July 27, 2021

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Her Personal Taste. Chapter 9

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????????Her Personal Taste ????????

Love Triangle ❤

????Authoress Jenny ????

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Chapter 9

Kyle pov

I heard some noise outside and i was super exicted jenny was back

I opened the door and to my greatest surprise it was jenny kissing Albert

My heart sank immediately, seriously to say i was heartbroken was an understatement

I felt like strangling albert at that moment but i kept cool

I close the door immediately and went back to my room ignoring penny calling me

My greatest fear is turning reality

I lay on the bed and closed my eyes when the door opened and someone walked in

Jenny pov

Kyle closed the door and went in while albert left too

Why do i feel quilty about him kissing me ,but i cant help but compare the kiss i shared with kyle and albert together

There was just something different about the way kyle kissed me

i dragged my feet in and penny gave a questioning look

“care to explain “penny asked

“Well kyle saw albert kissing me”i said and she starred at me

“Albert likes you”she asked and i nodded

“I think its good so i can forget about kyle and move on “i said

“Before i forget ,am going for a movie shoot with Albert tomorrow and we will be gone for three days “i said and penny starred at me blankly

she walked up to me and kissed my forehead

“Do what is right”she said and left

That was weird ,penny is never quiet ,,or maybe she sad that i will be gone for three days and as for kyle i dont think i owe him any explanation besides his a robot he cant feel anything for me

its been three days since we have been shooting the movie in seattle and it came to a wrap,albert have been really nice to me ,,I must confess am begining to like him

Maybe our next date i will finally agree to date him

Albert dropped my at my house and i carried my things inside

kyle pov

“Have you seen jenny’s recent post on her insta “penny asked walking into my room

“Yeah i did” i replied

“So?” she said

“So what “i replied

“You are not going to do anything about it”penny asked

“what do you want me to do penny”i asked

“I dont know maybe tell her the truth”penny asked

“How can you say that now penny ,,cant you see albert is all over her she wont even think twice before chasing me out of her life”i replied

This three days have been hell to me ,i have been seeing jenny and albert taking alot of pictures like couples , i mean its only been just three days and she has already moved on from me , it seems all the time i have spent trying to win her has gone to waste

the media have already start speading news that they have been dating

Today she will be coming back and i hope to sought out this with her

I dont mean telling her that am human because with the nature of things i think i will loose her if i tell her so

“Kyle what ever you do ,be fast about it and tell her that your human before its late “Penny said and opened the door to my room

“JENNY” she yelled starring at jenny who stood in front of my room holding back the tears that are threatening to fall from her eyes

i think things just got worst


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