August 1, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 37 and 38

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One night stand, Episode 37..Jenny’s p.o.v:I and Wendy walked in and saw a random girl kissing Justin, Justin pushes her away when he sees me.. Justin: Babe,i can explain..??:so this is the Jenny?.. Jenny: you bitch.. Jenny drags Selena hair to the ground, Selena falls down and Jenny starts to punch her very hard.. Justin: Jenny,stop.. Justin seperates them.. Jenny:Let me go..she slaps Justin twice.. Jenny:You idiot,you lied to me,you were cheating on me..i hate you.. Jenny hits Justin on the chest.. Justin: Babe,am sorry,i can explain.. Jenny: Don’t come near me..Wendy, let’s go..Wendy and Jenny walk away, while Selena gets up.. Selena:Aww,my body hurts,that girl is a monster, Justin come and massage my body.. Justin: Shut up,you slut.. Justin walks away.Meanwhile, Jenny gets home crying, Wendy follows her but Jenny enters her room and locks herself up.. Wendy: Jenny, please open the door.. Liam arrives.. Liam: What’s wrong with my sister? Wendy narrates the whole story.. Liam: Jenny, open the door.An hour later, Wendy already left, while Liam broke the door down,he saw Jenny on the ground crying.. Liam: Jenny? Jenny:He cheated,he cheated on me.. Liam: it’s okay,stop crying.. Jenny cried in Liam’s chest.. Liam: Did you two talk? Jenny:No, but i slapped him.. Liam:You two should have talked,he might have an explanation.. Jenny: Explanation for cheating.. Liam:Look,i know Justin,he can’t do that to you,he loves you, listen to him.Meanwhile, Tamara:wgy didn’t you tell me Selena was back? Justin:i thought i could handle her.. Tamara:Well,look what Happened, Jenny hates you,go and explain everything.. Late at night, Jenny was in her room when Justin sneaks in through the window.. Jenny:What do you want?justun:Babe,i can explain..i didn’t cheat.. Jenny: Then who is that girl? Justin: She’s Selena,my ex girlfriend..

One night stand, Episode 38.. Jenny:Ex girlfriend? why are you still with her if she is your ex? Justin:The thing is that..i and Selena didn’t break up because we stopped loving each other… Jenny:So why did you break up? Justin: Selena and i dated for a long time,we loved each other but her dad had to move to New Zealand,so she left the country.. but before she left,we promised each other that when we meet again,we will get back together.. Jenny;What?!.. Justin: But that was before i met you, Jenny,i love you..i love you soo much and i want to spend the rest of my life with you.. believe me.. Jenny: Justin, what will happen to Selena? Justin:i will fix that,now come and give your handsome boyfriend a kiss.. Jenny giggles, then they kiss.The next day,at school.. Wendy:so you two are back together? Jenny:Yeah,i love Justin so much and he loves me.. Wendy:Aww,cute.. Justin arrives.. Justin:Hey,babe..they kiss.. Wendy:I will leave you two.. Wendy walks away.. Jenny:So i was thinking, let’s go out after school… Justin: Anywhere my queen wants to go,i will take her..??:I would love to tag along.. Justin: Selena? Jenny:What are you doing here? Selena:I am the new student here.. Jenny, Justin:What?!..T.b.c
I made it short because i want to say something,In any relationship,if a guy asks for sex as an approval for your is very wrong,sex is not a way to show love,a guy who loves you will wait for you, because he would love you for who you are and what he wants to get from you.I find it unclean for a girl to sleep with a guy because she is trying to prove to the guy that she loves him,You should do it when you are ready..i just thought i should say this

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