July 26, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 17

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The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 17 ????????
My Jennifer Owens ????????
???? Andre’s P. O. V????
“have you gone bunkers” I yelled and pushed Lisa away from me.
I can’t believe she just kissed me.
“Lisa you ” I was saying but stopped when I saw the retreating figure of Lola moving away.
“Lola “I called and stormed outta of the room following Lola.
I opened the door to her room and there she was, seated on her bed with tears streaming down her cheeks.
“Lola it’s not what you think ” I said trying to touch her but she raised her hand signaling me to stop.
“don’t touch me ” she cried.
“Lola please listen to me, she was the one who kissed me but I pushed her away ” I explained but she wasn’t buying it.
“Andre you have a son yet you didn’t tell me, and you kissed a woman right in front of my eyes, why do you keep hurting me ” she cried.
“Lola I can explain, but please don’t turn it around, I didn’t kiss her, she was the one who kissed me but I pushed her away ” I explained and squat in front of her.
“Lola please listen to me, I know I made a mistake in not telling you about my past but trust me, I love you ” I said with my hands on her hips as tears welled up in my eyes.
Lola is so emotional and she can decide to leave me.
The thought of her leaving me is piercing my heart.
“Lola please just give me a chance and I’ll explain everything to you ” I pleaded holding her hands.
I got up and sat beside her ready to tell her everything about my past.
“Lisa is my ex wife ” I started.
[[[ Flash Back ]]] 5 years ago.
It was a normal day, I got back from work happy coz I couldn’t wait to hold Lisa in my arms.
We were newly wedded just 3 months.
I opened the door to our room and met Lisa seated on a little sofa that she placed in front of a table where she does her make up.
I hugged her from behind and kissed her cheeks but she paid no attention to me, it was like I was invisible.
“Lisa, didn’t you miss me” I asked smiling.
“why should I ” she scoffed and I smiled it off.
“I know you missed me but you’re trying to cover it up ” I said and kissed the crook of her neck.
“well I didn’t ” she said and yanked my hands off her and left the room.
I sighed knowing she’s been acting strange for the past few weeks now and I don’t know why.
The next morning I woke up but Lola wasn’t in bed.
I went to the hall and saw her seated on the couch, lost in thoughts.
“Lola what’s wrong with you, I’m tired of you acting strange and always lost in thoughts, talk to me and we’ll find a solution to whatever it is that’s wrong” I said convincingly but she just smirked and stood in front of me looking me eye balls to eye balls.
“look there ” she pointed to her right and that’s when I noticed her luggage.
“what’s this, are you travelling ” I asked not getting her point.
“more like I’m leaving you ” she blurted out and I was taken aback but still thought she was joking.
“Lisa this joke is too expensive and I can get an heart attack from it ” I said sternly.
“I’m leaving you Andre, I don’t love you anymore ” she said and that was when I knew she was serious.
“but why, what did I do, we love each other and that’s why we got married ”
“yeah and it’s a mistake coz I now realised my heart beats for someone else and not you, I was just attracted to you like a normal girl would, I don’t love you ” she said blankly and turned to take her luggage but I pulled her back.
“Lisa where have I gone wrong, I always try my best to make you happy and you want to leave me” I asked as a tear slid down my cheek.
I really don’t want to loose Lisa.
“let me go ” she yelled and freed herself from my grasp.
The door flew open and in came Matthew, my friend but not close friend though.
“are you ready love ” he asked and Lisa smiled and walked up to him with her luggage.
“what’s all these Lisa ” I asked.
“well I realised my heart beats only for Matthew not you so I’m gonna marry him ” she blurted out and the next thing I knew was that I already got Matt pinned to the wall.
“how dare you steal Lisa from me ” I roared.
“Andre let him go, I’m the one who chose him so get that into your thick skull” Lisa pulled me from Matt.
Matt has always been a pain in the ass but I didn’t knew it will get to this extent.
I realised that after my wedding with Lisa, he always visited us and always sit beside Lisa and they always chat and laugh and they were kinda like the “close friends ” but little did I know that he would steal Lisa from me.
I’m such an idiot.
How could I let my newly wedded wife chit chat with Matt.
Had I been protective, this wouldn’t have happened.
Had I focus more on Lisa and less on work, this wouldn’t have happened.
“Lisa please don’t leave me ” I cried and knelt in front of her.
Lisa is my first love and the thought of loosing her is the most painful thing I ever experienced.
She ignored me and followed Matt.
There, that was how I lost my first love
“so that’s it ” I said and wiped the hurtful tears that were pouring down.
“so Lola, I don’t wanna loose you, I love you more than I ever loved Lisa and if you leave me, I’d die ” I said and squeezed her hand gently.
She looked at me and wiped my tears then hugged me.
“I love you ” she whispered into my ear.
“I love you too” I said.
“Andre you don’t have to blame yourself okay, it wasn’t your fault but Lisa’s, she never loved you so forget about that bitch” she said and I chuckled.
“please don’t ever leave me ” I said and she sighed and disengaged from the hug.
“Andre that I can’t promise coz if Lisa’s back with a child she claims to be yours then I don’t wanna be the one standing in between you both ” she said and I could see the hurt in her eyes.
“no Lola, we will carry out a DNA test to know if truly Alec is mine” I said and she held a blank expression.
“and if he is ” she asked and I swallowed hard.
“what if he is ” I asked back and she looked at me then looked away.
“then I’ll leave ” she blurted out.

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