August 2, 2021

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Beautiful Mistake. Episode 18 and 19

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 18
Two days later.
Karen’s POV
????Let’s meet in the next one hour,’ Myve said before hanging up.
I hid the phone and went back to the house. I need to sneak out but I still don’t know how. The monster we was playing a video game and didn’t realise when I got in, so I tiptoed upstairs.
I picked a trouser from the closest and wore it. I went through the other door, I just hope it gets me outside. I opened the first door and it led to another. After a while I was almost out but something caught my attention. A secret door on the wall. I really wanted to go but curiosity made me check. After trying all the digits I could think of it finally opened. The room was dark so I made use of my torchlight. What I saw scared the hell out of me. The room was filled with dangerous weapons. I was about going out when I heard movements coming towards the door. I quickly closed the door and his behind the cupboard.
????Send her the remaining money.
Andrew said over the phone.
????Don’t worry, everything is under control. Her daughter will pay for all the money.
He said and laughed devilish. He picked something from the bed and left. I didn’t see what was it due to the darkness in the room.
He is a thug. That’s why he has a lot of money.

BY Virginia Asenath
Episode 19
I want to go out but the door wasn’t closed and I guessed he was coming back.
My guess was right and after a few minutes he came back with another person. From his voice, I didn’t need a prophet to tell me he was a man.
‘I need a clean job and the money to me soon,’ he said more like a command.
‘Okay boss,’ he said and left.
‘I haven’t seen Karen since morning, let me see what she is up to this time round,’ Andrew said to himself and left. Luckily he didn’t lock the door and I got out as fast as possible. I know the door is locked from inside so by the time he opens I will be out of this place. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me and luckily I got a cab. I gave him the address and drove to the meeting place. Myve was already waiting for me.
‘Am sorry, I kept you waiting,’ I apologized.
‘I just got here.’
I nodded and smiled.
‘Did you tell him where you were going?’ She asked.
‘No I didn’t, I sneaked out,’
‘Good, let’s go. I already booked an appointment for you for a counselling session,’
‘Thank you,’
‘Thank Cindy not me,’ she said and walked to the car.
I followed behind silently and she drove off.
‘Where is Cindy?’
‘She is the owner if the organization am taking you to. It helps in counselling those who have through bad moments in life and feel like giving up. They support until you stand up on your feet again,’
‘Will she forgive me?’
‘She lost her memory and she forgave the first bad things you did to her. Don’t worry everything will be fine,’ she said confidently.

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