June 13, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 95

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Venessar High School

Episode 95


April 5 finally clocks and we carried our luggage one after the other to the car. We stepped inside the car and and Sean drove.

“I will miss America ” He said and I smiled.

“There is nothing to miss here actually. I just want to live peacefully with you ” I said and he looked into my face even as he drives. He concentrated back on driving and sighed.

“Kimberly ! Do you know that my happiness wasn’t really full for the past three years. We lived a peaceful life but I wasn’t fulfilled. ” He said and I tried to understand what he meant but I couldn’t.

“I do not get ” I requested for further explanation.

He nodded and drive for few more seconds before he finally spoke up.

“If there is anything I love doing most in my life. It’s to sing. Professor Lucas helped me make my goals of being very popular with my skills. My happiness wasn’t complete then cause I knew I was missing something and since I had found what I was missing,my happiness wasn’t full cause I had to cut ties with Professor Lucas who helped me realized my goal in life ” He said.

I thought for while. “Why have you never discussed this with me. I thought you were fully happy. I want you to be happy always and I kind of feel sad that my husband is not completely happy and I’m oblivious of it for three Years ” I said painfully.

“It’s alright ” He shot me a boring smile.

“But…you could realize your dream by starting your career yourself . You are popular already ,just tell the media you now have your own personal label and ….we could even create a label together and create a studio. We release single and hope it hits and from there ,you will reach your goals ” I said.

“I thought about that too. But music isn’t as easy as you have just said. ”

“But we could give it a try ,right?” I asked and he hesitated first before nodding.

The driving continues until we were suddenly blocked by a car.

He halted the car to see what was wrong but those guys shot the tire of the car.

I quickly raised my hand in surrender so they wouldn’t have to shoot us.

“Step down ” I heard them say and we both agreed.

They tied Sean and I and bundled us inside the booth car. They drove us away.

The car we were in finally halted and we were brought out. We were escorted to a side of the house and before us was Professor Lucas smirking.

“You really think you can escape ?” He asked and I just wondered how he knew that we were about to travel.

I can’t even remember telling Autumn nor anyone.

“Inject them” He said and those men made us lay to the floor.

They filled in the injection…

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