June 12, 2021

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My Master. Episode 31

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“You miss him?” Cole asked, sitting besides me on the couch and handing me a bottle of water.

“I think miss is a bit of an understatement” I said giving him a small smile while I opened the bottle of water.

“I know how it feels when the one you love leaves, and you do not know whether you’ll see them again or not.” he said, his voice laced with sadness.

The memory of how he had handled the Emily situation rushed to my mind. The memories were still so vivid and clear.

“I cannot live without him.” I whispered in an almost inaudible whisper.

“I know how you feel. He is your mate, it’s natural to feel that way” he said back with a reassuring smile. I smiled back, but it was a smile that was void of emotions.

“I’m a bit sleepy. The baby is draining all my energy. Let me head in for an early night.” I said.

“You sure? We were planning to watch Regular Show” he said with a frown.

I smiled at his attempt at convincing me stay.

“I would have loved to stay, but I don’t think I would enjoy Emily and you kissing and touching at the Mordecai and Margaret moments”

Cole burst into a fit of laughter and I smiled.

“Good night Cole.” I said turning towards the stairs.

“Good night Talia” he said back through his laughter.

I stepped into the cold and room and shivered slightly. This room. It used to be so warm. Used to be my favourite place because it brought me to him. Now it was my worst nightmare. All it did was stir up memories, memories which were painful to remember and a time like this. Memories which would have been my favourite fantasies had he been here. This room, the room which used to fill me with so much happiness, was now a place that filled me with sadness. 4

I shook my head, trying to get rid of the thoughts that had suddenly plunged into my mind and walked further into the room and sat on the soft bed.

The same bed Kayden and I had made love so many times. The same bed I had lain in his arms for nights on end.

Now it just felt hollow and empty.

The only thing that was keeping me going now was my hope, my baby and most importantly, my love for the baby’s father.

I knew he was taking care of this, just as he had promised. He was gonna take care of this and then he was gonna come back to his baby and I, and hold us in his safe embrace. I knew he could do it.

“I trust you Kayden” I whispered to myself.

I got up from the bed and dragged my feet towards my closet. I quickly changed into a a pair of snug and warm pyjamas as the night had become extremely cold.

I felt a sense of dread washing over me suddenly and I went rigid. The dread soon turned to anger. Anger I did not understand. I did not know why I was angry but I was. And then I felt a pain in my lower abdomen.

I gasped and held my stomach.

“They say the baby can transfer it’s emotions to the mother, and judging by the waves of anger radiating from you I take it your baby is not happy to see me” 8l

That voice.

My worst nightmare.

How did you get in here.” I seethed through clenched teeth.

“And now the mother is also angry at Uncle Kevin, great” he said throwing his hands up in a dramatic fashion.

“What do you fucking want Kevin” I said.

I was angry. More angry than I had ever been in my whole entire life.

Kevin looked at me silently. Gone was the amused and smug look that had been plastered on his face. His eyes showed so much sorrow and pain that it shook me to the core.

“I want you back, Talia. Please” he said in a whisper.

“You are fucking insane, aren’t you. After all you’ve done, after all you put me through? You have no right whatsoever to say that. I belong to another master now” I spat back at him.

He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Talia, you don’t get it. All that stuff I did wasn’t me. That was just to prove a point.” He paused, turning around to look at the wall.

“When I first bought you, it was because I was mesmerized by your beauty. You were so innocent in that tiny little cage at the pet shop and I just knew I had to have you. So I bought you, and went to tell my father immediately after I had left you at home. To tell him I had gotten my first pet. To tell him I was now a man like him.” He paused again, not turning to look at me.

“And most importantly, to prove to him that I was not weak like his brother, just because I had been raised in his household. I needed to get his approval. So I told him, and he told me he was proud. Then he told me that he was going to teach me on how a pet should be treated, so that I wouldn’t end up like his fool of a brother. ”

He turned to look at me, his eyes filled with regret and hurt.

“And so I was taught. And I applied what I was taught. But beneath all the torture I allowed to be inflicted on you, I was torturing myself worse. I would sometimes come to make love to you, and you would respond. Then afterwards I would ask the ‘healer’ to heal you by casting a spell on you. The spell made you forget all the good memories. Then it would replace them with ones of torture and rape. Just so you could hate me and my father would finally see me as his son” he said, uttering the last sentence through clenched teeth.

“I loved you, I still do. And there was never a time were I took you by force, it was usually consensual. I just made you believe it wasn’t by using magic ” he said his voice dropping an octave

I shook my head in disbelief.

“That is not true. That…. it…. it can’t be” I said shaking my head in disbelief.

This was another on of Kevin’s tricks, it had to be. How could I have consented to having sex with him. He is a monster.

“What about the bruises and the scars from all the whippings you gave me?” I asked trying to wrap my head around the idea of me and Kevin ever having gotten along, him loving me.

“I would ask my guards to do it, and you were put under an illusion spell, you would see me, but it wouldn’t be me.”

I felt my knees weakening.

“Then… then why did you sell me. Why did you do it if you really love me as you claim?”

“You weren’t part of the deal initially. I had asked to borrow money from Kayden because I was desperate. My businesses in the human world were suffering and I needed the money. I was planning on buying you back the minute I would have recovered my money. Then I realised that I wasnt ever getting you back.”

I released a breath.

That stupid Kayden had fucken claimed you, he had taken what was mine and made it….”

“That ‘stupid Kayden’ is the love of my life. He is my mate and the father of my unborn baby. I love him more than anything in this world. That ‘stupid Kayden’ is more than the man you will ever be in your entire life. He is out there, fighting for his love and his child. But you, you gave me up for money. Not that that wasn’t the best thing you’ve ever done for me, it actually was. You never loved me Kevin. You don’t understand love well enough yet” I breathed when I had finished my little rant.

Kevin stood there, looking at me with a sad expression on his face. Silence filled the room.

“For what it’s worth, I’m really sorry” Kevin whispered, breaking the silence. 12ll

“I’m sorry for everything. For not being man enough, and for being a nightmare in your life.”

“I had come here to save you, but it seems you are ready to die with Kayden.”

“Kayden is not going to die, and neither am I” I spat.

“They coming for you, Talia. Kayden has lost the battle” Kevin whispered.

“Please Talia, come with me. I can save you. We can escape to the human world, I’m going there right now.” He pressed on.

I was beyond hearing. The only words which were replaying in my head were ‘Kayden has lost the battle.’

“Talia!” My head snapped towards Kevin. “Plea…”

And that was when I heard it. A thunderous knock on the front door.

“Please Talia, come with me. I can get you and your baby to safety.” Kevin said his voice sounding urgent.

“I’m sorry Kevin, but I cannot leave Kayden” I whispered then turned to walk out of the room.

I got to the stairs began walking down the stair towards the front door!


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