July 25, 2021

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My Boss. Chapter 9

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Sub tittle:The tears and pain
(This episode might make u sad or cry)

Written by Author Jenny

????Not edited????

Chapter 9

“Sof who invited my boss “i asked

“I dont know ,maybe its ethan”she replied

“yeah right”i said ans rolled my eyes

“But your boss is getting cuter and hotter by the day”sof said smiling

“ouch babe”max said and we all started laughing

“So u mean his more cute and hot than me ” max said kissing all over sofia face

“Hell no baby”she replied in a moan


I ran to my room and locked up the door ,,those two are something else

I removed all my clothes and entered the shower ,after that i starred at my naked body in the mirror

at least the wounds are getting healed now but the marks are still there

All my life have been built on pain ,sorrow and tears ,,sometimes i stare at other girls and imagine if i would ever be happy like them

have you ever wished you go for a memory wipe?well i always wish so because the memories of my step father is just something i want to forget but i cant its hurts alot


“father were is my mom”i yelled in tears as he pushed me and locked me up in a room

I kept yelling and banging the door till my hands were sore

Its funny how i still refare to that beast as father

My life is so messed up my real dad had an accident and died ,my mom got married to a monster, a beast then after some time she fell ill and was taken away by my step father later i got news that she had an accident also ,,dose that even make any sence ?

And that was how my life have been in the hand of that ass step father

Couple of times i tried to see reason with him to tell me what really happened to my mom that she couldnt even say goodbye to her only child

“Were is my mom George ” i yelled in anger

“To your room julia “he yelled angrily

“Am not going anywhere till you tell me what really happened to my mom”i replied back

And i could remember clearly that faithful day george dragged me to my room and i that process i hit my head pretty hard on the stair case iron and began bleeding from the head

He pushed me to the bed and sat down ,,he draggex my hair tightly that tears began pouring from my eyes ,,i lay on his laps face down ,,he raised my torn clothes and removed my panties ,,i actually thought he was going to rape me but he didnt instead he used his hands and spank my butt really hard to the extent his hand print were all over my butt ,,i could only cry and pleased in pain

“How do you like that bitch”he always say with a grin

do you guys think i havent tried to run away since? i tried so hard but get caught because the house is always locked up and i was always locked up in my room with nothing

I remembered the faithful night george came back home drunk and tried to rape me ,,i was able to kick his d***k hard but that was the worstest moment of my life
He removed his belt and flooged me till i lost consciousness

i noticed i am still in the bathroom naked ,,i wore my robe and climbed my bed

I tried cathing some sleep but i couldnt the memory on george keep coming back fresh and the nightmare was something else
“julia are you dead”i heard sofia yelled loudly and i sprang off my bed immediately

“Holy molly am fucking late” i yelled

I hurried into the bathroom ,,packed my clothes ,shoe and bag and entered sofia car still in my towel

“Drive fast sofia”i yelled and began dressing at the back seat

“I cant believe you entered my car in your towel and your dressing right now in this backseat ,what the hell is this boss of your doing to you? sofia said laughing

“Thanks for the ride “i yelled and jumped out of her car

Thank God his car isnt here yet ,,i entered the lobby and someone shouted “his here” everyone ran to their duty post including me

The day have been really stressful and it seems mr chris is in a bad mood ,,right now am on my way to the board meeting with mr chris and he asked me to take note of everything

I entered the board room and sat beside ethan while mr chris started talking

The AC was something else and right now am fighting hard not to sleep off
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak ????

“Julia”i heard someone called

I opened my eyes to see over more than 10 pair of eyes starring at me including mr chris ,and his look was enough to make me pee in my pants

“This meeting is over ,see me in my office miss daniels “he said angrily and left


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