I smirked as she walked away in fear

Some minutes later, an announcement was made that the test is about to start.

Slowly, all the students started tripping into the classroom in groups

My friends and i were all ready and set to execute our plans.

I watched the ugly thing Joy sit on her desk and I smiled.

The silly idiot is unaware of the plans am gonna unleash on her…. ????

I quickly signalled one of my friends.

Who pretended and tripped as she fell beside Joy.

So sorry! She said as she quickly put the piece of paper (the answer script) under Joy’s desk.

Few minutes later, the teacher walked into the class and the question script was shared.

You have just 45 minutes to write this test and caution, there shouldn’t be any noise and I don’t tolerate mal practice…Your time starts now! The teacher ordered

Five minutes later, I signalled one of my friends who quickly gave out a loud shout.

Hey! Look!! Ugly duckling I mean Joy what are you copying from? She shouted as Joy looked so surprised

The ugly duckling!! The whole class screamed

What? Joy asked stunned

Ma’am! Joy is copying…. She kept shouting as the teacher walked to her desk.

Is that true Joy? The teacher asked

No ma’am, that’s false! Am doing no such thing! Joy cried

Shut up Joy, you are nothing a cheat! I yelled as the students laughed and drummed on their desks.

The crocodile poo ???? is not just ugly but also very dull, she can’t even study, all she does is cheat! Williamson laughed aloud

Am not lying ma’am, why not search her? She said defensively as the teacher looked under her desk and brought out the answer script.

What? You’re cheating in my class? The teacher screamed

Joy’s POV

I only stared at them in agape.

I don’t really know how that script got under my desk! I cried

You are a liar! Ugly duckling! Cheat!! The whole class mocked me as i felt warm tears rolled down my cheeks

I couldn’t defend myself!

You really stinks Joy, Ugly little thing…cheat! Selena spat on me

You’re so ugly Joy! And you are cheat too! Williamson laughed aloud

Yikes! Stinky!! Prosper added as the whole class started drumming and calling me names.

I wished the ground could open and swallow me up…

Tears kept on streaming down my cheeks…

Joy! Follow me to the principal’s office now! The teacher ordered

I was gonna be suspended.. I wept.

I turned to leave with the teacher but then we’re stopped by a scream.

Wait ma’am! A voice shouted from the crowd and we turned around and it was Anna…

What is it? The teacher asked

She’s not a cheat! Anna shouted

It wasn’t Joy who took the answer script! Anna defended me…..


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