August 3, 2021

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 95

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????chapter ✏95✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By #moreexperience ????
(6zney )

Celine smiled as she hugged him tight ……

She looked at danny who’s eye was already closed

She wrapped her hands round his waist and kissed he is lips with complete abandon

Then she lay in his chest

Gretel arrived home with her dad

She ran into the house empty handed and the maids did their work

Mr hoffman was so tired he ran into his room it was really late he just bathed and fell to sleep

Mrs Hoffman’s had waited to CElINE to go it was already close to mid night.

celine checked her time

Only 30 minutes before her deal with Mrs hoffman back fires on her

She dragged Danny up from the bed

Danny looked in her face

” are you okay

Celine smiled and tears ran down

” my grandmither always said that ” were there is blood there is a covenant ”

Danny smiled

” and when there is a convernant everything you say is recorded both in heaven and in earth

” hmmmm

” i want to make a convernant with you

” but where is the…

celine brought out a per knife from behind her and cut her wrist

” CEline

The blood gushed out she smiled at Danny

She lifted the bleeding hands to Danny’s fore head

Danny closed his eye

CEliNE placed the hands close to his hair and the blood streamed down slowly but steadily down from his fore head.

With tears in her eye CElINE said

there is blood, everything Is ready for a convernant

In the presence of this blood Danny I swear to you

I will always come to you no matter were life takes me

I swear that I won’t let anything take you away from me

I swear never to love another man no matter what happens

And today I swear no other man will ever make love to me
I will never give my body to any other.
This blood Is enough I don’t need a ring
I have become your wife by this blood And Daniel is my last name

I am doing all this because I love you

And I swear on you daniel.

the blood finally streamed down Danny’s nose and when it got to his lip Celine kissed him

And Danny kissed her back

The blood kept filling their lips

And they shared it between them with a passionate.

When celine finally unlocked her lips

She smiled at how reddish dannys lips where

She kissed him again

” if you ever reject me yourself then the covenant won’t hold again danny

” i won’t Celine

Danny didnt understand why Celine did this He didn’t know his only love was leaving

” now it’s my turn.

She took the tattoo box and sat down on top of Danny

She filled the pen with black ink and tattooed Danny’s lower abdomen with her name

❤ Celine ❤

She kissed the area with tears In her eyes then she kissed Danny

She Lay beside him while watching her time.

Minutes later

Danny was fast asleep

She removed his hands from her body and got dressed

She tried runing out
But she came back and kissed Danny for a long time

Her tears filled his face

Then she ran out She ran into Mr Hoffman’s room

Him and his wife were sleeping

She walked into the maids room and came out with books in her hand

She walked back into Mr Hoffman’s room

She pestered a time table on his wall

It was his tea time table

On top of it she wrote boldly
“Dad don’t miss your tea ”

She ran into Gretels room

Gretel was fast asleep she covered her well and picked the letter Gretel left her on bed

The same letter she read before

She finally saw what gretel wrote at the back which she didn’t see before

Lina I have decided to have sex with Simeon in new York

Am telling you because you are my elder sister and best friend

Thank you for coming into my life
I love you
I will come back for you
I hope I see you when I return
I will buy somethings for you
I also left my credit card for you.

Celine smiled and tears ran down

She moved over to where Gretel lay And with tears rushing out of her eye she knelt down before Gretel and touched her hair.

She said

I also slept with Danny
In fact today was the second day

She wiped her tears

I am glad you slept with simeon
As long as nobody drived you into it am happy

She wiped her tears

I saw you when you came back but you won’t see me again sis

I will miss you so much

You were one of the best things that ever happened in my useless life

She kissed Gretel with tears in her eye for a while then she said

“I love you ”

She ran out

She went into the maids room all of them were still awake

They all hugged her

” i promise you all one day, if in ever make it in life, i will drag all of us out of poverty

We will all have class and worth

We will stop cleaning their shoes and washing their pants

I will come back to you

And no body will call you a commoner anymore

The mother of the guy you like won’t hate you.

They all hugged each other.

CEline ran down the stairs where she met Ethan

” are you ready
” yes

He took a her hand and they walked out of the house

Celine checked her time


She smiled

They entered the family car which Ethan promised to return

CELInE gave him salvadors card
Soon they arrived at the salvadors Gate

CELInE came out

Ethan came out too

He handed her bag to her and hugged her Next thing he kissed her

CEline new this was wrong
Ethan was now the second guy kissing her after Daniel

But she embraced the kiss

SHe saw this as appreciation to Ethan For everything he did for her

Most importantly Saving her life

Finally he unlocked his lips and hugged her

“I love you
“I know

Ethan smiled and waved at her

He entered the car and drove off

CEline walks into salvadors house

The gate man opened the gate

He looked at her for a while

He didn’t find her harmful so he didn’t question her

She looked around the compound and smiled

She got to his door and knocked

Salvador opened the door with a glass of wine in his hands, he was so surprised

” celine?

” if its not too late, I want to accept your offer

Salvador smiled he couldn’t even control his smile

He dragged her into the house leaving her bag outside

” but my bag
” I already shopped for you Celine
” did you know i was coming
” no i prayed you will Come

He took her hands

” i will show you your little home

He opened a glass door in the house

Celine walked in and smiled

The beauty was beyond description

Salvador stood by the wall and just observed her.

Then he walked to Celine, he placed his hands under her jaw and lifted her face up.

” who wanted to ruin your face Celine, Didn’t you know
As a woman you shouldn’t let anyone play with your beauty.

He looked at her back and saw another mark
He gently unzipped her gown from behind and opened her back

” what the hell happened to you
” well.

He walked to the shower and handed her a white towel

Then he walked out

Celine undressed she tied the towel and tried walking into the shower when he walked back in

Holding a white kit
It was very attractive
Celine fell in love with the kit

Salvador handed it to her
Just then she saw the inscription

“Right skin ”

Salvador opened it in her hands
Celine placed it on the bed

” the soap, cream, vaginal wash, hair wash, hair cream, spray, perfume, sure, cologne, oil, face cream, hand cream, face cream, stomach oil etc

Every thing is in this kit and what you are holding is my 39 million

CELIne looked at him

” its a gift to you but you will pay me back by making your skin perfect for me

Use it rightly and every mark that is not right will disappear.

He presented a hand shake

” thanks for accepting my offer
CELIne shaked his hands

He stood up and walked out

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  1. Celine it well with u ur tears of sorrow will turn to tears and for Mrs Hoffman and Miranda they will surely their evil action.. I love u celine

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