July 27, 2021

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Never Knew She Is Beautiful. Episode 23

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful

Episode 23


We continued eating and he spoke up again. “I really wish you do have the same feelings I have for you for me. ”

“Feelings! I do not understand what you meant by that ”

He ate a part of his meat and sipped in wine. “I can’t really say If I’m sure. But I guess I love you”

“You guess?” I chuckled.

He stopped eating and said “Is it funny?”

“Of course , like you are guessing if you are in love with someone or not” I said.

“Yes,I’ve never really being in Love before ?”


“Yeah ,so I really do not know what love is.”

Quiet funny. So the boss had never being in love.

“I find you attractive and I really wish we are closer ” He said and I smiled.

“We close already , what else ?” I asked.

He coughed and shook his head. “I want something deeper .I really like you. In fact….I’ll like it if we get to see everyday ”

“Everyday!” I repeated.

“Yes . An idea just struck my heart. ERM….can you come to my working place ? Like come and be working there so I can get to see you always ” He said.

“Oh! I have my job”

“I know but I’ll pay you double of what the job pays you. I just want to set my eyes on you every single day ”

“Hum! ”

“Please ”

“What position is available ?”

“Secretary is quiet closer ,you could be my secretary . your office will be in the same room as mine and I believe we will grow closer that way ”

“How about your previous secretary ?”

“Oh! I loathe that lady. I can sack her anytime you ready. She’s ugly ,clumsy and a psycho. ” He said and I nodded.

“I’ll think about it ” I said and pushed the plate to a side as a sign that I’m done eating.

“I think we should go and dance now ” He said and stood.

He stretched his hand and pulled me up to dance.

We danced for a while after which we departed to our various homes.

I got home thinking of what he said.

Big head boss will be sending me money for pill for his big head.

Big head boss will be buying me car.

Big head boss wants to fire ME to employ ME ????

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