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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 96

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♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 96♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By moreexperience
(6zney )


CELIne bathed She looked herself in the mirror The mark on her face filled her heart with anger
Her heart which was filled with laughter and songs was now hardened She remembered all the pains she went through as CEline

She looked in the mirror with tears in her eye She remembered the day the whole street stonned her She picked her scissors and cut her long hair to shoulder level As she dropped the hair she remembered ever single pain she felt as a commoner.

The new me will start with a new hair. She looked at herself on the mirror
She remembered her birth name
“Daniella ”

Celine was given to her by her grandmother.

Celine they have killed you
Celine is dead I am not the Celine they knew before
That Celine who was humble Stupid ,Kind ,Vulnerable ,Poor and common That Celine who loved too MuchThat Celine who experienced too much pain
No that CEline is behind me

My name is daniella and because I swore to Danny that I will answer he’s last name whether he comes back to me or not

My name is ” daniella Daniel ”
As a model I won’t be Mirandas competition But I will be her nightmare Everything she desires
Daniella will take

Even if I have to starve Live In the gymI don’t care anymore

I will take everything away from Miranda. Every single thing

I will be known and Mrs hoffman must kneel to me.

Danny I am sorry, I know this will be difficult for you.

but class is the only obstacle between us that’s why I am trying my best to break it

I am really sorry i dont know if you will wait for me but i was born for you.

I know I can’t leave without you but I will try

She wiped her tears

next morning

danny couldn’t feel Celine on the bed.
a kind of sadness clothed his heart he couldn’t understand the feeling because he felt that Celine should be around

maids room

” we have no choice but To obey Mrs hoffman “, emily said

” but its all a lie “, Mary said

” do you want your family to experience double of what Celines family experienced ?”, Mildred asked

“but y all this Celine already left right “, Mary asked

” she knows Danny will look for Celine “, Mildred said

” so she’s trying to make him hate her “,Mildred said

” y because Danny is a jealous lover and Daniel moves on quickly if he was cheated on in a relationship, all the girls he dated who cheated on him he just moved on from them like a cup of tea believing they aren’t worth he’s tears

” and he never forgave them, being a celebrity already shaped his life for him moving on from heart breaks Is never a big deal for him especially if he’s partner cheated

“that means the only reason why moving on from Clara was hard for him was because …….

” she was faithful till she died “, emily said

” that’s why Mrs hoffman wants to spoil Celines reputation so that Danny will force himself to forget her and move on from Celine what a smart woman she is, but If were Danny I won’t believe all theze, this is someone you took her virginity if she was a slut like Mrs hoffman painted her then he wouldn’t have met her a virgin “, mary said

” men are moved by what they see, secondly Danny loves and trusts his mother so much.

Just then Danny walked to the door of the maids room.

He opened it and turned to Emily

” where is she, where is lina.

Danny looked around her bags were missing

” she left sir she’s gone.

Tears ran down Danny’s eye

” She left, how can she leave, what did i do wrong, what did i do, where did she go to, tell me because I can’t leave without her.

Just then his mother placed her hands on his shoulder from behind

He turned to look at her
His tears made her weak and speech less

” mom where is Celine huh do you know where she Is

Mrs hoffman shouted at the maids

” won’t you tell him the truth, who did celine leave with

” well….., Mildred stuttered

” speak fools

Mildred shed tears

Celine am sorry she said to herself

” she left with Ethan sir

Danny looked up for a while then he turned to them

“CEline left with Ethan, why ?

Mary looked at Mrs hoffman who gave her a deadly stare

” actually sir they have been lovers for long. “, mary said

Danny wiped his face with his hands

” what more do you want to hear Daniel that prostitute was cheating on you and now she finally left you. ….

The words kept repeating in Danny’s ears

She finally left you, She finally left you, She finally left you

Danny screamed out of pain and sat on the bare floor

” if you ask me my son, She isn’t worth your tears

Danny instantly stood up and walked into his room

Mrs hoffman sat in the living room and made a call

” has he gone

” yes we settled him and sent him home, his services are not needed anymore.
” thanks

She dropped the call and smiled

I know my son, moving on is not hard for him to do and it will be faster when I break this news to him.

Celine who was still sleeping when someone rang an alarm into her ears

She opened her eye

She saw a very fair lady who was pretty and young too

” hy my name is Deborah I am your fitness trainer and you shouldn’t sleep by this time you should be in the gym

” what

” get ready in 20 minutes, if you use more than that, then you are wrong

She walked out Celine checked her time 5:30 Jesus Christ what did she get herself into.

She rushed into the shower

Danny sat facing his mother with a stick of cigerette

Gretel already left with her dad for school.

” its the truth my love

Danny looked down for a while

” so she just played me for a fool. ” my son what more evidence do you need.

miranda is a witness she caught them kissing and carreessing all the while you left.

Danny used his hands to wipe his tears

” didnt you wonder why she didnt call you

Danny dropped the cigeratte on the table

” mum Mirandas eye is not enough

” the maids just confirmed that they are lovers

The driver just comfirmed that Ethan left with her

Now look at this video

She turned her laptop to him

” around 11:30 Ethan hangs his hands around Celines neck and they both walk out together.

Where do u think they are going too.

Danny picked another cigarette

” do you need more ?

She played another video she turned it to danny it was Ethan kissing Celine

The video had been trimmed, the environment was not visible and it just ended in the kiss every other part was deleted

Danny pushed the system down from the table it fell to the floor.
” she left you, She chose Ethan over you, you are a star and my son doesn’t sulk over sluts

She walked out.

Celine was done with the exercise

All her body pained

She sat at the table in the front yard
a maid dropped a cup of tea with bread and egg for her

CELIne was about touching the food when Deborah removed it and returned it to the maid

Deborah assistant dropped a cup of green tea in front of her with half slice of bread

Celine almost fainted

She tasted the tea it was pure bitter no milk and no sugar.

Salvador walked in

He took the bread from Deborahs assistant

He dropped it at the table where celine sat

Deborah : Salvador, are you going to pamper this one, you didn’t pamper Paula like this

Salvador smiled

He removed two more slizes of bread and dropped on Celines plate he gave the rest to the maid.

” good morning

Salvador smiled at her
Celine was done she picked the glass cup and decided to fill her tummy with water

She just poured a little water into the glass when deborah assistant took the bottle water from her

” you should take water with time the time has past for you to take a full cup

Celine nodded.

Salvador turned to Deborah

“tell me ?

” you were right her hip is ok we are targeting her waist now I want to give her a figure that matches her amazing height.

” her waist?

” that’s 21

” wow even when she is just a normal girl with no exercise, diet or tea She maintained that figure

” am amazed but she can do better we already have that figure.

Salvador dragged Celine up from the chair

” I need exactly Mirandas or a little below Miranda that is 20 or 19

The way salvador handled Celines body and that of every other model she has seen him with really surprise her He acts like the persons body was just he’s toy

He doesn’t seem attracted or show any kind lust or desire

He just behaves as though the persons body was his own

CElINE stood straight when Salvador brought out a white jewel box

Then he brought out a waist bead

Celine knew that bead was not her waist size
It looked smaller

Salvador raised her top and he’s assistant held it

He placed the bead in the middle of her waist it was just so tight CElINE was not comfortable

Salvador covered her top

” is it tight
Celine nodded

” good that’s because it is 2 inches smaller than your waist so Celine if you want to be comfortable take your workout serious
Take your fitness serious
that way your waist will go down and the bead wont be tight on you anymore what I want from you is 19.
Miranda is 20 I don’t want you to be like Mira I want you to better than her
work towards it, make it your goal to have a crazy killing figure.

I normally use chains for other models but I am using a bead for you because I don’t need to pressure you I know you are determine and hard working you don’t even need a waist trainer.

Celine smiled

Minutes later the advert manager
Tyler jaymam
And the production manager
Monalise arrived

They parked their cars and Deborah took CelINE inside

They both walked into the yard and grabbed salvadors seats

” where is the model

” I swear I am ready to be wowed.

Just then celine took the towel jacket from Deborah and wore it

Deborah didn’t tie the rope
Exposing only her black pant and bra
Celine was so shy that it was visible but whenever she remembered her threat to Miranda she got strong.

Celine gently walked over to the front yard where Salvador sat with his partners

She stood directly by salvadors right hand

Salvador looked at her and smiled

“wow killer looks “, momalise said
” seductive face “, Tyler added
” Salvador,no wonder you kept calm all these while we were busy with the beauty hunt, you already got what you wanted.”, momalise said
Salvador smiled then he stood up

” guys we still have a little problem

He walked over to Celine and removed the jacket he handed it over to Deborah

he shifted her hair to her shoulders


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