June 12, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 7

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????The Maid????
????Episode 07????
I walked into the kitchen as I saw Adria wiping her tear as she saw me..
“Adria… what’s wrong.?”
“Nothing..”,she forced a smile.
“I know you well Adria… tell me what happened”
“Nothing Christian. I’m fine”
“Okay… then”
“okay…”,as She ran past me.
Something is wrong and I wonder what it is?
And for Christ sake where the hell is Justin..
I haven’t seen him all day or is something wrong?
Let me just check his room if I will get a clue.
I moved to his room and it was very neat just like two days ago.
And there I saw an envelope on the middle of the bed.
Curiosity crept inside me and I opened it.
it reads:
Last night when we had our kinky stuff and cuddled up with you .. it felt amazing.
I loved everything we did… I love the smile on your face but the painful part was I never loved you Justin. it was only pity that I had for you.
I was never happy when I’m with you… it’s like my heart is some where else and my body is right with you.
I never loved you and I will never love you.
I’m sorry Justin.
Adria x.
Adria never loved Justin. This is unbelievable. I closed the paper closely and I found droplets of water and I knew they were tears.. it’s written minutes ago.
She wasn’t happy with what she wrote. She was forced to write this..
My mom must know something about this because she was the one who hated Adria.
l moved in my mom’s room to ask her about Adria’s whereabout.l knew she had nothing to do with it
“Mom,whats this?”as l showed her the letter.
“lts Adria’s letter…”
“you forced her isn’t it..?”
“How do u expect me to accept that whore in my family”
“She isn’t a whore”,l defend.
“Well Tera is his and no one else and I won’t allow that girl to destroy their future.”
“I loved her mom… I love her so much..”
“You love her too…”
“Yea mom..”
“What is wrong with you two…You are not going anywherearound her. She is out of town any way.. ”
“Just leave me alone Christian. I want to think.”
l smiled ..,”But l could marry her when she arrives again.”
“Okay do whatever you want but remember I will make her life hell when you bring her. ”
“We shall see about that mom..”
My heart miss a beat when l realise l can have Adria all to myself and I’m not going to tell Justin about Adria being forced to write this letter.
I will have to hire a detective to search for Adria’s whereabouts. If Justin can’t love her that much then I will.
In the evening after attending my business meetings I realised Justin wasn’t there. I just came home to have a shower when I call.
it’s was Justin.
“Dude where are you?”,I said on my phone.
“I’m in my apartment…”
“I was worried sick and you didn’t even bother to call”
“I’m sorry… but have you seen Adria.”
“No I haven’t seen her since morning”,I lied.
“Yea … I thought she was with you…”
“No she isn’t here with me..”
“Really.. . I’m coming home right away to cheek for myself”
“Okay.. . hurry”,and I hang up.
I wonder how he will feel when he writes this letter.
Thirty minutes later he arrives as he entered into his room. I waited for him to get out but I received none.
I saw an envelope on the bed.
Hmm… I wonder who it is and I read as my heart wiped.
Adria can’t do this to me.. but it’s in her own hands.
She told me she loved me last night but now in the letter she said she was never happy with me.
She said she was mine and I believed it. I’m such a fool.
A big fool.
She lied to me and I believed her.
She has indeed broken my heart and she has won.
I hate her. i hate her!
I’m not crying over her. I have never cried over a girl and she won’t be my first but I’m really hurt.
I need a drink a lot of girls to fuck.
I contact my old friend.
“Fred I need an escort in my apartment. I want brunette with blue eyes… can i get one..”
“Yes sure…”
“thanks I’m waiting …”
I drove back to my apartment as I had more whiskey patiently waiting for my escort.
And finally she is here and I took all my anger on her. I needed her badly. I fuck her roughly. This is how my life will be..
I don’t need Adria… I don’t need her to fix me..
I can fix myself.
Days moved to months and mom has been forcing me to have another chance with Tera.
I don’t need her but I have to accept her since it’s my mom’s wish.
Two years passed and I’m better as ever.
I stay with Tera in my apartments on weekends.
She has changed so much and I like how she is.
She is caring,cool and sometimes pissed me off but I like her that way.
I felt her hands on my abs as she kissed my shoulder blades.
“last night was amazing…”
“I know…”,as the memories of her and me pop in my head.
We fuck really roughly last night.
She stepped in front of me and I kissed and we had sex again.
Finally l back to my town now.
A lot of memories rushed in my head.
it’s been two years and some months since I left here.
All these years I wonder how Justin will feel towards my letter.
He has already forgotten about me already. I heard he is getting married.
Life moves on.
Two years ago I had no where to go… I work in a mall to look after myself and I attend Unversity of fashion.
I work in New York now.. . and I just can’t believe I had become popular.
My first business as wedding planner was when the Prince of Wales allow me to decorated his wedding.
I cried that day and I was glad i was damn rich. I only wish grandpa was here. Nesa my assistant was a great help and great friend.
Christian has been visiting me and I have only seen him six time in two years.
He has been my happiness and I really liked him alot.
We’ve kissed several times and I really think having a future with him will be so good.
Nobody recognise me now. I came here because Chris wants to see me badly and I really missed him too.
Nesa has gone to visit her boyfriend and I just bought an apartment.
I then decided to visit my grandpa.. and I have my last respect to him.
For about an hour,l cried till l realized l need to meet to the couples.
l reached there as l check if it’s the right address.l entered into the office as the secretary told me wait.
l opened the door and saw Justin staring at his laptop.
So he is alive.Chris always contact me buh he never did. How could he since I wrote him that damn letter.
“l’m sorry for being late”
“lts nothing…” as he shake my hand.l felt the electric contact and gasp. He looked at me and I stared at him back. Did he feel it too. Maybe not.
“Have a seat…” he said and l did.He was so handsome and more hot. His shirt was open. I mean two buttons was opened and I really felt hot.
His lips are more attractive and from the way I see it he is more tall and his hair was wild.
I looked at him all day without getting tired.
“Your secretary told me you are getting married.So tell me how u want it to be.”,I tried to be serious. I don’t want my emotions to get in.
He doesn’t remember me and I’m really grateful for that.
“l want it grand and nice.Make it your own way”,he smiled and my knees went weak.
“l understand.l hope you are happy with her” as l felt pain in my heart.
“We are…. happy”
“ok then,l will leave now”.
“okay…. but it’s like you look familiar to someone I know…”
“You never mind…”,as he stood up and peck me.
I inhaled in his cologne and my arms wrapped around his neck. He held me tightly.
“I have to go now….”,I said softly.
“Right …”,he released me and pushed my hair behind my hair.
“Bye…”,I left him. I only wished I will kiss him right there.
Am well now,sorry for delay.
love you ‘all.????

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